Game & Chris Brown Go ‘Stupid’ in the Studio

Chris Brown and Game

Chris Brown has been in and out of the studio with a cast of collaborators, including Wiz Khalifa, for his upcoming album F.A.M.E. Last night, the R&B heartthrob hit the lab with Game, possibly for the Compton MC’s DJ Skee-hosted mixtape Purp & Patron or the oft-delayed R.E.D. Album.

“Me & @chrisbrown got sumn REAL STUPID goin in the studio right now. #dieHATERS,” tweeted Game, who mean mugged for the camera with Breezy.

According to TMZ, Game has been ordered by an L.A. judge to pay over $50,000 to his cousin Robert Kirkwood, who sued the rapper in 2008 for allegedly assaulting him at his sister’s funeral after Kirkwood confronted him about not paying some of the costs. Game has yet to fork over the money for Kirkwood’s medical expenses and other damages.

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  1. danja



  2. mt



  3. jwellz10



  4. puppy

    the game needs to stop hitting people and release R.E.D or change the albume name to D.T.I.S.S (delayed till i sayso) :)


  5. meme

    i dnt like the direction Chris is takin his career. He was such a cross over sensation back in the “with you” & “forever” days


  6. xxx

    chris: “ayo game, let’s go and slap a bitch in the face!”

    game: “yeah, and afterswards we’ll go and sell some drugs! but first let me store my money in the car!”

    chris: “but be careful – I want to hit a bitch’s face against the car – not that the hooker will steal that money!”

    game: “then i’ll shoot her! and the police better don’t come – or they’ll get sued for being racist actions against me!”


  7. AnKkA

    2 #HasBeens! give up! #Flops


  8. ADV

    Dope! Fame, and games mixtape Purp n Patron and Redalbum will be dope!


  9. ant

    this shit will be dope just like most of games shit is dope dude puts out solid music quit hatin on em and listen u stupid fucks


  10. YEAH

    me either,
    he had a good thing going. i really liked “Forever” but now he’s rapping and shit, I’m not feeling it


  11. A.T.N

    Game Is Wackkkk He’s Done After Lax He Turned To A Lame…….


  12. aton88

    I’ve been waitin on this album since 2009. Interscope needs to release this with a large hit or without a large hit, because Game still has ma fanbase.


  13. ZANIA

    @Chris was more successful with deuces,it sold a million copies and more. He put a pop song out and its talking awhile to move up the mainstream charts. so I like his direction. He is focusing on urban audience and slowly working on the mainstream audience. He haven’t totally got his mainstream audience back, so why would he set himself up to fail. Forever was a good song and with you ,but lets be real, Chris is a grown man and trying to get older fans, He can’t be singing those bubble gum songs to women in clubs. He is doing songs with Justin, Bruno mars, that should help with his pop audience. He is doing a double disk, so I assume that he will have, R&B, HIP HOP, POP, ON HIS ALBUM, TO PLEASE BOTH FANS, R&B AND POP.


  14. Jay

    Chris know what he’s doing. He always picks the right sound. Can’t really classify the dude. He surprises me every tiem. FAME is gonna be dope and I’m really feelin alot of the features he’s been doing like Chipmunk’s Champion, Jawan’s Another Planet and Pitbull’s Where Do We Go From Here.


  15. RED Album .

    like the game for life :)


  16. Pinoy

    Don’t give a fuck about Chris Brown, but Game is coming with that RED ALBUM.!!!!
    Let Detox come out first.


  17. tiffany


    he will be on F.A.M.E????

    chris know how to drive his career!! he have everyone who work with him!!!!!!!


  18. phaedra

    I totally agree with Zania. Let Chris go where he is appreciated. If its RnB/Hip Hop/Rap, then go there. I’ll buy. For those judgmental folks on the right side of POP music, it will be their loss. Let them eat Bieber. Go Chris!


  19. tiffany

    haters make him more famous

    there is no reason to hate him!! he’s perfeeeeeeect!! we want what about him (an artist)??? we want the good production, the good albums, the good performances

    chris does it all!! so you look like a jerk when you critic him!!

    you just want to be as talented as him!! hahaha sorry for you, you’re not programmed for this!!


  20. EnMIZonaBreezy

    @Meme be quiet why would u click on dis…wit ur rhianna icon…shut da heck up go comment on some rhianna stuff dang u frean hater…CHRIS BROWN is a good artist nd so far i love wit he doing..been lovin it for 5yrs str8..#TEAMBREEZY LEGOOO


  21. EnMIZonaBreezy

    @Meme be quiet why would u click on dis…wit ur rhianna icon…shut da heck up go comment on some rhianna stuff dang u freakn hater…CHRIS BROWN is a good artist nd so far i love wit he doing..been lovin it for 5yrs str8..#TEAMBREEZY LEGOOO


  22. koolnigg

    yeah chris ur talented and all but plz dont u put ur hands on another women… and any girl who says rihanna deserved it i hope ur boifriend punches u bites u and chokes u will saying i wil kill u


  23. F

    lllllol real talk!!!


  24. Mr Xclusive

    @koolnigg what the hell are you talking about you idiot? this post is about Game & Chris …fuck outta here


  25. yhtak

    @koolnigg really though??? thats so old move one!

    @EnMIZonaBreezy chill out, let her comment shes not talking BS, or about something old and irreleant like @koolnigg, she is just giving her opinion on music stuff, im Team Breezy but not because shes a rihanna stan/fan doesnt mean she cant listen or talk about his music and vice versa

    anyway Chris has been in the studio alot and i cant wait when his album is out! im sure the album will have a variety of music to satisfy all his different fans! I think this might be my favorite album yet


  26. sweetpea

    i be the frist to say it do not matter what this young man do or say some one always has something negative to say about him quit with all the hating and give this man his props ok


  27. simelybreezy

    dope combination :X


  28. Neickha



  29. tiffany

    this will be the album of the year


  30. peaches

    I love u Chris oxoxoxoxxoxo well u marry me =p


  31. peaches

    Chris u look
    REALLY sexy DADDY! =} ooops I had a typo on I ment to say will You MARRY ME lmbo.


  32. EnMiZonaBreezy

    @yhtak..NAW NAW aint no chiill out rhianna fans not comment on no chris brown stuff and hate and chris brown fans dont comment on rhianna stuff and hate so der it is rite dur..but i aint tripin cuz u a cb i aint gonna fight
    anywayz good music cb


  33. .

    and the album of the year goes too….fame & fortune





  35. King Makers

    I totally agree with everyfan especially Zania, its true that he needs to be @ where hes appreciated.

    As for me, CB can do no wrong. If i could talk to him, i’d tell him to just have fun with his art & music and not try to please anyone.

    He is the most talented in music today so, thats already unbeatable by anyone on the hot 100 charts now and he is only 21yrs, still has time to mature and advance further.

    Only lesson is, never love or trust a girl that loves money& fame too much, they will never shy away from an opportunity to take advantage.

    He will be in London on the 13th June so i cant wait.


  36. keke

    wow so amazed wit ya famouse people . see how nikki raps and compare it 2 mines dere da same one day i wanna be a rapper if ya hear me yall go crazy wish ya could hear me ……


  37. keke

    y yall so upset with these people 4 ya aint got nunthin 2 do [no offense].


  38. mistwalker

    @tiffany i like cb an all as hes extremely great but fame will be the album of the year ???? really now stop living in a dream world DR DRE’s detox album will get it 1st before that lets be more realistic im predicting FAME gets best r&b album and cb getting best male artist


  39. MzMimiMarieTrick

    i love Mr.c.breezy & CANT WAIT 4 THE ALBUM!!


  40. Haters Stay Pressed

    SMH at the people who are still stuck on that BS! It’s a new year ya’ll need to get a new hobby! Seriously!

    @Zanie & Jay: Exactly!

    I am so sick of people (haters, Rih stans) saying he is going in the wrong direction! How the f*ck do you know what direction he is going in??
    We don’t know what is going to be on F.A.M.E yet and you damn well he is not going to be rapin on every track! He previewed a couple tracks on F.A.M.E where he is singing, ‘Calypso’ and ‘Sweetheart’. He is also singing on Yeah 3x’ and that has a ‘Forever’ feel to it.

    Plus all the music he has on the charts right now ‘Deuces’, ‘No BS’, ‘Make a Movie’ he is singing on all those. Not to mention he has a record coming out with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars this year and I am sure he will not be singing on those either.

    Just cause he is working with a rapper doesn’t mean that he is going to be rappin on the track. Game may not be the hottest rapper out right now but I have liked everything they worked on together thus far. So as long as it’s hot, it shouldn’t matter who he works with.

    He makes all different types of music and he has to make music for all of his fans. Some of you just won’t admit that you don’t want to see him do well and are wishing him to fail so you try to downplay everything he does! It doesn’t matter what you do or say he will continue to prosper so hate on haters!

    2011 = Breezytakeover


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