New Music: Miguel – ‘Raise Your Hands’


Miguel works up a hit for the dance floor, teaming with DJ Paul Oakenfeld on the upbeat “Raise Your Hands.” Accented by handclaps mingling with pulsating synths, the tune features the suave singer on a mission to get clubgoers’ backs up off the wall and feel the beat. “Put your hands up, put your hands up/ Get up and dance,” commands the “All I Want Is You” hitmaker on the Euro-flavored track. Take his lead and listen below.

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  1. YEAH

    are all of David Guetta song going to sound the same?


  2. tiffany

    i’m french and i’m not pround of david guetta

    now he works with rihanna , flo rida…. aaaaaaaaah what’s dat???

    love is gone, money …….. was his biggest songs and he had no america on his shoulders…
    from his debuts to 2007, he was good


  3. mal



  4. OnlyBoy

    I think this has to grow on me. All other DG songs are fire tho!


  5. chunel

    I’m french too and I totally agree with U tiffany. It was better when he didn’t have all those American artist under the arm…


  6. sidekick

    you french folk are being ridiculous right now. The worst and saddest thing to me, is when someone calls themselves a music fan, yet the process of evolution, and the collaborations behind a BIG PROJECT like the albums David Guetta’s tackling (you know, the ones that actually climb charts?), makes them turn their backs on artists.


  7. Justin Timberlake

    ricky ell sound better than Miguel, yo’ll should check him out



    @frenchguys (not trying to be rude) love is gone HAD an american singer, chris willis, and i think money did as well. hes not selling out hes working with new artists. like miguel never heard of him till now. and one love had TONS of “undiscovered” artists and they had great songs


  9. hotstuff

    i believe he uses american artists to be internationally known which is working really well for him.


  10. RYK101

    @french david is not selling out, he’s experimenting and that’s cool but he should think twice who he’s gonna work with!

    flo rida was a bad choice and i didn’t like the song, the song with iyaz is meh, but THIS song and Who’s that chick with Rihanna are awesome and try to tell the new direction David is going for which i like


  11. 90sbaby

    I like David Guetta he’s a hot producer, but lets be real he knows if he wants to be truly recognize he has to work with American artist. There’s way more talent in America than anywhere else


  12. uknowme

    @frenchfries Rihanna is not American and even though Flo Rida is we won’t claim him but anyway how you going hate on someone who’s doing something different but still making hot tracks.


  13. mistwalker

    @uknowme rihinna will be called american because she is an american entertainer but we all know shes from bim aka barbados yup best place in the world!!


  14. Miguel

    This song is Produced by Paul Oakenfold Guys- Just a Heads up…


  15. Garyy

    I don’t see why you guys are complaining, lmaooo.


  16. bryxxx

    People just listen Guetta Blaster is first album… That’s was a good album, now is tryin to be Worldwide


  17. Heminem

    This song sounds like BEP’s Don’t Stop The Party at the start.


  18. David

    Hey Idiots!! This was produced by Paul Oakenfold NOT David Guetta!! Stop talking like it’s David Guetta.


  19. MEiT

    David Guetta, Same beat patterns
    Is He fooling American’ Wid that !lol


  20. Adsson

    @Tiffany, Bravo, it’s a stupid American pop culture… ugly


  21. Roman Zolanski

    why does this sonq sound liek who`s that chick , but i love his voice .


  22. Bro. Dahrkness

    So ill


  23. Rizzle

    Um, you all know this is Oakenfeld, not Guetta right?



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