Game Gets High with Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa and Game

Someone crack a window. The air was thick with smoke when Wiz Khalifa hit the studio with Game on Tuesday night (Dec. 21). Despite their distractions, the rappers knocked out two songs during their session.

“We been smokin for 10 hours……. 4 mo joints & we gone need sleepin bags in this b!tch,” tweeted Game, who recently returned from touring overseas.

Earlier in the week, the “Black and Yellow” rapper shot a video with another notorious smoker, Snoop Dogg. Can they get much higher?

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  1. i just shot a man



  2. Pinoy

    Some of that CHRISTMAS SMOKE!!!


  3. The Game Rapper Life .

    i like game is the best rapper forlife the game !


  4. Lolsmileyface

    This is pitful
    I could see that wack Wiz Khalifa
    but the Game grown ass with kids outgha be shamed.
    If he keeps hanging around with Game, we can see where Khalifa will be in a few years.


  5. dRB

    If that were my studio and I came back to it smelling like weed, I’d be a little pissed. And how didn’t the fire alarms go off?


  6. bknyhustle

    ok so the 1st two singles are “taylor gang” (lol), and “roll up”
    next singles prediction
    “i smoke weed and apeal to 15-18 year olds who still think weed is cool cos theyve just kinda discovered it n feel like their ahead of the curve and every body else thinks its cool n becky says that big hair wiz has is cute so i like it too, let me break of my chuck taylors,there the new thing now to ask mom to get sum o.j so i can really put it down like im supposed to n roll up before class in the morning cos im cool. just cool” smh


  7. erin

    stupid nigga. ain’t he currently goin through shit with them other charges, @Wiz. these niggas set themselves up


  8. bochelo

    probably on the same stuff Miley Cruz was on..LOL


  9. crazymanmike

    T.G.O.D…fuck yall hating for no reason!!!Game’s wack


  10. Dat Boi Goku

    @bochelo … “miley cruz” lol…. cruz sounds more like a mexican last name… dnt give us that bad look lol!!! its cyrus… and she gone grow up to be jus like the other white gurl lohan


  11. Dat Boi Goku

    yeh… its taylor gang or die!!! ta-hahahahahaha beeatchhhh okaaayyy!!! (* in that wiz khalifa voice)


  12. Nick

    This is why Black kids are so screwed up today and the Black community CONTINUES to blindly ignore the Hip-Hop industry and it’s ugly effects. What the hell is Taylor Gang? You got all these little 14-year brats running around smoking joints and saying they are Taylor Gang and they don’t even know what it is. If Wiz was on the streets, he would NOT claim you.

    And Wiz, please grow up and stop all this smoking business. This guy is always high off something. You just got a major hit with Black & Yellow, yet you’re still acting like bum. If you wanna be a star, act like one.


  13. yeahyeah

    Well, I love how you hypocrites judge him. He started off slow with a little fan base and continued his movement through mixtapes which is mostly about weed, ladies, and money and now he has a hit record; you guys jump on his back because you guys got nothing else to do. He’s 23, how do you want him to grow up?!? If you don’t like him, don’t listen to him.


  14. you're-dumb

    If you have gone to school and learned how to spell and sh*t; your English skills could have been A LOT better.


  15. Wiz-Game: Two of the best

    Wiz has his medical card, first.
    second, game is a boss and you say any of that shit to his face you wont be alive. Two of my favorite rappers right here cuh. And for all you hating faggots who think they know what theyre talking about when it comes to marijuana, shut the fuck up. youve probably never even been to party. weed is great, and so are wiz and the game. bitches


  16. JOHNSN

    Smoke weed everyday. There’s really nothing wrong with it. I promise.


  17. youngkhalifa

    so u know im smoking flavour i put down from my whip whenever u call baby I SMOKE WEED


  18. juan madrid

    puff puff give nigga :]


  19. juan madrid

    puff puff give nigaa :]


  20. wiz wallaz

    Wiz remains da best rapper alive


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