Timbo Thursdays to Begin in January

Timbaland, sitting in front of a big ass Christmas tree in his crib, shares a holiday wish for his family and friends and reveals that the long-awaited Timbo Thursdays will kick off in January.

“Let’s do something fresh for the new year. I think I’ll be a new man for the new year,” he said. “I think my music is for the new year, something fresh. I’m always different, so for the new year I’m bringing you music every Thursday until I decide to stop, and I probably won’t stop like Puff said.”

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  1. oso_jo_o

    can’t w8!!!


  2. Mee

    Goo Timmmmbbooo!!! best producer ever


  3. Timbo's fan

    INdeed best producer ever. Marry Christmas BRO cant wait 4 Shock Value 3!!!


  4. Timbo's fan

    yeyeyeesss Tim’s thursday!


  5. highe

    I hope he puts out some unreleased stuff like Brandy’s “Black Pepper” or some joints with Jay-Z


  6. Lisa

    I’m only here for those Thursday’s if he collabs with Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Brandy, Kid Cudi & Wale. I know were going to get a bunch more of tired collabs with JT. They lost their magic. Timb was at his peak with Aaliyah, Ginuwine & Missy.


  7. *(SHE'zADIvABUtIMtHAtBItCh)*

    …Lisa your an idiot….He has had hits every year since the 90′s…Hoe have a seat :)


  8. Leon

    He hasn’t done anything of significant since the Timberlake FutureSex/LoveSounds album. He’s coasting and constantly repeating himself. Boring.


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