Brandy Reveals New Tattoo


Brandy got some new ink for the new year. The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant braved the pain and revealed her tattoo of the elephant-headed deity Ganesha, the Hindu god of success, prosperity, and protection against adversity, on the underside of her left arm. “Remover of all obstacles,” said Brandy of the meaning behind the tat.

She credited her friend Monica for getting her into tattoos. “You know you were the one that got me in to tat’s and Louis Vuitton,” Brandy tweeted to her “Boy Is Mine” collaborator.

Are you feeling Brandy’s tat? Let us know!

Peter Koskela and Brandy

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  1. Houstonishere

    That’s super nice!!! I love it, plus its different


  2. king

    look bad she should have do her tat like how rihanna does do her own


  3. fridayforpink




    @fridayforpink, Why u gotta hate,can’t u jus love her tattoo,its a new year coming grow up.LOve is the only solution,Don’t hate,congratulate


  5. youdontneedtoknow

    she should have tat’d something with/about God. since I think she’s christian.


  6. king_awesome



  7. Jalin

    Cute and meaningful where the album at honey?
    sn: I stay having basic instinct on repeat.


  8. No ma'am

    Nuff said


  9. Questions?

    its nice
    Who is the tattoo artist name if anybody knows?


  10. colours of me

    i thought she was a christian?


  11. Beauty

    Nice tattoo, but I always thought she was a Christian too. If so, I’m really shocked that she would be into idolatry(worshiping an elephant head or any other figure as God) As a Christian myself, my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is the God of my success, prosperity, & protection against adversity. Remover of all obsticles. However, that’s me & what I believe. Not here to judge, that’s not my place.


  12. bard

    it looks like a cok


  13. xxx

    @ don’t hate

    what a stupid comment

    “can’t u jus love her tattoo”

    no, why should he/she – if one doesn’t like it – then let it be – you do not have to say you like something if you clearly don’t

    i like the picture but not on the wrist


  14. anonymous

    @BEAUTY – COSIGN! …& Amen!


  15. I'll tell about all these christians

    Omg all it’s a tattoo she’s not converting damn I’m christian & I’m sure were not suppose to judge others which your doing right. So if you don’t have nothing nice to say keep ur mouth shut


  16. Michelle

    It looks a little demonic, to be honest. I mean, it’s her body, but I guess I don’t see the point in putting an elephant on your wrist. No matter what it “means.”


  17. Boy Wonder

    I love Brandy but I don’t really like it. But hey if she like it I love it.


  18. Jarvis

    look like a d**k…im not digging it on her wrist out of all the places on your body she picks the wrist…smh

    When is her new album coming out, all this free time she has lets hope she in the studio as well


  19. Def Shot: Brandy Get’s A New Tattoo

    [...] source [...]

  20. anonymous

    @”I’ll tell about all these christians” — geez what a sentence —> “damn, I’m a christian” lol, …and no one was judging. (which I guess you’ll say I am now, but that’s all in your mind. I just thought it was funny)Beauty’s comment clearly ended by saying “Not here to judge, that’s not my place.” So obviously it was one’s opinion. So chill. And respect everyone’s opinion for what it is — THEIRS! NOW, Moving on>>>>>


  21. chris

    @king ….since when does rihanna do her own tatoos? never thats when. she has a tattoo artist who comes to tat her. stop bringing her up in every single post. im rihannas fan but damn this is a brandy post


  22. Black Girl HMSTD

    I think it is a great tattoo…If you love tattoo’s then why not get them. It’s art. She is an artist. Respect her thoughts..OMG…lames…


  23. Trey

    THESE PPL SOUND SO LAME!!! It’s A TATTOO DUMBASS! Ppl talm bout they christians and I bet half of yall fucked before yall were married GTFOH #STFU


  24. NYC

    Wow…it looks just like her.


  25. ThatsaNONO

    so the meaning of this tattoo is not so spiritual but that brandy just seems to like having an elephants trunk on her arm that looks like a flabby wiener until the day she dies.



  26. SClass

    Those who are saying she is “un-Christian” for getting a tattoo of a Hindu deity are an embarrassment to humanity (and to Christianity). I am Hindu, and unfortunately it is such a misrepresented faith, especially here in America. I also can’t believe some of you are saying that it looks like a dick and whatnot. I would never say that Jesus looked like anything else that what he is–a spiritual being.

    Some people on the internet are so offensive and so disruptive to society, the world, the universe, etc. If Brandy understands the spirituality behind the tattoo, then she is correctly representing an aspect of her beliefs.

    Also, @Beauty, I wish you would understand that worshiping a deity with an elephant head is not a form of meaningless idolatry. The thought behind it is that God can take any form that God wishes to take–be it human, animal, plant, whatever. God pervades every aspect of the universe; I know you said that because it may not be a religion you are familiar with, which is fine and I don’t judge or blame you. I respect your opinion completely, I just wanted to inform you of the meaning behind Hindu devotion.

    Please respect and be kind to one another. It’s the only thing we need to do while we are on this Earth.


  27. Zjp

    Amen to @SClass


  28. I am jst Saying

    The tattoo has a spirtual meaning, which is stated in the story above, but what spirt is it repersenting. I agree with the young lady about false gods, it has a true meaning in other countries. Now true statements about having sex before marriage an falling short, true everyone has done it and asked for forgivieness, and something we are alllllll working on. But to flat out worship and false god and wear it with pride is totally different, when you sin and ask for giveness you are feeling guilty and praying not to sin anylonger and strength.


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