Nicki Minaj Spends Christmas in Concert

Nicki Minaj

Santa Claus sent out his sexy helper Nicki Minaj to spread cheer at Hot 97’s Christmas Concert with Lloyd Banks and Fabolous at the Paradise Theater in New York City on Christmas Day. The blonde Barbie, fitted in a caged leopard-print bodysuit and pink boots, performed material from her debut album Pink Friday and gave away pillow pets to her fans.

Next up Nicki will help kick off 2011 by performing in Times Square during “NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly,” airing on December 31 at 10 p.m.

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  1. Loni

    Lovin the catsuit and the wig, Get it Nicki. I heard her, Lloyd Banks, and Faboulous rocked out yesterday..I wish I stilled lived in Brooklyn def. would’ve went.


  2. ChrisJR

    Hey Nicki Hey Nicki ASHTHMA. Lol jk but a friend of mine told me she got a Pillow Pet from Nicki and it was autographed…even tho a Pillow Pet is kinda a random gift but, Hey it was Christmas. Haha and I like how she just came thru Kim’s hometown like it was nothing, and sold out at that. Kim know she was in the crowd jiggin out.


  3. Brionna

    Love it… love the suit she performed well….30 mins of the performance is on youtube her “save me ” performance really got to me lol at the pillow pets gotta luv nick


  4. jeremydante

    loving that nicki is really stepping her concert promotion up. soo excited for her tour in 2011. it’s gonna be crazy!! hey nicki hey nicki- asthma!


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    [...] blonde Barbie, fitted in a caged leopard-print bodysuit and pink boots, performed material from herdebut album Pink Friday and gave away pillow pets to her [...]

  6. meme

    nicki image is so well put together. its crazy. u can tell when ur team put in work. when ur stylist do research and but into ur image. ciara take note.


  7. @Mike_Minaj

    O.M.G! NICKI MINAJ what can you not do! I mean your PERFECT at everything you do & you ALWAYS Look fly as hell! NOBODY can touch your swag! EFF KIM! PLEASE come to Raleigh, North Carolina or Greenville, North Carolina! I wanna go to one of your CONCERTSS!


  8. ponyo

    romans revenge is my favourite song off da album….but thats it.


  9. djm1dread

    rah rah like a dungeon draghon


  10. fizzle

    yesss diva, she keepin it VICIOUS!


  11. Crazy Rihanna Fan.!

    @ ChrisJR. lol. Yu a fool. Heck Yeah #TeamNicki. She doin ha thang, she doin it big props 2 her.


  12. jesper

    Why did I just watched a movie of almost 7 minutes without any voice sound.. She’s to nice..


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