New Music: Alicia Keys f/ Eve – ‘Speechless’


The new boy in Alicia Keys’ life has left her “Speechless.” The proud mom sings about her two-and-a-half-month-old son with Swizz Beatz, Egypt Daoud Dean, on the last Monster Monday of the year.

“You know I’m at a brand new time in my life and a brand new feeling/ It’s like this little guy, he takes my breath away,” says a joyful Alicia before her “Gangsta Lovin’” collaborator Eve steps in to spit a verse.

“Speechless is a little freestyle treat 4 the holidays. It’s not a new album, not a single its something special 4 U!” tweeted Alicia of the melodic song, which samples Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress.”

Download the track and watch a behind-the-scenes video below.

Alicia Keys f/ Eve – “Speechless”

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  1. OnlyStar

    YAAASSSS i love it


  2. Gabby

    Why is the video not playin?


  3. Jenn



  4. mike

    LOVE IT i hope she goes this route with her next album, this is real music ALICIA!!! this is what you’re suppossed to make and share with the world, not boring azz music like Doesn’t Mean Anything


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  6. Andrew

    thank you rap-up! ^_^


  7. peace&music

    i fuckin love alicia keys!


  8. Gladis



  9. ponyo

    nice song….alicia gravitating


  10. dillon_68

    Better than Alicia’s whole album. Alicia, please go back to making songs like this.


  11. koko

    I like it!! I feel that soul Alicia always had coming back.


  12. xoxo

    Love the song. All of Alicia Keys music is straight from the heart and a great piece of art.


  13. Alfred Islas

    Haven’t heard it yet, but can we not name every song Speechless?


  14. Nutzo

    “better than her whole album”<<<ahahahahaha…REALLY NOW??? to each his own. lol. hot song, nice little vid. Monstermondays in full motion.


  15. taj mahal

    I love it and eve does her thing
    Congrats and have a happy family


  16. omg

    i love this!!


  17. Fred

    This is devil in a new dress by kanye west….the instruments


  18. pOOKD

    Queen ALicia.
    She never had to take her clothes off to sell millions of records, she doesn’t need a hit to sell an album because people know she makes great albums. Her music deals with real life, real problems, true love, respect. She’s not a gimmick, she doesn’t have to FAKE. She writes her lyrics, she plays an instrument. AND yes she’s also gorgeous. Your faves could never.


  19. tbib

    I prefer Devil in a new dress, a keys does her job, and does it well, but the beat by swizzy is awful. But without hearing Devil in a new dress, it’s a dope song though


  20. Lil' Nello

    It’s really dope & very soulful but as tbib mentioned I can’t help but think of Ye’s “Devil In A New Dress” A dope verse from Eve to & can’t wait for her comeback album next year!


  21. honeybun

    agree with pooked


  22. whatsittoyou

    Alicia’s voice is sooooo beautiful, especially on this song. Love the way her music comes from the heart. Love The Element of Freedom Album also. Thanks to her for this beautiful song about her wonderful little boy. She is definitly an inspiration to us. Keep smiling girl and keep singing from the heart.


  23. mercier

    So Eve is dating a white guy, i thought she was more gangsta than that???? Wow; i cant wait to see her with a mixed race kid or two, hahahaha!!!!


  24. Daisy

    Looove the song but another song called speechless??? Beyonce Ciara lady gaga and now Alicia… Oh well


  25. M!ke

    I love this song and i love Alicia Keys


  26. Bo

    Good song sampling a wonderful song.


  27. nah

    What a feaking idiot Alicia Keys is. i don’t give this marriage long before it’s as dead as her singing career will be with the birth of a child.


  28. Michael

    Loooooove it!


  29. whatsittoyou

    (nah), Duh, a child does not mean your singing career is over. This song is proof. Alicia still has it and always will as long as she chooses to. As far as the marriage, I guess time will tell. As far as an idiot, you are really off to say something like that. She is a very intelligent person. Just because you evidently don’t like her, and I assume with no good reason, does not mean she is an idiot. It’s a pity people are so full of hate and especially feel that way about someone they don’t even really know.


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  31. RealMusic

    May Alicia Keys continue to make music as long has bigotry, prejudice and ignorance exit in the world.

    She is a true artist and this song is filled with love for her son and I am thankful she decided to share with her “fans”.



    She Looks so Gorgeous….haha. do it to it ALICIA!


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