Lil’ Mama Spreads Cheer at Chris Brown’s Christmas Extravaganza

Lil' Mama

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Lil’ Mama, but the “Lip Gloss” rapper popped up for a performance at Chris Brown’s “All Black Christmas Extravaganza” at Webster Hall in NYC on Thursday night, looking grown up with a short pixie haircut. Breezy, who hosted the holiday gig, was snapped getting down to Mama’s music from the balcony.

Lil' Mama Chris Brown

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  1. WhatTheF

    Little Mama u a threeeee star.


  2. Jamee

    wow she woulda been one of the best(yea i said it)if only she kept up and not let herself slip cuz back in 07 she WAS the new boyz!!!

    lil mama get it together!


  3. get it girl

    She has what it takes, she had the best a milli remix period! Wayne should’ve snatched her up and went boss with her image and style.


  4. Sydney

    Lil Mama is the real deal


  5. fizzle

    her hair/wig o_0…..BOL. gerr you betta stop!


  6. Ayemay

    This girl is soo gone !


  7. Dave

    THE TALENTED >>>>>>>>>


  8. lostonez

    i wonder what song she was performing


  9. Ciarababybasicinstinct

    Her mom passes away and that’s what through her off and that’s normal but she has talent and shes going to get it together to make her mom more proud I respect her alot keep the faith


  10. ponyo

    her album was great… was very positve…..i actually like her….i hope she excels


  11. GangsterA

    i love her album yes shes very talented i hope shes working on another one


  12. Lioness

    i want cb’s hat. remember when she walked on the stage..hahahahaha


  13. Brionna

    i forgot lil mama existed


  14. john

    And what are you??? YOUR NOT A STAR AT ALL!]


  15. A Realist

    I actually liked her when she was out. She had TWO top 10 hits.


  16. BitchImMe

    Why lil mama look like monica big sister tho? 0_o


  17. Princess Ty

    Wow! She Look Good For Once…Chris Brown…Mhmmm Yummy ;)


  18. Warkop

    02.09.09 at 8:21 amSmuveDamn why can’t people just cgnuratolate the dude. he done came a long way from the Hot Boyz to now. Can he get his shine. I don’t remember him doing anything to anybody on here for yall to hate him so much. He gettin money.. Its a recession so I advise you to get yours instead of wasting your time on Hatin somebody that is..


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