Rap-Up TV: Who Does Bobby V Want Under the Mistletoe?

With Christmas just around the corner, we asked Bobby V which of music’s hottest women he would like to kiss under the mistletoe. Does “Pretty Girl” Keri Hilson turn him on or does he prefer to get naughty with Nicki Minaj? Is he looking for a “Rude Girl” like Rihanna or would he rather take Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger home for the holidays? And where do Ciara, Ameriie, and Brandy rank on his Christmas list? Find out which holiday hottie has the R&B heartthrob believing in Santa Claus.

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  1. chris

    lol how dare he say he need someone “extra turned up” like he is something special. none of the women he mentioned would have anything to do with him.


  2. stefan

    agreed @ chris….lol.


  3. Smh



  4. Bobbi

    LOL child please!!!!!!!!!! It’s funny because he gave Ameriie the highest score 8 or 9 but picked Nicole. We all know neither of these woman would give him the time or day.


  5. Migrator

    LOL, oh Bobby Floppuccino. You already know none of these women would “slow down and wanna get to know you”.


  6. missz

    lol @ Migrator


  7. Brionna

    he must not really know Keri like that cause she is def “turnt up”


  8. alonzo

    ahahahahaha this nigga isnt getting none of these women after they see this video!haha #SitYoBigHeadedASSDOWNNN!


  9. Lisa

    y da heck iz he tlkin like dat lmao lol wen he sed taylor swift


  10. L2



  11. alaina

    Lmfao .
    Wow , Smdh Niqqahs.


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