Lil Wayne Blows Into Chicago for New Year’s Eve Party

Lil Wayne and members of his Young Money-Cash Money family celebrated with Chi-town at his New Year’s Eve gig at Adrianna’s Club Ballroom. But it wasn’t your typical New Year’s party. Instead of toasting 2011 with a glassful of champagne, he did it his way with an assful of orange juice. One question, is that Tropicana or Minute Maid?

[Rap Radar via]

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  1. loran

    lil wayne tha best(L)


  2. YEAH

    Lupe the best


  3. theresa_keys

    is this how people really want to keep living their life :/


  4. Trey

    You see Wayne smoking a cigar he can’t dare smoke marijuana for a minute lol


  5. Beystanbish

    Smdh at that chick. Have no respect for her damn self busting it wide open wide open why gettin orange juice pour down her back.


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