Video: Jawan Harris f/ Chris Brown – ‘Another Planet’

Chris Brown and Jawan Harris

Thirteen-year-old singer Jawan Harris takes a trip to “Another Planet” with labelmate Chris Brown in the Colin Tilley-directed video for their catchy collaboration. Lit up in black lights with glowing paint streaked across their faces, the duo sings about their intergalactic style while cutting some dance moves on a dicey warehouse terrain. Take a journey into space by watching the otherworldly visuals below.

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  1. RAH RAH

    This is my shit!!! I remember when Ciara tweeted everyone to listen to this song, months ago and Ive been hooked ever since! Dope video. I love the lil move Chris did at 2:14-15 Lmao!


  2. YEAH

    ………….. dull


  3. tiffany


    the song must be from september 2010 but with the video, it’s fresh in my head

    waouw chris ! where are you?? everywheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere


  4. B-Rad

    Dull as Hell!


    destiny Reply:

    @B-Rad, how u shut the fuck up you ack like you can sing any better o wait i bet you cant so guess wat you dull as hell guess wat dis my shitttttt


  5. jhuntdaprodigy

    It’s alright, nothing amazing. This lil cat sound just like a young Chris though


  6. Ruthy

    Every video that Colin Tilley directs, expect Chris Brown to be on it


  7. Garyy

    Oh bloody Vevo


  8. Az-ddin Weezy

    gréat easy Breezy


  9. Mr Xclusive

    dope dope dope


  10. VA 4 Life!

    @Rah Rah: I know right! I love this song!

    It’s about damn time this video came out! I heard the song back in the summer, it seems like it took forever!

    I think its a nice song and the video is cute but it’s supposed to be Jawan’s song and Chris kinda dominates it IMO and lil Man doesn’t really get his shine on. Oh well, good luck lil man.


  11. tiffany


    usher has justin bieber
    and chris has jawan harris…….

    congrats chris


  12. Jay

    This my new jam! Just got it off itunes. Imma be bumping this all day!! I be up in mars! CB’s style always slays


  13. jae elle

    yeah this lil dude sounds like a young chris..the auto tune is a bit grating tho, are we not over that trend yet? my issue is that JH’s verse is forgettable once CB’s verse is on. CB swagger jacked this. oh well. :)


  14. shun

    jawan harris is the cute n also baddest out here..i love they way he sing point dot period..he the new chris/ usher…every one who heard his song song kno dat hand down he the baddest hand


  15. ms.harris

    hahaha..i am so n love with him at dis point..i wish he cldsing dat songz on my sweet 14….he the stuff he the new justin well skip him n on to the nwxt one..he can sing like crazi only been to one concert..n can’t wait for another



  16. mrzz.nice shawddy

    this song go hard nd plz beat justin beiber cause u da best nd ur cute great song


  17. JR

    get me in the next video i dont rap but i just want to be in the next tight video in if it happen just write me back to jonestownmisspobox3438639217mainstreet in send me a million dollars to jonestownmisspobox3438639217mainstreet if you can send it in call me to 16623584505 and let me know something i like the song its super tight he is the first somebody i know that ever touch mars sky limit in he the first one i ever known have ever touch the starz hollaback at me at asap?


  18. JR

    and send me the money to me tomorrow sometime


  19. Amber

    They should of had the space man dancing in the back! HAHA, now that would have been funny!


  20. alexis tribble

    YEAH!!! Memphis all day!


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