New Music: Mary J. Blige f/ Lil Wayne & Diddy – ‘Someone to Love Me’

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige chimes in on Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Someone to Love Me” featuring Lil Wayne, dubbing her version the “MJB Naked Mix.” With a new 16 from Weezy, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul takes over the vocal sample and adds her own verse to the mix. “I’m strong, but I can break/ I’ve been praying so hard to get through the day,” she wails, trying to shake off the demons.

[Angie Martinez]

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  1. OnlyBoy



  2. Eric

    Fiyah Mary!!!!!!!!!!!



    LOVE IT!!!!


  4. Keenan

    love this song. mary nd weezy kilt it. even diddy did iight…


  5. 2011...ohshitisureddntrealizeit

    mary j. can do damn near anythinq and qedd uhway whidd it , ilove mary , ibeen lovin her since whats the 411 have alll her albums .. cnt wait till she put out her new albumm .. YAAAAZZZ !!!!!



    Woaahhh! Mary said she was bringing the 2012 What’s the 411? on her new record, and I can’t help but really feel that on this remix. She’s turned it into a smooth soul/hip-hop classic. Only MJB could accomplish this! Can’t wait for the new album.


  7. THAT IS ITT!!!

    Mary your last album was off the hook!! and this is very nice!


  8. Sean

    I like the version on Last Train to Paris better


  9. bijan

    I’m not gonna lie this version is great.

    But I think the original is better.


  10. omalex



  11. Diego

    Thank you Mary for showing Keyshia Cole how to do hip hop soul this shit hits hard…


  12. Phoenix_Wright

    ^ such a lame for comment Deigo smh

    She did her thing, but like bijan I will also be keeping the original.


  13. bknyhustle

    diddy ghostwriter >>>>> diddy’s delivery


  14. M!ke

    Yo im ready for the new Mary album.


  15. ilove

    i hope yall dont think mary is childish like kim and gon start fonkin with keyshia lil kim was just talkin like always


  16. D

    Mary i love u


  17. Gangsta

    Yessssss Mary!!!!!


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