Chris Brown Bears His Passion for Art

Chris Brown

Chris Brown visited the “This City Will Eat Me Alive” exhibit at the Kid Zoom pop-up gallery in New York City on Thursday (Dec. 23). The art aficionado checked out the giant bear on display, chatted with artists Ian “Kid Zoom” Strange and Ron English, and posed for photos with the artwork.

“I fell in love with art around the age of six. I always took pride in kind of winning the coloring contests in school,” explained Breezy. “Art was my only outlet. Aside from music, art is the thing that I like to escape. And I appreciate other artists who have that talent and that eye for detail and eye for their own imagination. Art is a part of my life and it influences me completely.”

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  1. Lexus

    “Apart from music art is the thing that I like to escape”.
    Dummy. Music is a type of art.


  2. sara1

    @Lexus, not visual art no it isn’t, your comment is rather pedantic. It’s nearly Christmas! I think we should focus on comments that are uplifting and encouraging.


  3. Dillon_68

    @sara1, I agree, spread a little joy! Chris has a lot to be thankful for, this year has put him back on the map in a great way. Keep it up Chris!


  4. alaina



  5. Ciara Is Amazing

    Teambreezy luv ya chris (not gay) just a fan. Lexus no haters allowed. Merry christmas to u all especially teambreezy and teamciara.


  6. I buy my on songs on itunes

    when did he get the time to do stuff like this?
    I thought that he was too busy with beating Mommy Joyce or buying his own records on itunes since noone is checking for them?
    and how old is fist brown? I mean he is dressed like a 16 years old boy. This is completely inapropriate…a way too much…high school musical themed video, high school clothes…come on fist brown. You are not 16 anymore . I know you mad cause Bieber stole your fanbase away and you want to look as young as he is but come on you got to grow up…


  7. YEAH

    so chris is an ARTist now? good cuz he can’t sing without his autotune. #justsaying

    @ I buy my on (own) songs on itunes
    umm calm down smh


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  10. GangsterA

    hes so cute i hope hes new album have some anime like he did with graffti the art work was so great chris is a true artist


  11. GangsterA

    pepole don’t waste your x-mas spirit fighting with those haters


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  13. ZANIA

    Chris is an all around talent, he loves art you have to go to his website to see some of his drawings. He is looking fine in those pictures. Merry Xmas


  14. Mr Xclusive

    @YEAH you dont know what ur talking bout shut up mad???


  15. World Traveller

    Whoever said Chris can’t sing without autotune please go head butt a knife
    When he did the MJ tribute at the BET awards where was the autotune?
    You must be one of those tone deaf Rihanna fans.
    At least Chris doesn’t yodel


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    Chris is really into his art also he stated that his music is some form of art.

    Shout out to TeamBreezy & Ciarafans MERRY CHRISTMAS


  18. Only Goat in the World

    @lexus, pls stfu! You are the 1st one on this site and all you can to do as usual is to hate. Chris has mentioned in the past how much he loves art. He actually creates alot of his CD artwork and displayed it on Graffiti.

    @I buy my tunes on itune, Rihanna is that you stop projecting the foolishness you do onto Chris! Haters slit your wrists for Christmas THX!


  19. VA 4 Life!

    @Lexus: *DEAD* at you being the first person to comment! B*tch you are really pressed aren’t you! It’s always the Rihtards that are first to comment on his post! SMH!

    Just remember:

    Graffiti= Grammy nominated

    Rated R= ??

    @I buy my on songs on itunes: Why don’t learn to spell and put a proper sentence together before you tell someone else to grow up!

    Since you seem to think that he buys his on music on iTUnes, did he nominate himself for his THREE Grammy’s this year as well?? Exactly!



  20. Lexus

    BLAH BLAH fucking BLAH.
    All the exclamations marks in the world don’t change a damn thing.
    He is an idiot. A woman basher. A felon. A convict. You lot are a bunch of uneducated hoodrats. DEAL WITH IT.
    Go cry to your mommy or something if you can’t deal with the comments of the “rihtards”. I WILL continue to comment as I please and you WILL DEAL WITH IT.

    You WILL STAY MAD at me.


  21. YEAH

    @Mr Xclusive
    BET umm can u say lip sync ok then

    @VA 4 Life
    he might have a grammy nomination but who went platinum? & 3 million WW

    oh ok #sit


  22. YEAH

    & 4 #1′s year 2010 ? ok


  23. Lexus

    These FOOLS.
    They really are going crazy over those 3 Grammy noms.
    Who has more nominations?
    Who has won more grammys?
    Who has sold more records?
    Who still has a career going strong?


  24. King Makers

    @Lexus you are the FOOL

    Chris gaining 3 grammy nods effortlessly @ the lowest point of his career is a slap on all ur ugly faces, you and your crew.

    you can diss him as much as you want, but his career is unstoppable, and its killing all you stalkers


  25. ciara fan

    yes chris i cant wait and this is christmas why are you hating damn dont yall have families or friends lmao any ways merry christmas team breezy & teamciara and everybody else out there!


  26. I

    @I buy my on songs on itunes

    Um, since when is his wardrobe that of a 16 year-old… Chris didnt even dress the way he does now, when he was 16… so stfu


  27. tiffany


    chris know how to draw
    i saw lots of his arts (on his webmasters)
    very creative
    very good artist
    ps: tonihnt his video of “champion” will appear on vevo!!!!!!!!!
    can’t waiiiiiiiit


  28. youamuseme LITERALLY

    LMFAO you haters are simply misguided. Do you realize that your distaste for Chris is only giving him more recognition? It’s funny how I didn’t bother going through the pages to find this story. You are simply promoting it by putting it in the Most Read stories of the week. So instead of expressing your hatred towards him you should be finding some ways of bringing joy to your lives. On the bright side, I love the comments. They let me know that you are mad and your hatred bring joy in my life hence the name You amuse me.


  29. tiffany

    hey haterrrrrrzz chris brown got the number 1 views on this site!!!!!!!!!


    chris breeeeeeeeeeeezy


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