Nelly & Ashanti Have a Ball at Charity Gala

Ashanti and Nelly

It was all love at Nelly’s 2010 Black and White Ball. The “Just a Dream” rapper and his girlfriend Ashanti stepped out together for the 5th annual charity event at the Chase Park Plaza in his hometown of St. Louis on Sunday (Dec. 19). In addition to Nelly, the night featured performances from hip-hop vet DMC and Ashanti, who was joined by her beau onstage for a duet. Jermaine Dupri co-hosted and Nelly presented college scholarships to two women.

Nelly recently told Rap-Up TV why he’s waiting to marry Ashanti. “I think you really have to be friends first. It’s not about how long it takes,” he explained. “I’m not a person that wants to get married more than once. If I’ma do it, I’ma do it. You’re dying if you leave me.”

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  1. Nelz

    I cant wait for her to make music again . . . they are truely second to Jay and Beyonce when it comes to black celeb music couples


  2. Dont believe all u read

    You mean the bootleg version of Jay and Beyonce right?


  3. priscilla

    dont get crazy. they are truely themselves. second to NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO OOOONNNNEEEE. I perseonally love better then jay and B.


  4. kareem

    I can not wait for that new music from Ashanti


  5. Phil-Up

    Lol he only claims her when he wants publicity. They are both trying to use whatever they have as a publicity stunt and clearly it is not working.


  6. KRIS

    beyonce and jayz got real love so if u aint got shit nice to sayy about the queen then keep ya mouth shut !


  7. priscilla

    “kris” or whatever the hell you call yourself, why dont you get a life. ha do you know that they (jay and B)have “true love”, and how is she a queen? WWWOOWW, people just make me sick some times, especially this non-sense call “kris”. you seems to to be a stupid ass, with llooww llooww self-esteam. i only said i like ashanti and nelly better than jay and B thats all i said. stupid fuck.


  8. Brina

    Ashanti & Nelly looks good:)


  9. Nelz

    Umm When I say second to Jay and B i just mean sucsessful wise . . geesh Although I like Ashanti’s music more thans B’s . . . Beyonce is more succesful because she is constantly out . . . I cant deal with you and you people raising Beyonce and Jay to a higher power.!


  10. priscilla

    thanks for clearifying your comment. “Nelz”.


  11. Diamond

    The two are a very cute couple. Can’t really speak on their relationship because you don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. Ashanti’s very pretty, she always seems to
    Capture the haters attention..


  12. Rigo_Corona

    I didn’t know this was a Beyonce and Jay-Z blog also. Y do ya’ll always but Ashanti, Beyonce, Nelly and Jay-Z in da same place. Its so stupid 2 me. Dey r 4 dif ppl w/ 4 dif talents. All 4 of dem have done huge things in da music biz. Dey r dey own ppl. Its sad u guys dat in 2010 ppl still sit around and talk shit abt celebs wen trully dey dnt give a fuck wat u have 2 say. Congrats 2 J and B and all da luck 2 Nelly and Shan. 4 amazing ppl.


  13. angel

    Seriously, I wuld not start talkinq about Ashanti & Beyone success becuz both have accomplished A LOT there’s no need 4 neqativity .. Anywayz Ashanti NEEDS to come out wit some hot music aqain I can’t wait!!! They luk freakin HOT toqether too I’m sooo happy for them people needa let them be REAL TAlK!


  14. jj33310

    can’t wait for new music from Ashanti…i know she won’t disappoint..


  15. Lisa

    I like Ashanti & Nelly better than Jay & Bey. Nelly & Ashanti were the couple breaking records before Jay & Bey, so y’all haters can have a seat. Bey & Jay seem like a forced marriage.


  16. L2



  17. @BoiWitOutAH3Art

    CUTE COUPLE!!!!!!


  18. b

    Nelly and ashanti do look good together …beyonce looks good good jay look like her dad! But love is love


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  20. lilbowlover

    nelly is go out my sister and i what to kown why and Ashanti have her man and i did not like this she is a golddomer and a world out her things to all other man and a bitch


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