Video: Lauryn Hill Addresses Fans After Showing Up Late to Concert

As we mentioned yesterday, some fans waited hours for Lauryn Hill to emerge during her show at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday (Dec. 28). The New York Times captured video of Ms. Hill addressing the crowd after finally taking the stage around midnight.

“I spent my entire 20s sacrificing my life to give you love. So when I hear people complain, I don’t know what to tell you,” she told the audience, some of which booed her. “I personally know I’m worth the wait.”

Two fans held up signs that read “You Just Lost One” and “This Is Insulting,” but the Grammy-winning artist was not having it. “Don’t do that. That’s disrespectful,” she told them while motioning to the exit.

Do you think L. Boogie’s response was appropriate? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Errol

    She was late in Boston. Late in Brooklyn. Get it together Lauryn, or just give it up. Plenty of artists out there who would show up on time for their fans


  2. ...

    That’s incredibly disrespectful. There are very few artists who have been away for as long as she has that have such passionate fans. She should be rewarding them for being so patient with her, not acting like an arrogant, entitled diva. If this was the first time she was late, I could forgive her because everybody’s late sometimes, but this is a recurring problem for her. Lauryn Hill needs to grow up, learn how to be a professional, or she won’t have any fans left.



    I find it hard to say whether it was appropriate or inappropriate, but I like the way she handled the situation. I’m sure she wasn’t having a good day either.

    And off-topic I’d like to wish everybody here a Happy New Year. Can the stans also hop off each other’s dicks and be a bit more mature in 2011?


  4. M!ke

    all of these bad reviews im afraid to buy my ticket to see her in charlotte


  5. Mikey

    The way she acted was very unprofessional. She was late, what… 4 hours?! And she was telling her fans and audience that they were disrespectful for complaining? She was acting like it was no big deal. If anything she should’ve sucked up to her fans even if she didn’t mean it, and apologize greatly and explain why she was late.

    I definitely lost my respect for her as a legend. She is no better than you or I and she needs to see that.


  6. Keenan

    thats very disrespectful I just lost ALOT ALOT ALOT of respect for Ms Hill.


  7. Bri

    I’m a Lauren fan, but she sounds like an arrogant jerk. She’s going to end up without any fans if she doesn’t change her nasty attitude.


  8. BoneyStarks!

    She was late at Rock The Bells with thousands of paying fans waiting on her arrival. Only to come out and give a subpar performance, all because she “wasn’t feeling well”. When reportedly she was trying to find a place to get her nails done.

    She calls people disrespectful yet disregards the fact that people don’t want to stand around two hours for you to perform an hour set.

    Sorry Lauryn, get it together. Or youll being seeing more than signs when you go to your shows.


  9. dana

    Midnight?! U gotta be kidding me. She has a lot of nerve to call fans disrespectful that’s crazy.1st off they usually open the doors to a concert around 6. That’s unxcuseable. I’m def not seein her now…


  10. C

    Really, what loyalty does she have the obligation to show. So what she was terribly hate. Lauryn’s music is all about the contraints of an opressive society, being the slave of a society that abolished slavery. You’re fools to think that Lauryn Hill is being disrespectful, when real disrespect is people not showing her the warmth she deserves for merely gracing them with a performance. She’s right, she gave up her youth to please people, to please us. She was put up on a pedistool that she had no control over. So what she was late, get over it and respect her for the artist she is. She never promised you anything but truth, give her the respect she deserves for showing you all what reality is.


  11. Beauty

    I love Lauryn to death. In my opinion, I think she is one of the best that ever did it. After watching the video, I do feel that her actions were slightly arrogant. More nonchalant if anything. However, just to be fair, and actually having a family member in this industry, we as fans can be a very critical at times. We tend to forget that artists r human beings too. They’re not robots. Life happens for them too. We all have unexpected things that come up in our lives last minute that are out of our control. Artists r not exempt from that. She said she apologized for being late. We didn’t hear the whole audio, so we can’t judge whether it was a heartfelt apology or not. But as fans, in addition to an apology some of us expect a cut off arm or leg along with the apology. Maybe some people’s reactions after she apologized for being late triggered the arrogance. Not saying that Lauryn was right, just some insight for us as fans to put ourselves in the artists position sometimes. It’s easy for us to say what we would or would not do when we’re not the one’s actually in those shoes.


  12. Beauty

    @ C I agree with u.


  13. rman

    how is she going to call fans disrespectful when she doesn’t even have the decency to start the show on time? isn’t that ultimately more disrespectful to the people who paid money to see her? people have lives and responsibilities to tend to. that 4 hours of their lives they’ll never get back!


  14. rman

    how is she going to call fans disrespectful when she doesn’t even have the decency to start the show on time? isn’t that ultimately more disrespectful to the people who paid money to see her? people have lives and responsibilities to tend to. that’s 4 hours of their lives they’ll never get back!


  15. Beauty

    @Rap-Up why is my 1st comment awaiting moderation, but my 2nd comment was immediately posted?


  16. Lys_Pt

    Fool me once, shame on u. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 3x, shame on u Ms. Hill… Shame on u… That’s beyond disrespectful, that’s unprofessional 2…


  17. Drb

    Lauryn may have done that but the fact is, people are paying her to put on a good show and show up. That goes for all musicians and all jobs.

    If the show was free and you’re doing it out of you’re heart, fine, it’d still be rude but at least you’re more entitled to it.


  18. jhuntdaprodigy

    Wow, she’s being disrespectful to her fans. She is arrogant as hell, I heard that she sucked now anyways, so is she really worth the wait then? lol. If she was late, she should’ve had a good reason for it, her flight was held up, traffic, not “You should be happy I’m even here, I know I’m worth the wait” B.S. You have fans who payed their hard earned money 2 see her, and she’s gonna disrespect them like that


  19. Kyle

    I hear that she’s late all the time to her shows. On the printed tickets it should say the show starts: WHENEVER SHE DECIDES TO ARRIVE. Fans pay to see you so I think the least an artist can do is BE ON TIME. That is all.


  20. jeremydante

    she has lost her damn mind.


  21. S. Blade

    She told her fans she’s worth the wait. No artist is worth the wait if they don’t value their fans and the time their fans give them. What a bitch.


  22. D.DOT

    That was kinda rude of her..U 4hours late & expect peope not to complain I would of boo’d her ass..BITCH IT ARE MONEY THAT PAY UR BILLS U GOT SOME FUCKIN NERVE


  23. I

    Everybody knows she nuts


  24. Toya

    She was very disrespectful. So what if she sacrificed her 20s for the biz. That’s what you do if you want to get your career off the ground. And you have to continue doing that if you want to continue having one.

    Plenty of other artists have taken years off and then came back to the business (Whitney Houston, Monica, Eminem… just to name a few) and they didn’t play the diva card. Sure they might have been a little late to a show or two but they apologized for it and thanked their fans for sticking by them all those years.


  25. Brionna

    4 hours is a long time to wait for anybody she should have apologized for her tardiness personally i would have been mad to especially if she comes back with a response like that


  26. joey

    @ C you kidding? sit down.

    wow shes nasty, i cant believe her. shes so incredibly talented, its sad shes so disrespectful. if i was at that concert id ask for a refund


  27. agentprovacateur

    i think she is a hot mess and needs to get over herself. it’s just plain unprofessional to keep fans waiting.


  28. toya

    Lauryn is out of her mine. She was late at rock da bells in MD this summer, she was late at her vermount, connecticut and boston show these past 2 wks now nyc. That’s a pattern and no real reason.



  29. art

    say what you will about Whitney’s tour, she did 48 dates and was never late. she cancelled 2 shows in paris because she was in the hospital and throughout her tour she interacted with fans,let them sing with her, hug her, accepted their gifts, signed autographs, upgraded seating, apologized profusely for the break she took to change her clothes etc

    That is how you treat your fans. I love you Lauryn but this habitual lateness is for the birds!


  30. Adam

    The fans have every right to be pissed, sounds like Lauryn is being extremely unprofessional, especially if 1.) this is a recurring problem and 2.) it was a 4-hour wait.


  31. Beystanbish

    Oh aunty lauryn. No don’t be cocky


  32. Jarvis

    All this diva attitude from Lauryn came from the media and other people hyping her up like she was the greatest person walkin on yall came only blame yourself for her attitude she just developed!


  33. Natasha

    @ C & Beauty, is she doing the show for free?, and even if she was it’d still be rude if she did not apologized for being late. In the real world, there are consequences for being late at a job. Because you are on the company’s time, in other words, the fans are the comany or the employer and Lauren Hill is the employee, because the fans are paying to see her. The fans had nothing to do with her sacrificing her entire 20s for her career. It wasn’t their decesions, it was hers. At the end, isn’t she the weathy one? she should be humbled. Just because shes famous and rich that does not make her any higher than those fans. She should be greatful that they were still waiting, and that she wasn’t performing to an empty crowd.


  34. LawdHamercy

    She had the nerve to say the crowd was disrespectful? Respect your fans and show up on time. Yes it takes time, energy, and effort to get yo a$$ out of bed and make it to your job on time like most people. I listen to artist that touch me and I have some connection with, I couldn’t support this chick. She’s full of herself and she aint done shyt but act like a spoiled little girl with infinite potential. Too many people pacify her obviously. She aint got nobody to knock some sense in her head.

    On that note I’d like to thank my parents for keeping me grounded.


  35. LawdHamercy

    @C and Beauty…Yall must be drinking that Kanye juice. You both are dmmm fools if you sit and wait for ANY human over an hour and feel it’s justified. You need a boyfriend or husband? I’d love to date either of you, I can stay out all night, pick up some chicks and it’s all good cause I’m THE MAN.


  36. dc

    “I know personally I’m worth the wait.” <– lost respect for Lauryn Hill on that one line alone.

    No excuse for hitting the stage that damn late. People pumped her up all these years calling her the truth and it looks like she's believing her own hype. She was always nice in my eyes, but there's no excuse for pulling a speech like that. disappointing..


  37. xxx

    girl, it’s disrespectful to let your fans wait for hours! those are the ones paying your bills! never forget that!


  38. imisstheoldlauryn

    So, who was right all along!?!?!


  39. SmoothCriminal

    C what are you talking about?so just because it,s Lauren Hills that gives her a right to shit on us,i am a Fan of her from the start,up to this day no one is on her level..but that still don’t give her the right to show up at a show whenever she feels like,come on Lauren was out of the game for around 10+ years and she still have her Fan base because she is real and down to earth,and her Lyrics are so real everyone can relate to her both old and young,everyone respect her, Fans and other artist,and for your Info C no one put Lauren on a pedistal she put her self there she work for it if you are #1 you are going to be on a pedistal,she can’t have that mentality like i am Lauren i do what i want when ever…i have no love lost for her ,but it seems the system had gotten to her are other things going on in her life that no one knows about…anyways i hope she gets it together though.


  40. trilla

    there are artist that are even bigger than her, such as jay-z or beyonce, that wouldn’t keep their fans waiting 3 hours. If bigger artists can’t get away with it what makes her think she can…?


  41. LGhomes

    It is not 1998 mama, sit down or show up on time


  42. REFUND

    BTW, anyone interested in a refund, which she so kindly offered to everyone at the show, please contact:

    Bowery Presents
    [email protected]

    Demand to get your money back!



    People shut up if i heard right she said sorry multiple and even gave an explanation what yall want her to do rewind the time show up on time! and im tired of people talking about her performances lauryn has said it in past interviews she is not going to be singing the songs the same way she did in the 90′s so knowing that if you going to hear all of the song as they were originally sung this is not your concert just keep listening to the album! and to whoever said “studio did alot of work” STFU over time your voice change and lauryn’s go look at sister act and live performances back then studio didnt do shit but record the voice get it right!


  44. rustyshank

    i worked the boston show, she decided to come a couple hours late. also,we have a midnight curfew and she went well passed that. we were rushing her to get off the stage so the last 20 minutes were rushed. i’d be pissed if i spent 70 dollars to see her. also in sound check she had her band sitting there waiting for her for another hour.
    ~you just lost another.


  45. rustyshank

    she was late in vermont too



    I think she’s a douche


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