Chris Brown Completes Domestic Violence Course

Chris Brown Certificate

Chris Brown is well on his way to repairing his tarnished image and has the certificate to prove it. The R&B star finished his court-ordered 52-week domestic violence course of Commonwealth Catholic Charities and tweeted a photo of his certificate. He will remain on probation until 2014 stemming from his assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

“im done with class,” tweeted Breezy. “i have enough self respect and decency to be proud of accomplishing this DV class.. Boyz run from there mistakes.. Men learn from them!!!thx.”

Meanwhile, he recently revealed that he has recorded a “banger” with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes called “Look at Me Now” for his upcoming album F.A.M.E., due in the new year.

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  1. Lexus

    Congratulations to him and all….but tweeting a picture of the certificate? LOL. That’s not a “real man” move.


  2. angela

    Gooo Chris!!!!! He’s ballin’ like a b***h!! Lol…


  3. angela

    4get dem hatas! (@Lexus) 2 b exact!! U da man CHRIS.:)


  4. @BoiWitOutAH3Art

    Congrats Breezy!!!!!!!!!


  5. Trapkid

    Well done Chris


  6. Rap*

    Run from THERE mistakes???…..oh boy


  7. niky

    LOVE CHRIS BREEZYYYYYYYYY………………2011 breezyyyy year


  8. R.I.P dolla

    ight man…keep it up ma n*gga, proud of u!!


  9. ZANIA

    Congrats Chris, There are so many celebrities who stay in and out of trouble. I am proud that you took this serious and worked hard to better yourself.


  10. Stre3t Danc@

    Go Breezy, go Breezy!


  11. mon

    he just got off my good list who does stupid shit like bragging about domestic violence hes so lame


  12. maybrown

    Well Dne Cbreezey <3..


  13. someone

    Haters do you people ever get tired of hating. He is not bragging about DV, he is proud of himself for staying on the right path and trying to better himself…nothing wrong with that. He is proud of what he has accomplished, get over yourself, take all that somewhere else. Continue on CB, proud of you!


  14. King Makers

    Chris that was funny…tweeting the picture of the certificate lol, actually i get that joke….that will definately excite these remaining haterz.

    Congrats Chris & be careful next time you choose a girl, you dont need to take things too serious yet. Enjoy your youth b4 you get pegged down by a lucky girl


  15. ...

    @ mon, if anybody is lame, it’s you, and you don’t seem quite brite either. He is not bragging about domestic violence, he is proud of what he’s done and there is nothing wrong with that. He accomplished and is accomplishing @ someone, agree with you, something people have been trying to right him off about…staying on the right path, staying out of trouble, moving on with his life. I’m pretty sure he never was on your good list, an excuse just to hate. Keep on the straight path Breezy, continue to do good and work towards bettering yourself, f*** what the na-sayers have to say and what they think.


  16. Tyler

    yeah “boyz run from their mistakes” i wonder if Rih hadnt did anything about this would he have fixed his mistake or would he had run from em im just windering. anyways congratz c.b but he still hasnt earned my respect tho


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