Video: Keri Hilson Reigns Supreme on ‘Letterman’

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson took it back in time on Tuesday’s “Late Show with David Letterman.” Looking pretty in pink, the blonde diva channeled Diana Ross and the Supremes during her performance, putting a twist on her hit single. “Watch as I tip my hat to one of my favorite classics,” tweeted Miss Keri. Witness the Dreamgirl before your very eyes below.

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  1. jeremydante

    Love how she is paying tribute to so many icons here & with the pretty girl rock video. Go Keri, don’t pussy pop this year & you’ll be arite.


  2. Brionna



  3. Talisa



  4. toni

    GARBAGE and boring


  5. Cainan



  6. jessica

    when is BEYONCE comin back? this is crap.


  7. ca

    What a flop.


  8. mindgames

    awwwwww look at all the stupid pressed ass haters. GET A LIIIIIIIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jealousy is the ugliest traaaaaaait!

    GO KERI!!!!!!!


  9. Ravion

    Um…….. i guess………….


  10. Becca

    i heard she sold 30k this week. it’s a long way down, down *bops*


  11. rihanna

    She looks more and more like Big Bird everyday


  12. musicmanic

    yaassss keri>>>>cedric who lmao that bitch is the joke of the industry lmao i and keri did do 30 k but where is cedric lmao bb said she did 500 this week lmao*falls to death*



    BEYSUS shits all ova did UGLY ASS FLOP BITCH sKERI!


  14. Alejandro

    it’s 2011 and ppl are still commenting and watching ppls videos that they don’t like? Like wtf get a life and stop insulting or dickriding artist who don’t know you from a can of paint…


  15. Legendtina

    yall are soo crazy. do yall not know that the hater is posting under several names. i love bey, ravion, etc. all o them are the same person. lol its funny how new names pop up on a keri post that you have NEVER seen before. LOL anyway. beyonce will not stop keri hilson career. No artist can end another artist career. YOU end your OWN career. Great performance from keri. and to the person who said she sold 30k well of course every artist dropped down. look at keyshia and jamie they sold more than keri their first week and keri almost beat their 2nd week sales. the album will start back to pick up. but everyone knows the few weeks after christmas nobody really buys music because they are broke from spending money. This album is selling faster than her 1st album. So thats good.


  16. tyler

    wow much better than ciara. i love you keri


  17. Phoenix_Wright

    I like, i like!


  18. eddie

    solange’s “i decided” era???no…


  19. Derek

    Ummm, no eddie. Solange was nowhere near the first person to bite the 50s. Sitcho monkey ass down.


  20. Lawrence

    Don’t hate her cus she’s beautiful.


  21. Heyaaa.

    She did a great job.


  22. kristin

    dis was dope, and she sold about da same amount of records as jamie foxx and keyshia cole last week. they all did about 30k.


  23. moma

    haters…. do i go to your favourite artist’ pages to hate on them?
    answer: no

    then grow a little, please


  24. Aurelius

    I Loved


  25. Sarah

    I love Keri Hilson! She looks amazing. I’m glad I work with DISH and got the TV Everywhere. I can record her videos and the shows she appears on by using my phone its great.


  26. Beysus



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  28. tiffany

    with cici and beyonce, she’s the only one who get a perfect voice on stage



  29. Lil' Nello

    A really great performance & I love how Keri pays tribute here & in the video to the icons!


  30. Alfred Islas

    Keri is so cute! She’s not a great singer, but she knows how to dress up for concerts, be elegant, and beautiful. Unlike Lady Gaga who wears random sh*t and whore outfits and pretends it’s “art”. Hope Keri keeps at it


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  32. jae elle

    didn’t beyonce or solange already do this? i need keri to just stop with the costumes. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU KERI HILSON?!!!!stop channeling every other damn girl and do you. or go to Vegas with your cover show. everytime i see her she’s beyonce or ciara or rihanna or whomever. get it together.


  33. Matt

    she looks a hot mess


  34. Kyle

    Her vocals were on point. I like how they sped it up at the very end. I think it’s good to do that once in awhile because sometimes the same performance can get old and redundant. Well done, Keri!


  35. c

    she forgets the dance moves owards the enda and then goes off doin her own thing till she gets it back… aint nobody notice that? pretty bad hahahah… but an alright performance i guess. i like her


  36. Siya


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