Estelle Debuts New Holiday Hairstyle


M.I.A. is not the only one with a new look for the new year. Estelle switched up her hair for the holidays, trading in her short ‘do for long red locks. The “American Boy” songstress debuted the style during her show at the Key Club in Los Angeles last night. “Newww haiirrrr don’t care (winter weave pt 2) yessss,” she tweeted.

Watch below as the Brit performs her hits and new material from her upcoming album All of Me, due next summer.

What do you think of Estelle’s new hairstyle? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. meme

    rihanir but def not rihanna face. im glad these girls are all gonna follow riri lead (again) and start wearin their hair long. The short thing been played out.


  2. RiRiSTAN

    Kinda reminds me of RiRi’s hairstyle .. smh



    oh god now rihanna bout to have all the bitches in the game goin red, please find yall own identities! Rihanna is such a trendsetter.!


  4. Mimi

    Not the one


  5. GangsterA

    not feeling it but i still love estelle


  6. Moe

    Nah, Rihanna is not the only female that can rock red hair or any style. Just because Rihanna rocked it doesn’t mean others can’t. :/
    And remember all of these styles(Hair, clothing etc) that Rihanna is rocking, have been done before. Rihanna is not a God of style, please. anyhoo…….

    Estelle looks ok, maybe it shoulda been a short style. I don’t know, not really feeling it tho.


  7. Kera

    Ewwwwwww She needs to stop. Only Rihanna can do that! Damn, Riri, I guess you will be changing your hair again huh?


  8. AnkkA

    major #FAIL!! you’re not RiRi honey!
    also, I thought her “upcoming album All of Me” was going 2 be released in 2010! #FLOP


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    Rihanna wasn’t the person who made red hair, her stans (most of the comments above) stay thinking ppl are copying her.

    Estelle most likely did it to get more into the holiday spirit, meaning her hair would have either been red, green, or white(x-mas). Eh she looks aight.


  10. g3



  11. bamma

    I wish she would focus on Last Train to Paris for now. She doesn’t need to be going solo yet.


  12. Lexus

    Yeah Rihanna wasn’t the first but you can’t dispute her influence seeing as after she did it several people followed suit.


  13. ponyo

    She needs braces clearly


  14. Orlando

    that long red hair washes u out baby girl, thats a no no


  15. tip



  16. YEAH

    LOL @ the Rihanna comments
    We all think alike.


  17. Big-A

    no person on this earth is ugly. your parents forgot to tell you that and raise you the right way I guess.

    as far as her hair: major fail. stop trying to be someone else. be YOU. including your afro-hair. I don’t understand why black women always try to look caucasian as far as their hair. pretty annoying and retarded in my eyes. these wigs, weaves & lacefronts make you look hella stupid!


  18. Jarvis




    i am so glad she is staying oriangle NOT!!!!!!!!!! COPYING BECAUSE OF RIHANNA


  20. ughreally

    So you guys are saying Rihanna copied Tiffany Evans red hair right?

    Oh, okay.


  21. Beystanbish

    I’ll be nice and say she and her sister Kaleena needs to stay behind the scene. Cause that mug can cause major nightmare.


  22. Yo!

    This isn’t the chick from Dirty Money you fools, it’s Estelle. And yeah, the hair sucks.


  23. asunkee

    “Yuh cya touch mi pum-pum bwoi, yuh mussi mad!” LMAO


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