Video: Lil Wayne Wishes You Merry Christmas

Lil Wayne logs on to wish his fans happy holidays in a 14-second video posted on his blog

“I just wanted to wish ya’ll a Merry Christmas to everyone out there,” says a grateful Weezy while standing in what appears to be a garage. “I hope you get every single thing you want. I got what I want and that’s ya’ll.”

Merry Christmas!

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  3. crazymanmike

    Love weezy…


  4. bknyhustle

    take care i see ya tune!


  5. Brionna

    Weezy is the type of dude that that seems like he knows all the right things to say


  6. leasha

    could i just say that, even hearing his voice, has made my christmas and new year, i’m atually in love! i think your amazing weezy, and i’d actually do anything to see you. love weezy, i listen to you everday and im only 14, but you inspire people, and your gorgeous<3


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