Mariah Carey Shows Off Baby Bump

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a show-off. The mom-to-be paid a visit to her doctor yesterday in Los Angeles, dressed in a sheer top that revealed her growing baby bump. Mimi kept it casual in a black zip-up jacket and flowing stretch pants, taking advice from her hubby Nick Cannon to wear flats instead of her standard heels. The couple is expecting twins early this year.

The diva also received a lavish Christmas gift from Nick, who splurged on a Rolls-Royce Phantom for his wife. The whip cost a purported $400,000 and came with a personalized license plate, “MommyMC.” “Still getting over my Christmas gift from @NickCannon,” tweeted MC, who spent the holidays in Utah.

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  1. love808

    Awe she looks so cute!!


  2. OnlyBoy

    wide load!


  3. alicia's a homewrecka

    illl, i need my wet wipes to clean the screen.


  4. RAH RAH

    Lmaoooo @ onlyboy. BEEP BEEP! WIDE LOAD coming through!


  5. emmanuella brefokesse

    she look nice and happy and health and ler alone and is good that she is big it mean that the babies
    anre ok and grow


  6. cubevision

    asd LOOOOOL.


  7. cassie

    dumb asses, mariah is beautiful and she is pregnant what are some fo yalls excuses for being fat asses. People talk alot of ish from behind the computer lol anyways congrats again to mimi a beautiful, rich and talented woman.


  8. OnlyBoy

    @cassie sry ur life sucks! it’ll be ok


  9. DRB

    He bought her a license plate. She had that car before they even got together.


  10. Jennifer

    Wish you the best Mariah!!!! She still is Beautiful!!! :)


  11. lesliedavidmoore

    congragelations on your twins. from leslie david moore to mariah / nick i wish you both the very best am sure you to will be proad parents. i love you mariah carey.if you need anything just give me a call 1347 624 0797 nick / mariah are the perfect parents for twins make sure you plenty of pambers and baby wipes.once again wishing you guys the very very best much love to you both keep making those high pitch music videos.. nick take care my brother. much love from leslie d… from long island city queens..


  12. Heminem

    Man she has gotta be obese even for a preggo.

    No way he could afford to buy her the 400k car.
    I think he bought it for her with her credit card!


  13. Chris C.

    ^—–o.0 , lol anywho she has twins….and you call her a fat cunt….if you are a man i hope your partner if she gets pregnant gets called that everyday of her pregnancy


  14. adriana



  15. Cassive Brewster

    She’s officially a mess.


  16. david

    mayne i say dat bitch too old ta be givin lil nickie a nookie!!!! shez still cool anyway


  17. asd

    What if the babies are white hahaha


  18. autoprt

    i can’t believe the people who make comments and not know the whole story in particular about Nick cannon only buying Mariah a personalized license plate because she already has a rolls. if they actually took the time to research before writing they would have found out bought a brand new Rolls Royce with a personalized license plate, even though she has one already. he did have money before he met mariah just not as much money as she has….


  19. CEB

    to asd…I have a daughter who is very pale even though her daddy is very dark..I wouldn’t surprised at all if her children were pale.
    As to everyone else back off her, shes not fat even for a preggo.. the weight gain is normal especially in the legs. I agree with some others in saying congrats and good luck to the parents-to-be!!!!


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