On Set of Kat DeLuna’s ‘Dancing Tonight’ Video

Kat DeLuna

Kat DeLuna was looking fur-ocious on the set of her video for “Dancing Tonight” from her new album Inside Out at Milk Studios in New York City this week. The Dominican diva switched up her fashion in the clip, laying in a bathtub with a patch over her eye and whipping her hair around in a leotard in another scene. Check out more pics of the sexy pussycat below.

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  1. djinvincible74

    Very spicy! I’m glad to hear that she’s still working her new album. I think she has a lot of talent and could make it big if given the right promotion.



    I agree with you,she is really talented.Her past video “PARTY OCLOCK” is already out


  3. TeamTM

    Yeah I agree with you,she is really talented


  4. TeamTM

    Her new video for “party oclock” is out and it really gooooooood.
    dont give up pussyKAT :)


  5. guest91

    why is she still trying??? hasn’t she flopped enough already???


  6. TeamTM



  7. GangsterA

    she looks great can’t wait to see it


  8. anastasia

    @guest91 ., i don’t know what you’re talking about kat deluna is terrific & highly successful; especially in europe.


  9. ithink

    i think the first pic looks like ciara ride


  10. meme

    im glad some other females in the game other than rihanna bey ciara n keri and doin their thing. i cud bored with the same over popular artist.


  11. LaMont

    I can’t wait to see this video Kat DeLuna is sexy as hell!


  12. Korey

    I love Kat Deluna!


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    Why should she give up because she isn’t popular? Where would some of the most influential people be if they GAVE UP? smh @ guest91


  14. AdrianosFidi

    hehe , Santa wont be happy to see this http://www.rap-up.com/2010/12/24/on-set-of-kat-delunas-dancing-tonight-video/kat-dancing-video-2/. bad kitty !!!


  15. Whatever

    She is not successful in Europe at all. Nobodys heard of her anywhere in the world. She isn’t real.


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