Danja Calls New Mary J. Blige Album ‘Classic Mary in 2011’

Mary J. Blige is entering the Danja zone for her 10th studio album. Rap-Up TV caught up with super-producer Danjahandz on the Los Angeles set of singer-songwriter Kevin Cossom’s video for “Baby I Like It” featuring Diddy and Fabolous. When not prepping his N.A.R.S.-signed artist’s debut, the hitmaker has been in the lab with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.

“The records we have so far I’m very proud of. Kevin definitely went in and did his thing writing. Mary so far, her performances are great,” says Danja of their easygoing studio sessions. “Everything that I’ve done feels really good. Great tracks, funky, you can dance to it. Some is a hybrid of 808s with very heartfelt, soulful piano lines on top of them. You dancing and you in the club, but you kinda feeling a certain way at the same time. Very emotional topics and kinda classic Mary in 2011.”

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  1. YEAH

    I really hope so, I love me some MJB :)


  2. Rory Rock

    The best part about a new MJB album… is a new MJB tour. *faints*


  3. Eddie

    I am the last one wasn’t the heat at all.


  4. GangsterA

    i didn’t know she was working on a new album i want another darkchild banger like the one can’t wait for a new mary album


  5. ThatMigrator

    Imma need Danja to produce a ‘Migrate’ part II for Mariah!


  6. 90sbaby

    Always ready for a MJB album, Mary is the truth


  7. TheDimplePuppet

    I’m sorry but when women like Janet Jackson and MJB are happy their music sounds like a happy shit music. If its a 90′s sounding Mary then I am more than happy to welcome her back.


  8. Heminem

    Danja is incredible.
    Imma say it, he is the best producer right now.


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