Video: Jennifer Hudson Honors Oprah at Kennedy Center

Jennifer Hudson

A glowing Jennifer Hudson serenaded an all-star audience at the 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors, attended by the First Family, Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, and more. Fronting the Tennessee State University Choir, the trim singer performed the show-stopping number “I’m Here” from The Color Purple in honor of Oprah, who produced the Broadway musical and starred in the 1985 film. Watch her moving performance below.

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  1. john

    just blew the top off this MOTHA!!!!!


  2. Yep Yep



  3. Boy Wonder

    I love Fantasia’s version better but Jennifer’s is great too! I want another Fantasia/Jennifer duet.


  4. cityonfiya

    interesting that oprah’s making appearances with stedman now.


  5. YEAH

    welcome back Jen!!! now give us an album PLEASE!!


  6. Josh

    This is amazing! Her voice is just insane!!!!


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  8. Kahari

    Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of “I’m Here” was vocally rambunctious and blaring. She has made herself known in the music industry for having a powerhouse vocal ability as she widely belts from the depths of her spirit. Without a doubt, Jennifer is a church singer who can handle dramatic roles like “And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going.” But, this is her downfall; because of her ability to over sing (with her frequent injections of gospelized cinematic vocal melismas), it can be a bit overbearing. But, we can’t deny her voice, though, she can be a soul stirring vocalist. But, the performance she gave above was a little lukewarm for me. I see when she performed the song last night on television, and honey, I had to turn my head and put on ‘Tasia’s version. Fanasia’s high alto, her vocal aerobatics, her overall expression lifted my spirits high into the sky and carried my emotions. What Jennifer Hudson may lack in personality, she gains points solely on her vocal ability. Fantasia, however, has relatability and the gift of song. Fantasia’s strengths are lyricism, story-telling, vocal range, musciality and extemporaneous vocal imagination—she sets her audience free through music. Jennifer Hudson’s music is secondary in my opinion. J-Hud will continue to sell records because she has built a fan base soley on her voice, but I doubt they she will have the ability to diversify her music because she her gift is a curse. People will expect that lightening roar of hers in every song. To each is own, though…


  9. Michael

    ^^ Negro Please…


  10. *(SHE'zADIvABUtIMtHAtBItCh)*

    …Lmfao @ Micheal…I have to Agree with Kahari….I think Fanny KILLED her VERSION…


  11. fizzle

    (eye roll) Kahari plz

    See the problem is people feel they have to compare vocals which is stupidity. Jennifer sung the song beautifully & gracefully…that’s how she usually signs. Fantasia doesn’t. They have two different style so for you to turn your head at this is just ignorance, ignorance I won’t let you get away with. Beautiful job Jennifer Hudson.


  12. Charles

    Kahari: I feel like you are a personal HATER of Jhud. However your message makes you sound suspect. Jennifer Hudson has a voice like no other(AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE). Fantasia and Jhud is on two very different levels. Classy is Jhud. Big events showing is Jhud(MOST AUTHENTIC). Fantasia may have won A. Idol, but Jennifer Hudson is A. Idol. Fantasia is loud and hood. Tasia is a show hog(WILD). Jennifer Hudson is the best female vocalist in the business today hands down.


  13. lovedeb12

    This was simply marvelous for a simply marvelous person who reminds us every day that the “Dream”. Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job delivering the song and the message. She was the right one to deliver the song. I am so happy for Oprah Winfrey. God bless you Oprah!


  14. lovedeb12

    Just one more thought, This was a chosen time for a chosen purpose. Maybe it will be Fantasia’s time to sing at one of the Kennedy Center Honors in the years to come!!


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