Kim Kardashian Debuts The-Dream-Penned Single in Vegas

Hype Williams and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian kicked off 2011 by launching her first foray into music. The reality star gave clubgoers at TAO Las Vegas a taste of her debut single penned by The-Dream, reportedly titled “Turn It Up.” Kim recently shot a video for the club banger with Kanye West and director Hype Williams (pictured above), who celebrated the new year with her in Vegas.

“Hi you guys, I didn’t mean to, but I did this song with The Dream, and it’s really fun. I hope you guys like it!” the socialite told the crowd.

Decide if Kim has a future in the music biz by listening below.


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  1. mike

    it sounds really hot but kinda repetitive


  2. yeps

    stars are blind.


  3. KeNONO

    Sounds better than that shit he did for Ciara.


  4. Michael

    Ride on switee


  5. Bgirl2938

    I’m in shock, if she gets on the radio I will NEVER listen to it again. I actually love kim as a business women but definitly not as a singer. Honestly if she can be a singer with no singing ability than I question all the other singers on the radio today. Starting with katie perry getting all those grammy nominations. :(


  6. kat

    Come-on..get outta here with that ish…I don’t get it..if Kim could sing.didn’t she realize it years ago? soon as people get a little fame they wanna be singers and actresses…that is garbage!!!!stick to your day job,whatecer that is!


  7. xxx


    sad, but true – sounds better than basic flop

    as if he has been paid to destroy ciara’s career


  8. Loseph_Giovanni

    I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m such a kardashian fan…but…

    I rather like it….

    alot! Lol, I can’t wait till the video. This is not as bad as i thought. :)



    she needs to get back to what she does best sleeping with everone in the nfl and nba . what a joke


  10. jahliss

    I can’t judge her voice from this vid..


  11. FC

    i love Ms. kim, but this kind of music all sounds the same to me because they have sound effects that make their voice sound like this. It doesnt sound like she is “singing”, either. i think she is better off sticking to all of the other ventures she does-she is beautiful, so her modeling is a no brainer, all of her products she puts out (I looove her perfume). Stick to the business end, not sound like all of the other club music wanna bees. And i agree with another responder, if she thought she could sing, she would have discovered it long ago.


  12. Chris C.

    Lol she waited to the perfect time when you need absolutely no talent to become an artist…..shes a great business woman lmao


  13. TBanga

    Im sorry but obviously the dream is musical poison lmao reference Ciara and Mariah careys albums..they flopped and the dream handled most of the production on Mariahs album..Mariahs album was decent though..but i guess the bigger elephant in the room is….WHY IS KIN KARDASHIAN MAKING AN ALBUM???…Like really?…follow me on twitter @Dolo_malicious…I follow back!


  14. Trent

    Why is this giving me Cassie????


  15. Kahari

    I can’t…


  16. jhuntdaprodigy

    Katy Perry can’t sing, you don’t gotta look farther then her SNL performance to know that. Rihanna & Kesha can’t sing. Yet all them have had several #1 hits this year. The difference with Kim is she’s already known for having a reality show, a sextape, and sh*t like that, so no ones gonna take her as serious in the first place. But it sounded like it could be as good as any other stupid pop song on the radio


  17. ME




  18. Rob

    Trash and garabage!


  19. Rob

    Trash and garbage!


  20. Gaz2010

    what a SURPRISE…..another fucken Dance track


  21. Phoenix_Wright

    From this vid it sounds like a typical pop song…

    but I do like the part where she says “make me hear my jam”(i think she is saying that)


  22. OOPS

    she sucks n one of the biggest mistakes ciara ever made was to take that chick as a friend. that’s when she started flopping. she’d lost focus.


  23. RaheemT

    to whom it may concern, I am willing to cut the tip of my pinky off, just to smother my face in kim’s ass.

    btw dope song


  24. bknyhustle

    Kim K with them braids >>>


  25. Lexx

    @kat agreed! when people become famous they think they can do EVERYTHING…um negative! love Kim K tho just not as a singer!


  26. Lolsmileyface



  27. Br3tt

    Hmm, from what I can tell, the beat sounds pretty hot… Kinda has a rhythm similar to “None of Dem” by Robyn (which is a DOPE song, check it out if you haven’t). We’ll see.


  28. Ross

    you cant tell anything about her voice because this video is horrible quality. wait to judge until you here a better version


  29. Keri Fan

    To anyone who doubts Kim, Ke$ha dominated 2010, so why can’t another talentless whore be a successfull artist? I’m not saying I think it’s right, but there is no reason why she can’t be the next big thing.


  30. Boy Wonder

    I actually really like Kim but she’s no Rihanna. While Rihanna and Katy Perry may not be the best singers they can deliver a good acapella performance (Go Watch Rihanna’s “Redemption Song” cover on Oprah or Hope For Haiti)

    Kim’s voice isn’t horrible but it isn’t great either. Or Good. She’s not even a Ciara but I guess that’s why she said SONG not ALBUM!!! Listen people listen. Ya’ll saying stick to your job, THIS IS HER JOB! To make people talk about her! DUH!


  31. Boy Wonder

    And on another note I remember on her E! True Hollywood Story with her family it goes by quick but when it talks about her in high school there’s a home video of her singing in a talent show or something. Lol guess she’s been dreaming about this for a while


  32. Brionna

    This is your average pop song Its not my style of music but its a cool song radio and the club is going to LOVE this ….at first listen doesn’t sound like a #1 But who knows


  33. Jay S.

    1st off this sounds like this could be a Britney Spears track!?! I agree with a few of the above comments, another dance track, HA! I guess radio and marketing isnt about true talent anymore, its about what is selling and trendy! Sad but true. I like Kim Kardashian, but this girl isnt making music because she can sing, shes doing it because its another thing for her to do! I like the other things shes doing as far as her perfume and other ventures, but KK…no singing please! We all know you cannot sing so lets cut the bullshit.


  34. -

    This sucks! Garbage!


  35. Kim

    Awww<3 Kim Kardashian is madd cute<3


  36. chunel

    the real question here is : why do so much people like that BIATCH ??? HEllOOOOOOOO She is just famous because of a sextape…


  37. Jess

    Anyone can make an album nowdays, but can she hold her own on a stage? If she doesn’t tour she’s not going to make any money or get that much exposure compared to other performers.


  38. FTW

    Leave Katy and Rihanna alone. They can sing just not good live. They both have their good moments. But I do know one thing, they been loving music since they were kids. Its not just something they decided to do one day. I’ll give anyone respect as long as they have a love for music as much as I do and Katy and Rihanna do. Kim not so much. This is just a business venture for her. Can’t respect that.


  39. maya

    @FTW stfu! If you think Katy Perry & Rihanna can sing, you have no taste. I like Katy’s music but she can’t sing for shit.

    Now as for Kim Kardashian, I don’t wanna catch this bitch performing @ the VMA’s -___-


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