Kanye West Shoots Music Video with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kanye West is keeping up with Kim Kardashian. The rapper was spotted outside a studio in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Dec. 28), reportedly where Kim was shooting a music video for her forthcoming single. According to TMZ, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star worked with Kanye on the closed set for the Hype Williams-directed clip.

“OMG u guys have no idea what I’m doing today! You are gonna DIE!!!!” tweeted Kim, later writing, “What should my alter ego name be?”

The socialite has been in and out of the studio recording her debut album with another hitmaker, The-Dream. No release date or record label has been announced for the project.

Meanwhile, Kanye was photographed with Kim’s mother Kris Jenner at the Lakers vs. Heat game on Christmas Day. He gave her a first listen to his joint album with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne. “Listening to NEW JayZ and Kanye West album with @kanyewest!!” she tweeted. “Doesn’t get any sweeeeeeeter!! He is AMAZING wait till you guys here! Out soon!”

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  1. Brionna

    this ought to be good….. LOL at her listening to the New Jay and Kanye album she doesn’t seem like she is the type of person to be able to appreciate rap music


  2. jhuntdaprodigy

    LOL, Kanye Kardashian in this b*tch! This should be interesting though. My opinion is, Rihanna & Katy Perry can’t sing, they started out with pop though. Kim started out with a sextape and reality show, so it’ll be more dfficult for her 2 get taken seriously. But lol at Kanye letting her mom hear Watch The Throne


  3. rihanna

    Kim is fine. I think she’s the only white girl I’d actually marry.


  4. KING#15



  5. jewlz

    hahaha kim making music boy people are blind most artist these days can’t sing that got everything edited even the microphone is specially made to make them seem like they can all you gotta have is the look and the can make you a star open your eyes people the music is dumbed down for your generation cause its so easy these days to take your money


  6. ME

    “What should my alter ego name be?”

    Ummmm…. slut


  7. Ruthy

    Alter ego for Kim should be since she collaborating with Kanye should be:

    (the first two letters of ‘Ye’s first name and Kim’s last name) and if you translated to Haitian Creole, it means “shit”


  8. YMCMB

    I can just imagine Kris Jenner bobbing her head to ‘Watch the Throne’. Lol, anyways, if he let her hear it, the album must be close to completion. Can’t wait!!!!


  9. music guru

    Man I guess anybody can become a singer now days, all u gotta do is sleep with the right people….:/ seriously have the ability to hit a note or two and you’ve got yourself a singer smfh


  10. meme

    “wait till u guys here”?

    is she fukin dumb or something


  11. Thestylisto

    i heart kim/ the kardashians oh so much.. xxxo


  12. Mr Xclusive

    she has no talent ..smh only kanye


  13. Mr Xclusive

    @jhuntdaprodigy ??? you fail so hard please leave cuz now you look like an idiot


  14. Phoenix_Wright

    yall some hateful ass people!

    @meme it’s a simple typo u rihanna slave ass ho!


  15. Banana

    Only question left is will Kim’s singing need to be autotune more than kanye’s singing?


  16. Lisa

    I freakin’ love Kim. She’s so beautiful and I can see her having a Paris Hilton size hit single. Her and Kanye must be dating. There’s no other reason for Kris to be listening to the album.


  17. WeRunDisCity

    Ayo everyone who sersiously appreciates rap knows that kanye’s a musical genius. I’ve been a fan of kanye from day one but this nigga’s drivin me crazzy! I have no idea why kanye would make a song with her… It can only damage the reputation of everything he’s achieved in Hip-hop. He’s gonna lose respect from he’s real fans who’ve been there ever since he dropped his first album. This shit is just silly, it’s like Jay Z making a song with paris hilton.


  18. c note

    my only ? is what the hell is kanye doing in that picture? Lunges?


  19. From Tokyo

    Just another nail in the coffin.


  20. saio

    so what
    eminem do a music video with magen fox


  21. king

    look jhuntdaprodigy u is jus a rihanna hater rihanna is fukin up dis game rite about now so stop hating and in my opinion Taylor Swift cant sing at all and the only how she get big cause of kanye west


  22. james

    this is what consumers get for supporting NO TALENT niki and ritard. now every NO TALENT alive believes they can be a star.


  23. Maleenaweena

    Oh man! I hope Kim knows this will not go well. Although she’s just trying to do possitive things in her life, I don’t think singing should be one of them. But good luck Kim I’m sure you’ll give it your all;)


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