Keri Hilson Meets Her Idol Lauryn Hill

Keri Hilson and Lauryn Hill

Keri Hilson finally came face to face with her idol Lauryn Hill at the former Fugees member’s show at Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City last night.

“No one understands…I will never be the same,” tweeted Miss Keri following their backstage meet-up. “Utmost respect 4 Lauryn Hill. So beautiful. Very down to earth. Anyone who knows me knows she’s a huge inspiration to me…I told her 2nite.”

It turns out Keri is a hit in the Hill household. “Said she loves Pretty Girl Rock (SCREAAAM) & her daughter loves me! Said my music embodies a certain confidence women need. I’m so inspired.”

Keri previously said she would love to write for Ms. Hill. “I love Lauryn Hill to death. I’d love to write her comeback song,” she told Rap-Up TV. “She is kind of like me, brutally honest.”

Would you like to see a Keri Hilson-Lauryn Hill collaboration?

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  1. @lukasfakhouri

    OOOOH SO BEAUTIFUL! love them both


  2. Brionna

    Keri L-Boogie collab… that would be cool i like Keri and Lauryn so y not … although for L’s comeback record it should be solo or w/ someone bigger them K.H. no disrespect to Keri #ImJustSayin


  3. tom

    lauryn must have not heard The Way You Fuck Me.


  4. OnlyBoy

    Haha!!! Take that Nicki! Keri upstagin all these mofos!


  5. musakfool87

    uhh I dont want Keri anywhere near Lauryn for her comeback. Although I think Keri is talented and sexy; Lauryn’s music, lyricism, and style outweighs anything that is relevant in today’s industry. I think working with current songwriters that are hot right now will tarnish the originality of the project.


  6. mshill4eva

    Keri needs to write a hit for herself, Lauryn’s music speak for itself.


  7. mshill4eva

    @tom I seriously doubt that Lauryn ever listen to a Keri song


  8. tyler

    ^^ um well guess again because lauryn hill said females need to be listening to breaking point. so thats where your wrong.

    @misshill4eva i guess you have not been looking at billboard charts. keri hilson has hits.

    i like #1 song in Germnay 5 consecutive weeks with over 500k downloads in that 1 country alone and 200k from the UK.
    knock you down #3 on hott 100 #1 on r&b charts
    turnin me on #15 on hott 100 #2 on r&b charts
    pretty girl rock currently #31 on hott 100 and #11 r&b charts. i think its safe to say keri can get a hit by herself. she just needs to crossover. and not do r&b as much because nobody really buys that anymore at least i don’t.


  9. Lisa

    As if Lauryn is thinking about Kerli.


  10. Marysa (@TheeShawtyLego)


    I think Lauryn Hill should write a song for Keri…that would be amazing. Lauryn Hill's music comes straight from God. So Keri would have to most def be in tune with the Lord :)


  11. jeremydante

    lauryn hill has lost her damn mind looking like that on camera. she is crazy.


  12. Garyy

    lauryn must have not heard The Way You Fuck Me. [2]


  13. jae elle

    i’m gonna need to hear Lauryn herself pay those compliments to KH. I’m just saying…and PS: Hell no to the collab. Lauryn is of a different caliber than a Keri Hilson. Let’s get real people.


  14. andrew

    @tom. EXACTLY.


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