Nas Feeds Families for the Holidays


Nas helped make the season a little brighter for families affected with HIV/AIDS. The rapper, along with restaurateur Melba Wilson, served up holiday meals to over 250 people and their relatives at his second annual dinner at Melba’s 125 in Harlem on Wednesday (Dec. 22). Nas and Damian Marley will head on an overseas tour next year, playing dates in New Zealand in February in support of their collaborative album Distant Relatives.

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  1. swaggamcjagga

    Nasty wearing uggs…..lmao couldn’t picture it but now I can. He’s doing a good deed though, so ill let em pass. Lol


  2. swaggamcjagga

    Meant to say nas …not nasty. My phone replaced the words.


  3. webstar

    Good to see.


  4. MusicKING

    His ex wife is gonna have him being fed soon, she is taking all of this mans money, he’s records weren’t selling as it is.


  5. yes!

    You haters are so damn delusional! Nas has sold over 25 million albums worldwide. Just in the US he has 8 platinum plus albums and 1 gold album. You need to learn the laws of divorce especially short term marriages. Nas is LOL @ misinformed gossipers like you. Nas has been touring to sold out shows worldwide for damn near 2 years and still has time to give back to his community but a hater like yourself can only make very lame attempt at trying to disrespect someone who is doing more than you probably are for your community…LMAO! In the pics Nas is wearing the latest Audemars Piguet watch that cost over 100k…I seriously DOUBT that eating will ever be a problem for Mr. Nasir Jones!


  6. kani k

    that’s why Kelis is so fat. oh lord



    exactly. Kelis is the one who cant pay her bills overseas. Not Nas. his name alone pulls in money for him.


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