Chris Brown to Team with Bruno Mars for ‘Incredible’ Collaboration

Chris Brown and Bruno Mars

While his Twitter feud with former B2K member Raz-B may be making all the headlines, Chris Brown is turning his attention back to music. The R&B hunk is planning an epic collaboration with seven-time Grammy nominee Bruno Mars.

“ME and BRUNO MARS are doing an incredible record soon… (like 2011 ELVIS and MICHAEL) gonna be a movie!!!!” tweeted an excited Breezy.

It is currently unknown where the song will end up, but it will likely appear on Brown’s fourth album F.A.M.E., due next year. Meanwhile, he plans to release his new single “Look at Me Now,” featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day.

With 2011 only a day away, he also shared his New Year’s resolution with his followers. “Since new years is coming up my resolution is to shut the hell up and and vomit on every track I touch!!! #tiredofplayinggames!!!”

Are you excited for a Chris Brown-Bruno Mars collabo? Let us know!

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  1. Miss Lady

    That’s gonna be FIRE!!! So is this: #ipromise!!


  2. Daquan..

    I Love Them Both But Neither Of Them Will EVER Be A 2011 Or Anything Close To Michael Or Elvis Only Thing Chris Can Mimic Good Is Michaels Dance Moves


  3. Huh?

    Bruno Mars is gonna over Power Him in the Vocals department


  4. phaedra

    Overpower. I doubt that. Both talented singers. Fans will get what they need from each singer. Chris is so soulful. Bruno is basically pop with a good voice.


  5. Raciel

    Did he seriously just compare himself to Michael Jackson? O.O


  6. DarDanIaA

    your the bestttt
    Don’t stop making great music
    I’m so excited for a Chris Brown-Bruno Mars collabo :)


  7. Dave

    Chris is soulful? Chris has a more poppy voice. Bruno has a poppy voice too, but I think Bruno has the more soul edge. I’ll be excited for Bruno’s part, don’t really care for Chris.


  8. tee

    It will be a great collaboration
    Chris and Bruno have beautiful voices
    people sleep on chris vocally,they just see him as a great dancer,but fans know chris can Sang when he wants too,and I hope on this song he wants to.

    As for the mj and Elvis thing he was just using it as an expression.They know they wont ever be them but thats there way of showing love to their favorite artists who inspired them the most.
    Stop reaching


  9. swaggamcjagga

    I have never jumped on a post so quick in my life. Two of my favorite artist!!!! CANT WAIT!


  10. JuneBug

    All you idiots hating on Chris go head butt a knife
    When the track drops your gonna eat your words.
    Team Breezy STAND UP!!


  11. King Makers

    whats the code to find sensible articles like this? too many stupid bloggers on the net with wack website and distorted headlines especially TMZ, the worst of them. Are there seriously that many idiots in the world that feed into stories from such sites?


  12. YEAH

    LOL @ the Elvis comparison & Michael Jackson comparison
    RazB was right, stop living in Michael shadow Chris
    it’s not that hard


  13. King Makers

    @yeah ignoramous! dont bring that nonesense back here plz. Its a promo statement from a guy with a bundle of gift, a big dreams & dedicated fans, aint nothing wrong with that. Plus Bruno Mars does his hair like Elvis’s so it still makes sense to compare. if you doubt it, wait for it 1st b4 you soil with ignorance


  14. Yung Simba

    I expect it to be a good record, hopefully they won’t let us down.


  15. Yung Simba

    I expect it to be a good record hopefully they wont let us down.


  16. YEAH

    STFU he will never be like Elvis or Michael bitch LOL
    the fuck you talking bout HAIR LMAO GTFOOH


  17. CB Lawste like Gnauze

    “bitch LOL
    the fuck you talking bout HAIR LMAO GTFOOH”

    lmao, Chris Brown loses again.


  18. Chris Brown & Bruno Mars To Do A Song Together Soon ! !!

    [...] What do you guys think? source [...]

  19. PinkMonsterKSA

    Happy Happy


  20. Hooligan68

    Hello people. Dont take him so literally. He just meant that the collabo is going to be epic. FYI…Bruno is sort of connected to Elvis because he is the youngest Elvis impersonator in the Guiness World Book of Records. He started impersonating Elvis at age 2. Check out the video on YouTube. Soooo cute! Can’t wait for the collabo.


  21. tip

    I just can’t understand y ppl don’t let artists of the 21st century compare or feel they r better than 20th century Legends. Example, 2pac died when i was 6, now i’m 20, yes he was great for his time, but ppl can’t c another Rapper being better. It’s 2011 lets talk about new legends. Bruno, Breezy do your thing.


  22. VA 4 Life!

    Hmmm…I see the haters are in FULL FOURCE arent they! Pressed b*tches! LMAO! Gonna take that negative energy into the new year huh? Not a good look!

    I get it, ya’ll soo pissed off to see Breezy teaming up with a hot new artist huh? Bruno Mars is the sh*t right now and pretty much anything he touches is a hit! Face it, 2011 is really shaping up to BIG year for Breezy!



  23. King Makers


    STFU?! WOW, you really are incredibly stupid aint you? here is a lesson dear illiterate ignoramous= “Inorder to be great, you have to aim high” (hence Elvis and Michael) there is only 1 CB in the world now, He doesnt need to be anyone to be great,”he was born a champion!” MJ is his idol & am sure MJ will be so proud of him right now. MJ is alive in CB & you haters will not succeed in killing this one as you did MJ.
    Hope you have been educated


  24. .

    chris is better than bruno :o


  25. Aaliyah

    Yo biggest fan right hurrr i wish ppl could get off chris breezy azz man dam he’s a man he’s gonna do watt he want u guy’s r actin lyk he’5 16 again dam GO TEAM BREZY GOZH the popa. …sziz . iz always on him let him beeeee.cufff ur chick chriss


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