Stars React to Teena Marie’s Death

Teena Marie

Soul songstress Teena Marie’s untimely passing caught everyone off guard. While fans and loved ones mourn her death, some of her industry peers, including Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, and Q-Tip, took to Twitter to share their reaction to the sad news. Read their outpouring of support for Lady T below.

Birdman: R.I.P TEENA MARIE…..

Mack Maine: R.I.P. @teenamarie!!!!!! Honestly 1 of da best I’ve Eva seen live in concert…a true angel!!!! God bless her soul!!! Love

Estelle: RIP Teena.Marie. #sosad

Angela Simmons: R.I.P Teena Marie.

Q-Tip: u can run my MINI teena marie playlist back to the top… then do it again. hopefully a young singer can take this blueprint she left. RIP

Tony Yayo: Dam rip teena marie a legend we miss you

Game: R.I.P. Teena Marie. X-mas lights plugged in, Got this Teena Marie playing….. sippin on Eggnog & black Hennesey as I roll this kush.

Binkie of Electrik Red: Tina marie :(

?uestlove: again the mark of a TRUE ARTIST is when their album cuts get more love than the hits. Marie’s magic was defined by her album cuts.

D. Woods: Listening to the great Teena Marie sing down! We have lost another dynamic voice in R&B today. RIP

Mary J. Blige: Tina Mari inspired me vocally as a child. Her songs I sang in the mirror with a hair brush. I’m so hurt. I’ll love u forever Tina Mari. Portuguese Love, Casanova Brown, Square Biz, I need your lovin, all of your music will live forever through me. In my heart she’s Tina, So rest in peace Tina, i love u. Every girl that grew up in the hood, with her blasting through the windows, Cars and radio waves can Feel me. Rest in peace Teena Mari. My Love love for u is forever.

JoJo: Wow. RIP Teena Marie. Her music will live on forever.

J. Cole: Thank you for the Teena Marie videos on VH1 Soul. RIP

Alicia Keys: God bless Teena Marie & her Family! Sending Blessings &prayers I was jus sayin tht fire & desire is 1 of the most beautifully performd songs! Once a beautiful song, always a beautiful song! Certain songs jus have that “THING”! What a SANGIN Lady! Fire & Desire

Kid Sister: heavy heart. R.I.P. Lady T

Ameriie: God bless Teena Marie…such a gift & blessing to us all…praying for her daughter & family.

Chase N. Cashe: Teena Marie awwwwwwwww the first white rapper. Real swag. The verse on square biz. Dog she’s apart of the soundtrack to my life man. That’s all moms played. Teena and Lisa Stansfield awww man.

Toni Braxton: RIP to Teena Marie such a talented and beautiful person inside and out. She was so young! She will never be forgotten!

Brandy: R.I.P Teena Marie!! You are loved and will be very missed:) Thank you for being an INSPIRATION!!

Ashanti: R.I.P to the Very Talented & Soulful Teena Marie many Prayers and Blessings to her Family.

Monica: Sending my prayers to the daughter&family of the late great soulful Teena Marie..

Nelly: “””RIP TEENA MARIE””””” MARCH 5, 1956 to DEC 26, 2010″””

Swizz Beatz: R.I.P TO ONE OF THE BEST VOICES OF MUSIC TEENA MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. nicci

    wow we lost an amazing women when it comes to R&B you’ll be missed teena marie :(


  2. Quettie

    RIP Teena Marie we love you!!!!!


  3. Chill

    I’ve listened to Teena almost every day since 1979. I will truly miss her. She was the soundtrack to my life. What am I to do without her.


  4. Coco

    RIP Teena Marie another great women taken. You will be missed but not forgotten.


  5. A True Fan

    Teena was an amazing singer and performer! I was truly honored to have seen her in NYC at BB Kings. It was like worshipping at the House of Teena for 2 hours! I am just sad that my 9 year old daughter will never get the chance to see her perform. Her music will live on in our home!


  6. toni b

    R.I.P Tina you gave such geat performance ever time you do a concert. I and everyone who knew you will miss you dearly. My heart is so heavy right now. But your music will live on.


  7. Nona McGowan

    Rip in peace tina marie you were one of the best you rick james


  8. I

    Lady T
    By far one of my favorite artists of all time. A musical and lyrical genius. We will all miss you. Your voice is incomparable to any other. God bless you


  9. lana

    RIP you will be missed very much i grew up listening to you as i do to this day as i will forever you were the lady you will be so sadly missed but live on in our hearts through your music RIP lady T


  10. Toni broadwater

    R.I.P Tina I will truly miss you and your great music and performance you gave.


  11. DJ Triumph

    RIP Teena Marie she will be missed.


  12. Tracie

    So sad she’s gone…God bless her family in their time or mourning. smh


  13. philly11

    RIP to one of my favorite and one of the greatest singer, songwriter’s, producers, instrument players ever! You will never be forgotten “Ivory Queen of Soul”…!!!!!


  14. @RonaldRanier

    @MarshaAmbrosius: Many know how influential Teena Marie was to me. I’ll continue to respect and honor that woman. RIP :(


  15. Kenblaze

    TEENA MARIE-LADY TEE-IVORY QUEEN OF SOUL. You will never be forgotten. R.I P TEENA MARIE……….stop the world, i want to get off :-(


  16. Carole

    I will truly miss your legendary soulful sound, Lady T.! You have always be one of my all time favorite vocalists! Heaven just got a little more soul now that you’ve joined Rick James…


  17. L M F




  18. Omer.Kishanov

    The music world lost a legendary artist and vocalist,from one of your true fans you will be missed RIP Teena !!


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  20. Johnnette

    OMG. I was watching NBC news and saw Tina Marie on thier list of people we’ve lost in 2010 and to see her on that list sent me straight to the internet. Tina Marie was one of the first female artists that I loved to listen to. Her voice was simply amazing and got me through some tough times in my youth. Wow.


  21. R Pittman

    Awe,I just found out on the news Im gna miss her music ,been a fan since the 70,s


  22. joey

    that was missys number one insperation, she must be so upset. tina was a true orignal, she blasted down barriers for whites in urban culture, and vice/versa for blacks. true talent, just another legend that we’ve lost to make way for more to come. rip tina you will never be forgotten


  23. Brionna

    she was before my time im only 19 but R.I.P Miss Teena


  24. Deonday

    Teena u will always be a part of my soul, u are truely my all time favorite song bird. You left me beautiful memories and have been a huge inspiration to my life. Last night Jesus shined a heavenly through your window in the dark of night he made u see all of the joys his love can bring, he made ur sprite move endlessly, u are the child of the heavens. U will surely be forever missed..


  25. Victor

    First Michael, then Teddy and now Teena. The great ones are leaving us much too soon. RIP Lady T.


  26. venecia

    Such an icon. I love me some Teena Marie. RIP diva. My prayers humbly submitted to Teenas family


  27. Ira

    I wish the people that work with JoJo would stop leaking her music. She is amazing, and people should have to wait for her music just like they have to wait for everybody elses music.


  28. mary

    my prayers go out to the family of teena marie she was an amazing entertainer on earth now she can continue to entertain in a better place she will be truely missed. AND TO MYSELF AND ALL THE FANS THAT LOVED TEENA LETS START STANDING ON GODS WORD THAT IS WHERE WE FIND STRENGTH IN TIMES LIKE THESE GOD SAID HE WILL NEVER LEAVE US BUT TRUST HIM AND BELIEVE HIS WORD. SO LETS LOOK FOWARD TO 2011 BY THANKING GOD FOR EACH DAY HE AWAKES US LOVE YOU PEACE OUT MARY


  29. George Cornejo

    truly truly sadden about the loss of Tina Marie. growing up in the hood playing her rolas on the boom box i am sadden but i know she is in heaven absent body present with the lord heaven isnt missing an angel she just arrived with her beautiful voice a true fan for life. Her music is eternal never a day that i cant put her songs on and just chill and the peace you get the voice of an angel god bless you tina marie love one of your biggest fan Soldier For Christ George Cornejo


  30. r.mathis

    my regards goes to tina marie family.i am sure she will be very much missed. when i think of ms.marie
    i often think of her side kick rick james. they were
    like no other duo when they got together. tina
    was a souful person.there are not many that could
    sing like her and keep the audience attention.i guess she was a soul sister and her music made her
    that way. may her family find peace and keep her
    memories alive. take care. r.mathis



    I don’t know what to say right now but one thing I can say is you never know what you have until its gone. We know her Motown/Gordy releases if your a TRUE Teena fan. The Epic/Sony releases are a great mark on the R&B territory. She put funk and soul and gave it her recipe. I need your lovin is timeless. Hell it even sounds like a Quincy Jones production. Kind of has that Brothers Johnson funk in it. She put Rock in R&B in the 80s. She kept the Rick James sound up and running even on the CBS label when music had changed her heart did not. As time went on and into the 90s she kept up very well with new artists she collaborated with as well as a sound that never dies. If you are Black or Latino this is ONE very true artist that has brought both colors together. I have way too many memories with her music. She is an artist that with the clarity of her voice and strength a young male or female who has dreams of singing could sure learn from her. She was an In-Girl who never forgot her roots. Sometimes its nice to read dedications on old album covers to see their frame of mind at the time when that album was put out. I could sit here and say they don’t make them like they used to but the truth of the matter is quality never dies. If we don’t teach the young adults and children about quality and history then everyone looses out. Music in schools NEED to showcase music and artists. Not just band instruments. To get kids interested in arts and music in schools they need to have a music history class. Education/cultural history and innercity kids DO MIX! So maybe we can learn something from her death. I know there are Hip Hop artists that do come in and try to help by collaborating with a legend. However it seems very bleek in finding much of it on radio or even with TV exposure. Someday the greatest voices in artists like Chaka Khan, Taka Boom, Mica Paris, Gladys Knight, Jean Carne, Melissa Morgan, Gwen McCrae, Millie Jackson, Martha Wash, Thelma Houston,, Jocelyn Brown, Patti Austin, Patti Labelle and many more may or could die without notice. It hurts to even think about it but look right now Aretha is having health issues. As a DJ and serious Collector I am into all their work. Just because something is NOT a hit does not mean its not good. It means that record executives at major labels look at the dollar. They look at age and LOOKS. I am not speaking about all. I am just saying that these artists we grew up with NEED more exposure with their new stuff. When you think of all the albums aretha has DONE. Yet on shows like the view and award shows all they want to hear is respect. WEll HELL if we are going to jump down memory lane I would want to hear Jump To It and Get it Right. Luther Vandross produced both of those albums and he is gone as a legend too. My point is we need to listen to the other songs, Lps, eps, etc. Turn off the TV and plug your audio cable from your computer to your amp/receiver find out what new stuff these hard working entertainers are putting out in the recent years. If you do that you will find a new discovery as well as less pain of a loss of a TRUE AMERICAN LEGEND!


  32. tisha d

    I would like everyone to know I really enjoy Teena Marie’s music. I would love to send blessing from above to her family and friends in Jesus Name. Amen…….we will all miss Ms. Marie


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