Nicki Minaj Goes Undercover in Miami

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj tried to avoid the paparazzi, who snapped her arriving at her hotel in South Beach, Miami, wearing an olive green velour tracksuit, red scarf, and sunglasses. The camera shy star will count down to 2011 at an All-Pink Everything New Year’s Eve party at Mansion tonight featuring Harajuku Barbie dancers and cotton-candy machines. You can also catch the Young Money rapper performing alongside Lil Wayne on “NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly” at 10 p.m.

Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj

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  1. Kwayzee

    NICKI <3


  2. kAY



  3. KanYeezy

    look at that ass !! oww its nicki hahah just playing


  4. Tony

    she cant go undercover with that big booty she got.. paparotzi can spot that from miles away. real shit


  5. Lay

    The average person would not know sb only he real fans know who that is lol but any can’t 4 nicki to be on NBC (I think that’s the right station) and bet tonight and then maybe u steam


  6. lol

    She aint undercover, she just had sum botox or anotha nosejob ! Her face needs time to “set”


  7. YEAH

    she’s turning into a STAR she’s getting BIG all over the world right now :P lol
    Get used to it Nicki and watch what you do, cuz they watching.


  8. pretty latin rock swag

    Lil kim probably gave her a black eye that’s why she covern up!


  9. MatureBarbie

    Celebrities are such drama queens and I love it. Nicki is wrapped in matching red scarf, handbag, and shoes, but didn’t want the public to see her because she wasn’t camera ready. Yeah, right. haha Plus we all know that Nicki looks more fab even without makeup so that’s not the issue. It’s just staged celebrity drama to make her appearance tonight more anticipated. I love Queen Nicki Minaj!


  10. LuvIzKind

    Nicki Teresa returns!


  11. Steve

    She def said in her interview with DJ Drama she does this because she hates seening pictures online of her where she doesn’t have make up and her skin looks horrible.

    Haha Nicki aint scared of Fragglerock, She wish a bitch would (And she really posted “She Wish a bitch would” on her Twitter a couple months ago) haha.


  12. ponyo

    Nicki has some long beautiful hands


  13. SmoothCriminal

    you know how Nicki do she is shy sometimes,and she cover her face with her scarf mybe she likes doing it are she is cold…she always do,s that in the,s her thing if you people bin taking notes,i am watching her tonight.


  14. Cameraman

    It’s official now…she’s sold out, turned her back on the streets (though we love that view), and gone all Hollywood.

    *plays Sucka Free mixtape on repeat*


  15. Jamee

    @kAY Right LMFAO!


  16. Nicki

    lmaooo she madd cite<3


  17. RaheemT

    like who really need her face to tell whether is her or not, that azz don’t lie son. but damn she get it!


  18. fizzle

    lmao at the man lookin at her butt. Gerr she should’ve known this wasn’t gonna work.


  19. lys_pt

    The white dude on the first photo recognized her boooooty…


  20. oldschoolfool

    I never saw a rap chick get this type of press unless they had a date with a Judge.


  21. GangsterA

    cute bitch love her


  22. wow...

    maybe she was just cold? lol it is winter :P


  23. meee



  24. meee

    I saw that persion i did not know it was her


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