Keri Hilson, Akon, & Toni Braxton Have a Devyne Christmas

Keri Hilson and Kelly Rowland

Keri Hilson jetted back to Atlanta to attend music executive Devyne Stephens’ 3rd annual Winter Wonderland Christmas gala at Buckhead Theatre on Wednesday night (Dec. 22). The festive evening featured a performance from Babyface and drew attendees such as Kelly Rowland, Toni Braxton, Jermaine Dupri, and Jazze Pha.

Guests at the white carpet cocktail reception, benefitting Devyne Intervention and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, were greeted by Santa Claus and live reindeer, Nutcracker drummers, angels, ballerinas, and toy soldiers.

Miss Keri will pop bottles with Lloyd and Polow Da Don in her hometown tonight to celebrate her album release. No Boys Allowed is expected to sell 90-100,000 copies in its first week.

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  1. tiffany

    queen keri is beautiful


  2. YEAH

    o_0 @ the pic


  3. Mouloudette

    I want to love her (pretty girl rock) i can’t (the you f*** me f*** me) and I honestly think that she hate Beyonce and I love her to the death :s


  4. TYLER



  5. music guru

    ^ Yup, I try giving her the benefit of the doubt, but she keep f@#&in up, first it was the diss track… umm okay!!! Then she makes a comment on Twitter stating “I can’t be friends with someone who wears bump it” umm okay!!! Then this last comment she made about collaborating with lauryn, she said something about she don’t feel the need to create another persona (sasha fierce,super c) for entertainment purposes??? Is this bitch serious, can u say HATER!!!! AND NO its not looking into it to deep, she is beating around the bush bitch don’t have the balls to just come out and say she don’t like beyonce, at least if she did is have more respect for her… how many times can u make indirect insults, without people wondering who she’s referring to??? It’s already been numerous times… she just sounds bitter, and maybe she realized that she’s already 28 with few years left and she will never be on the queens level… just stating facts :)


  6. boss

    keri look so good


  7. tip

    i love this blonde bombshell!


  8. Kelly

    wow only 100k for Keri :(

    They way every one was hyping her Album up I thought she was going to do 150-200k, i’m disappointed.

    i’m proud to say that I am 1 of 100k to have the album :)


  9. Dave

    She’s looking white here. Like really pale. Kelly looks gorgeous. I don’t like Keri no more, she seems shady. But, I will try not to bash her.


  10. mal

    Music guru you speak nothing but the truth!!!


  11. muni



  12. jessica

    keri’s clothes are meant for her song pretty girl rock kelly’s clothes are ‘too.


  13. QueenBeyonce

    @tyer not too much on queen bey she is the QUEEN HONEY. the best in the game

    @music guru chile you are lookin at it too deep. if you watched her other interview she recently did on the way you love me video you would know she was referring to herself. she said in the way you love me she had to channel her alter ego of being a bad girl. Thats why she said she dont wanna alter laurynn hill character. i love love love beyonce to death but beyonce is NOT GOD. when you think about someone to much you tend to think something is directed towards that one. beyonce aint the only one who has a alter ego. Mariah carey started the alter ego thing first. My point is stop hating there is room for everybody. i love bey more than keri hilson but i really really like keri hilson. Ciara just sucks so if she talks about that thang then i could care less.

    by the way keri looks beautiful here i think the lighting on her face is just reflecting on her make up.


  14. Legendtina

    @music guru fool shut up. keri is here now we don’t need beyonce. She is a slut


  15. zergaw

    i like it


  16. Hugh

    Akon looks regal. He always looks like hes squinting though. Maybe he needs glasses.

    According to the link Eminems gonna be back in the Top 10. Aw sweet!

    Buy RECOVERY peeps! Lets get it 4x Platinum.


  17. qweerty

    Kelly looks absolutely BREATHTAKING and keri looks okay, her outfit is a mess. This just proves that Kelly is simly the finest in teh industry and the most classy one BY FAR!


  18. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    Kelly is beautiful .. Look @ her, black barbie


  19. Traci Summers



  20. @___@

    keri hilson looks like a drag queen DX..ciara rules


  21. Lil' Nello

    Keri & Kelly both look really amazing & beautiful! Toni looks pretty great too!


  22. g3

    Keri i like you and the album is gr8 but baby go back to black cuz blonde is not a gudd look she looks washed out


  23. ikridroc

    @ tifanny Get fuck outta here Rihanna is the Queen…no other can compare..but i have a confession to make i downloaded Keri hilson album yesterday since i “wasn’t” a fan but i gotta admitt i love the album.. lose control made fall in love with the album bahm bahm whatever the name is i love cause it have the whole rihanna inspired caribbean vibe to it and toy soldier is just amazing loved it. you go keri you won me over never though i would be saying this but i’m now a fan of keri.


  24. ikridroc

    wow kelly look like a barbie doll and keri look like fan or a chaperone asking for picture just saying..haters gonna hate.


  25. Lioness

    keri = sexy!



    Who’s the white gal standing next to Kelly?


  27. anush

    Keri nice


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