Video: Chipmunk f/ Chris Brown – ‘Champion’

Chris Brown and Chipmunk

Chris Brown joins forces with his pal from across the pond, British rapper Chipmunk, in the Colin Tilley-directed video for “Champion.”

The R&B star will drop the new single from his 2011 album F.A.M.E., “Look at Me Now” featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, shortly after the ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. “Awwwwww shittttttt!!!!12 midnight new years Ima drop “look at me now” ft Busta and Lil Wayne to bring this new year in,” he tweeted.

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  1. YEAH

    uhoh here comes Lexus LOL


  2. YEAH

    CB and his kid voice gets annoying sometimes especially with autotune
    but he killed it

    the song is alright…cool video


  3. 4Real

    Cool video.


  4. tehe!

    uhm i rmr he was b*tching about not taking talking about the whole rih incident… but now he just won’t stop brining it up =/ make up ur mind chris


  5. ZANIA

    I love this video and song its going to be 1#. He’s actually is talking about what he went through the past two years, he was blackball and he is still going through negativity, so he singing about what he is going through then and now, trying to get his life back. He isn’t talking about the incident, he talking about the struggle of getting his life and career back.


  6. I buy my own songs on itunes

    I’m now conviced that CREEPY BREEZY has no shame.
    So he is a Champion for tryin to kill his Girlfriend?
    Another low budget and boring video for an arrogant song…wait ….this broke ass nigga is using all the money he got on the itunes store buying his own shit …so dont be surprised if his videos are so cheap?Huh?
    And CREEPY BREEZY doing a collabo with a guy named CHEAPMONKEY ?Are you serious?
    BUHAHHAHAHAHHA This idiot is hilarious.
    The only good thing is that he realizes that his voice is so weak that now he got to rap since he dont have the money to put the autotune effects on his voice.


  7. I buy my own songs on itunes



  8. tiffany


    this song is an ANTHEM
    yeah chip represents european rap!! love this british accent

    we got here the 2011′s song men!!
    true lyrics, beautiful and powerful video
    can’t wait for F.A.M.E i hope cb will drop this fucking smash hit “Champion” on his album cuz seriously we see more cb than we see chipmunk on this track….and meeeeeeeen lil wayne, omg !!
    2011 album !!!


  9. Jay

    Lovin this joint! Man CB always kills it and dude Chipmunk is pretty dope. They gotta get this on itunes!


  10. sexy smiles

    it’s so crazy!!! i luv u CB and i think you are the best!!i’am a french girl,in Martinique in caribean. U just make me feel so good!


  11. queen beyonce

    keep doing you c breezy!!!! massive song!!! your are a champion!!!


  12. Beyonce loves to fart

    Flop…..WHERE TRUE ARTISTS AT?????? noone checks on him


  13. love

    this tune rel bad……..chris brown swag is limitless ……….. he knows how 2 look gud….


  14. tee

    Some of yall sound dumb as hell
    great song great video
    and there is no auto tune in this song,thats chris voice and it sounds beautiful


  15. honeybun



  16. twitter @rashidkasirye

    big up chipmunk, only 18 and already has a no.1 single, now working with C.Brown

    UK stand up


  17. jhuntdaprodigy

    I buy my own songs on itunes, needs a life…badly


  18. The kid growed

    Don’t condemn a man to 1 moment of brash actions, Breezy spoke real talk on this! Rihanna’s fly, don’t trip but she’s as much to blame for ‘the incident’, she spurred him to do what he did, which by no means was right but was provoked


  19. francky

    chris breeeeeeeeeeeeeezyyy! trop forttt! my man surkiffff ce son :-D SWIZZY


  20. ridux

    i like you, do you like me


  21. Rihanna

    Beating Queen Rihanna was career suicide 4 u…u tryin so hard but it wont work..rihannas goin platinum very soon, ill keep u guys informed


  22. oh kay kay kay

    Some real weird people comment on here, the same one’s claiming to hate old dude can’t wait to see posts with his name on it. LOL at him buying his own songs on itunes to get it where it is. Don’t even check for him like that but if that’s your theory you might have to search a bit deeper


  23. #breezytakeover 2011 !

    Dope! I love it

    “Award shows, I pour my heart out and people still steady tryna point my flaws out.
    And I’d be lyin if I say it aint get to me, but I’m a Champion, Legend, History”

    Great song, it’s inspirational

    2011 is CB’s year


  24. tiffany

    chipmunk is 20 now he’s born in 1990 so…….

    this song will be the 2011 song men you know why??

    1) because in england, chipmunk is one of the best rapper, he won lots of mobos and all his singles are hits. this one will top the charts for a loooong time
    2) because in europe , in america, in africa, in asia, this song is universal, powerful, talk to everybody, it’s a message, and the mix into rnb and rap is perfect for all the poeple around the world
    3) becuse this song just kiiiiiiill us all!!!!! chris bown talk really deep

    chris brown et chipmunk, waouuuuuuuuuuw c’est un truc de ouf!! vivement que les bonnes radios françaises nous jouent ça!!

    and all the haterssss!! aaaaaaaaa chris brown is 3 time on the mmost read stories of the week of rapup!! hihiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 3 times!!! so it show that people love him hihiiiiiiiiii
    what have you got to say ?? nothiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!haha


  25. king

    fuk all u rihanna haters she is the best go buy loud


  26. tiffany

    hum king
    the word “rihanna” and “best” in the same sentence without a “not” between????????????
    it’s reaaaaaaally weird….


  27. king

    Fuk u tiffany u is jus a rihanna haters
    rihanna is runin thing rite about now so jus go and get loud


  28. TUMTUM

    Seems that y’all are too concerned about Chris.
    as far as i know this song is by Chipmunk. Therefore you should be commenting on the song as a whole rather than the one verse.
    This is a great song that just so happens to feature someone that some of you may not like.


  29. Tabby

    Some of you need therapy. I love this song, I just have to get used to Chipmunk’s english accent.


  30. Vera

    I agree with TUMTUM….if you don’t like him… don’t comment!!!


  31. shorty_A

    ¿No Love video?


  32. youamuseme LITERALLY

    Do I see yet another most read stories of the week about Chris Brown? What do you know? He’s number 1,too. Thanks Haters


  33. ughreally

    He was not “bringing up Rihanna” or bragging up the incident. He was REFLECTING that he didn’t want to be the same woman beater his stepfather was to his mother. If the line was about Rihanna then it was comparing her to his MOM.

    Saying he was “born a champion” is him telling himself he’s better then that. Which is true. He is better then that and has improved his life since then. He hasn’t hurt anyone since.

    We should all feel that we wore born champions , because as children of God we have PURPOSE. Purpose to be better then those who stayed on the wrong paths.

    It’s not an arrogant song. You’re arrogant to ignore the message of living life a better way and being resilient. Yes, Chris messed up BIG TIME. But he was judged in court and is riding out his sentencing. He doesn’t need to be judged by us for every comment he makes and that’s the point. His blackballing in the industry is people taking God’s judgement into their own hands and it’s wrong, and as he says in the song it does affect him. Mind you he’s what, 21? Of course he’s affected by people hating him for one night in which the ONLY victim of the incident forgave him. Should he receive death threats and stupid names like “Creepy Breezy” or “Fist Brown/Beat Em Down Brown”, no. If he messes up again stone him, sure, but this is one time and he’s changed. Even the judge said it was impressive as MOST people revert back to their wrong ways, even celebs (TI repeat offender, Mel Gibson repeat offender, Lindsay Lohan,etc)





  35. colours of me

    Proud of what Chipmunk and Chris Brown accomplished in this song…true Anthem Song!!!
    Breezy Haters STOP!!! Enough is Enough!!!
    He has paid his dues, let him move on with his life without you guys trying to bring him down, no one is perfect, you can only strive to be…


  36. Tyler

    ohh so is this what chipmunk does after he admits how much he loves Rihanna than he makes this cheap ass song with that thing. whatevr this song will go nowhere im so sorry. seriously it seems that c.b is just gettin a lil too desperate for publicity a total flop!!! NEXT…


  37. Tyler

    but wait dosnt he make enough with his BF bow wow? shame he’s moving onto the next one oh no not enough with T.I or Diddy lets try Chipmunk What a low life loser


  38. Cynthia

    Hahaha Tiffany tu déchires

    Chris Brown just killed this tune and Congrats to Chipmunk with his british accent Lol


  39. Fan Ov A Fan

    woohoo i love chris brown

    but who is chipmunk ?


  40. Xyx



  41. Jack

    Too bad that Chris career didn’t end the way the haters had hoped it would. For the slow ones, careers are over when the radio stations continue to ban your music, CB has his music back the urban and pop stations, one year ago no station would play his music. He’s nominated for three Grammy’s and he was headliner of the three sold out Christmas concerts and no they weren’t at small venues, some of these same station had also banned his music, but yet this year well…. let’s just say he’s back after the break. Did I hear World Tour, 2011! Look’s like that UK ban too was short lived!!!!!!!!


  42. VA 4 Life!

    @Tiffany & Jack PREACH!!!

    Honestly, at this point, the haters can KILL THEMSELVES!’s new year, leave that ish in 2010!


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