Video: Marsha Ambrosius – ‘Far Away’

Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius tackles some serious issues in the video for “Far Away,” the second single off her debut solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings, due February 22. The former Floetry singer uses the clip to showcase the difficulties that a same sex couple faces in today’s world, including taunts and physical violence that stem from bullying. Watch the powerful visuals below.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    Everything about her scream beauty!!! Love the video to!


  2. Thestylisto

    this really caught me by surprised!! im gay and seeing this vid. just touched me on so many levels. i love her for this vid. so much!! thanks for showing support and love to the LGBT community. now we need to show our support towards this talented star on the raise!!


  3. Dave

    The video was so powerful, amazing, & touching! I love Marsha, can’t wait to get her album February 22nd! :D


  4. Phoenix_Wright

    This video caught me by surprise too.

    I almost cried while watching this…..Definitely need more people to see this, as much as possible.


  5. Lisa

    I need her album in my life.


  6. BoyFalana



  7. Lisa

    I’m crying that video was beautiful.


  8. Lyric "Commander" Lee

    omg – this song really just made me a fan of hers. i can releate to this on so many damn levels that i litereally was speechless – felt like i was watching a movie. sad ending and we must do something about this issue. good job marsha!





  10. MiGiKiLLZ

    aside from the fact that shes just so gorgeous , the message of this video is so blunt , and yet its the truth . i respect her now more as an artist on a whole nother level after this video . simply beautiful . song & video :)


  11. Loseph_Giovanni

    WOW. touching. I teared up a little, Powerful message, i loved her before this and i love her more after…her album needs to be in my life!!! :)


  12. MJ

    i’m suprised by most of the comments, but in a good way.

    i like this. I’m glad she made this video. perfect fit to a wonderful song. such a sad story


  13. joshj

    Wow Wow WOW… This Was S0 Unexpected.. I don’t Even know Who She Is… But BEAUTIFUL SONG AND VIDEO….


  14. AAA

    When I first saw this video I thought it would be the same as all the rest, but omg I literally was gonna cry, this is a beautiful song, and I can relate to so much in this video


  15. GyseleV.

    Marsha, I love U.


  16. juicybear

    great video!


  17. TheDimplePuppet

    Damn from these comments I can’t wait to check this video out… (Count down the hours until I get off work)


  18. stereo

    I remember the very first time I fell in love with soul music, it was when I listened to “Say Yes” by Floetry. Marsha’s voice’s can heal me in a strange way but love her for that soooo much! Please, support her, buy her album, she’s worth it! Just look at how brave she is, putting issues like this in her first solo video! That was a very risky move, but I hope people will love her even more for that. Let’s help her to get huge! Love you, Marsh.


  19. CIARA #5 2011

    OMGGG!!!!!!!! i am CHOCKED UP!!!! this video was so touching and heartfelt!!!!! yet AMAZING!!!!!!! it touched my heart so much!!!! i have become a fan!!! & she is GORGEOUS!!!! i have always said that about her! she is BEAUTIFUL & so is this song!! i cant wait to give her album a listen!!! truly POWERFUL & IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!! *BIG PROPS & THANKS*


  20. Kevin- Cordell

    Amazing artist, song, and video! I can’t wait for her album.


  21. Mike

    Wow, beautiful song + video.


  22. . J .

    WOW. amazing



    Big up to you Marsha!

    You really opened up my eyes. I hope this has helped someone out there.

    I hope that people will learn to treat others with respect – the way everyone deserves to be treated!


  24. Kyle

    What a great video. I think this will give Marsha the push she needs to release that albums. Great song & message. I’ve always really respected her.


  25. M.I.A.

    Hey Marsha!


  26. kiki

    JUST WOW! I’ve been loving this song since it leaked and the video was powerful and different to what I usually see. It was just pure greatness. I’m getting this album!


  27. metis31

    OMG marsha you did it wow you got all my respect for being someone that take hip hop and soul to a next level much respect to a woman i just hope u will get the respect that you deserve from the hip hop community i know that u got a lot of artist that got a lot respect for you as dre eminem queen latifah alicia keys nad busta rhymes n nore and hope they will still have so damn respect intact after this videos much much love to you


  28. cmg

    …..a teardrop just ran down my face


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  30. FANFAN

    woooow she is the bomb!! this literally made me a fan!!

    as a lot of people said it… i can relate to this on so many different levels…

    thanks marsha for this amazing visual!!


  31. AD

    i’ve been hearing this GREAT song repeatedly on the radio called “Far Away” and finally heard who the artist was…Marsha Ambrosius! i am a music teacher and I just LOVE the beautiful melody and the chord progressions used! I also found out this young lady was half of that great group Floetry whose album I have. When I got home i typed in the artis’s name and got a chance to see the video! i am speechless!! aLL THE more REASON TO lOVE THIS SONG because I live an alternative lifestyle also and this video touched me so much1 It was right on point! Thank you Marsha for the COURAGE to make this video for “us”…we WILL hype this album and this song you can be guaranteed of that! i’m on my way to Best buy now to get it and I will be promoting it religiously. GREAT SONG AND EVEN GREATER VIDEO!!!!I LOVE YOU MARSHA AND STAY BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU FOR ADDRESSING OUR NEEDS AND ISSUES!!!


  32. crystal

    this song is so beautiful in so many ways and i u can only understand and relate to her and even tho my family been threw it i still show love to people no matter the sexuality cause everybody deserves to be loved … life,love life,enjoy life cause u never kno when u wont c that person or persons again….


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