Is Cassie Underrated?


Cassie has taken over four years to deliver her sophomore album Electro Love, but that doesn’t mean her fan base has lost interest. In fact, a growing cult of hardcore Cassie supporters has sprouted in the dance and electronic scenes, with established acts in the genres appreciating her talents beyond her sex appeal.

An article published by The Guardian in the U.K. delves into the world of staunch fans of the “Me & U” singer, with a sect of artists and industry insiders declaring their love for the shaved-headed chanteuse. “In her vocals there’s a lot of space; from a producer’s point of view that’s what you want, you can completely mash it up and reconstruct it,” says Robin Carolan, who runs Tri Angle Records and celebrated the new year by getting the words “Me & U” tatted on his arm.

But the fanaticism doesn’t stop there. Last year, English DJ-producer Deadboy released Cash Antics Vol. 1, which remixed her vocals, while the Skydiver compilation saw dubstep producers Brackles and Jacques Greene reworking her tunes.

“For my artists, such as oOoOO and How to Dress Well—the idea of Cassie singing on their tracks is a dream. Others might view her as a has-been, but in this world she’s a legend,” explains Carolan. “It sounds like she’s trapped in ice. There’s this stillness to [her voice]. Even though she’s not forcefully singing she still demands your attention.”

Though the world has yet to hear the follow-up to her 2006 self-titled debut, the Bad Boy singer recently told that fans can expect a single early this year with her sophomore album to follow.

Do you think Cassie is underrated? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. mike

    CHILD PLEASE! her single’s been coming out since 2008 ROFL


  2. RisRobot

    She’s good looking fine, that’s what I know…


  3. Sade



  4. Sade

    Only joking she is wack, needs to stay a jumpoff


  5. Sean



  6. tones

    I honestly did not know she was a singer, I’ve never heard none of her songs, I thought she was just a one-named socialite.


  7. jeremydante

    I thinks she’s rated, for the most part- fairly. Nothing topped Me & U, and when she got with Bad Boy it was new territory that left her almost lost in the game. She has a developed image & a presence- all they need to do is release the album. She’s sort of on the sideline with potential, because her spot in music hasn’t been solidified. When the record drops, I’m definitely supporting it.

    I’m scared for her because Bad Boy artists have a history of waiting to long to drop. Look at what happened to Cheri Dennis- I wouldn’t want that for Cassie.

    I see Cassie as a perfect vehicle for some of the most complex & groundbreaking production in music. Her vocals are aost haunting & you’re seduced by her look. In short, drop the record the fans are waiting. The fact that we continue to wait says alot about her fan base. Fuck critics, do it for the fans. A mixtape- something. She is & will always be the worlds first digital pop star. She has helped usher in the digital era of electro with Ryan Leslie; her sound is embeded in musical history.


  8. tae

    i think she is underrated she needs to leave r n b alone though black people are crazy and dont really appericate shit


    Cassie Reply:

    @tae, Your obviously racist so STFU! Wtf ur prob?


  9. Chris

    One pussy you can’t f**k with


  10. ashley

    I don’t think she deserves that much attention. I honestly think she has a monotone voice that cannot sell. I bought her first album a long time ago and all her songs sound the same. It was boring. I liked her with Ryan Leslie and not Diddy… I think she’s not getting anything done with Diddy except being his entourage. She’s gorgeous though and I love her style!


  11. Denise

    Of course she is underrated! Her music is and her voice is! People always search for voices with much volume who sound strong. They need to appreciate different voices more! Cassie’s can sound cute, sensual, hot, airy, icy, dramatic. Plus she can sing a lot better than many people think. She doesn’t sound monotone. If you think that you need to wash your ears.


  12. musakfool87

    I don’t think she is underrated at all. She’s not the best singer and she doesn’t write any of her songs. Her career is dependent on the quality of beats that producers five her. Ryan Leslie did his thing on the first record but he could have honestly given those tracks to anyone. Cassie is gorgeous but there are far more talented artists out there.


  13. AnKkA

    Is Cassie Underrated?
    Is Cassie Talented?
    She’s just Flop Daddy’s concubine!


  14. Deontae

    Seriously lol underrated hahahaha no talent is what I’m looking for


  15. pepito

    I dont think she underrated at all… actually what all those producers are sayin that her voice is so monotone and so not original that they can do everything they want with it lol


  16. Kyle

    I definitely don’t think she’s underrated. I think the question that would better fit this post would be, “Is Cassie unappreciated?” I guess after reading this article you can learn a little something from a producers stand-point. I’ve actually always liked Cassie and even though she doesn’t have a powerful voice I think she works well with what she has. Her songs are catchy and addictive.


  17. jdhii

    Were the words ‘Cassie’ and ‘Legend’ just used in the same sentence?…. Eeh, Someone call the nurse.. I’m gonna be sick.

    Not that I don’t like Cassie, But she’s definitely not underated- but she’s not horrible… she just needs some bomb writers & producers…. She’s not the normal pop princess who can go in a studio & sing on any hit single & it sound wonderful…

    I am excited for her album though. I enjoyed her debut.


  18. YEAH



  19. harvey

    Cassie is talented in the EL DeBarge vocal lane…shes beautiful with out even trying but I CANT WAS FOR HER ALBUM.She can so SLAY are favs.
    But I WANT HER TO GO BACKK WITH Ryan LESLIE ASAP even if its just one track she did with him on the album if Rap-Up gets to interview cassie please ask her if she did a track with R.Leslie.


  20. Nina

    Ditto to everything Kyle said!

    In the past I tried really hard to dislike Cassie, but I can’t deny I loved some of the songs she put out after “Me & U”… like “Official Girl” and “Must Be Love”. Now I try to separate the person’s public image from the MUSIC, which is what really matters.

    In conclusion, I’m saying Cassie can do whatever she sets her mind to in music! I think we have yet to see her best work and I am definitely looking forward to seeing more from her in the future!!


  21. Phoenix_Wright

    I used to think she couldn’t sing, but after going through a lot of a work I realized that A LOT of people can even sing like her, can’t match the same tones and etc.

    She is cool but she needs to UP her live performance. I only remember her performing twice, once on TRL another on 106&park, and they were terrible that is why people 1st bashed her.


  22. Yaser Lad

    Yeah. Cassie is Under-rated! She’s dope aswell.


  23. TheChosenOne

    Harvey am I reading this correctly or did you really compare Cassie’s vocals to El “All This Love”, “Love Me in a Special Way”, “I Like It” Debarge. I weep!


  24. HHH7387


    Amerie is underrated, Karina Pasian is underrated, Teedra Moses is underrated, but Cassie….. no comment!


  25. Deko

    LOL I definitely agree with HHH7387. I don’t about her being underrated but she’s damnnn pretty!


  26. harvey

    yess they have the same vocal range they should of did lay with you together.I COMPARE her to All This Love.HE CAN SO HELP HER OVER COME HER LIVE PERFORMANCE.


  27. a

    Are yall really serious? cassie being underrated she cant sing and she proved that when she appeared on Bet she has not voice and people know that This article only came out because Diddy probably paid them money to say that She only had that one hit and people acting like she is a legend um you have to be able to sell an album and sing live before you become a legend to anything she aint nothing but Diddy’s side chick until Cassie can prove to me live that she can sing then I will believe it until then KICK ROCKS CASSIE


  28. Rich

    First off: I like her because she’s gorgeous, so that is definitely what intrigues me. Her voice is not great, breathy at best, but with the right beats, it’s hot.

    Second off: I wish Diddy would have chosen the right singles to release for her. I think that is where it all fell apart.

    Bottom line: If she would have released “My House” as her sophomore single instead of “Official Girl,” she might have had more success.


  29. cassiecat

    i love her soo much <3
    and i wait her album
    she tweeted last year
    me 2! I've been working on it 4 a long time & I can't wait until next year 2 share it. I hope 2 pleasantly surprise every1.

    so fans
    THIS year Electro Love release
    and Cassie is back , and i wait !


    Cassie Reply:

    @cassiecat, why do we have to wait so long? i mean we know you want to suprise every1 but…We cant wait to hear it!


  30. Dayana

    She is indeed underrated! Her talent and abilities are yet to be shown. She is amazing! What she has showed is amazing. Yes, there are problems with the release of her sophmore album but you can’t blame her! She is remembered by so many people! Any other artist would have been forgotten by now, but we’re still waiting and supporting! Even if Rihanna didn’t release a second album, would be forgotten probably. Remember when she really got so famous (umbrella lemme remind u).
    Cassie has the whole package to be very successful, she just has got to go through some difficulties as every other person does. 4 years is 4 years! I’m waiting and Cassie fans are still out there, waiting too!


  31. Gumaro

    Cassie is sooo underrated! Drop some hot shit and prove everybody wrong Cass! THEN drop a hot video where you can kill the choreography! PLEASE!!!

    Please bring something that will change everyone’s mind and ASSASSINATE!


  32. Kiid-Starr

    (UK FAN HERE)… :)
    Cassie Is Heavy Aka Wicked/Dope/Sick Etc… :)
    She Is Talented & Beautiful & If Anythin’ Her Voice Is Pure… She Has The Kinda “Soft Voice” That Artists Such As “Ciara” & “Keri Hilson” & “Asia Cruise” All Have, There Not “Mariah” Or “Christina” But There Voices Are Like Velvet & Everyone Knows, Nothin’ Beats A Good Slow Jam With A Soft Silky Velet Tone To Glide Over The Beat & Those 4 Ladies Can All Do It… :) *Point Made*… :)
    Overall, It Has Been FOREVER & I’m Still Waitin’ & Can’t Wait… *LOVE U CASSIE*…!!! :o) x x x


  33. love

    i like cassie and wether she had talent or not people still wouldn by her shit because people are stuck on certain artist and they forget the rest.


  34. Scarlette

    She’s pretty! But she can’t sing!


  35. Phoenix_Wright

    BTW i love the song @ of this article! I need to hear more from these people & others who make use of Cassie’s voice.


  36. Lorin

    You’re joking right. She makes Keri Hilson looks like Aretha Franklin. Does anyone else remember her 106 “performance” if you call whining like an injured cat that. Her lame Janet impersonation in her video was also enough evidence to define her as having as much rhythm as a rock. Napolean Dynamite would dance circles around her. We lost Cheri Dennis, Carl Thomas, Danity Kane, B5, Day26, 112 for her non-singing pretty va-jay-jay. Underrated? That’s the overstatement of the year.


  37. Dae

    Wow did you mean to say overrated?? Because umm I don’t think she has any vocal ability what so ever. She’s just a model/dancer who wanted to sing & it was a bad idea. smh How can anyone compare her to El smh. Years from now people will be like “Cassie who”, truth be told people are saying that now. People who love Cassie’s voice don’t have ears. I’m just saying


  38. . J .

    Wait. Who is Cassie?!


  39. Cisko

    I <3 her music. While on tour w/Mia, Victoria (the drummer) and I would play his loud on the for bus after a show. Lol. Good times.



  40. ILoveCassie

    Wow @ all the people hating and remembering her 106 performance. That was freaking FOUR years ago. You really think she hasn’t improved since then?? Yes she hasn’t shown it yet but this year she WILL and she will blow your asses away! All you haters really need a life


  41. jj

    Cassie is AMAZING and I love her.
    She’s a breath of fresh hair in today’s music industry. She has talent, I don’t know a lot of people that can sing like she does, she’s really one of a kind, and the fact that she’s also beautiful probably gets people confused and leading them to bash her.
    So yes, she is VERY underrated but I’m hoping with this new album she’ll prove everyone wrong.
    She has what it takes to do it and it’s not just “delusional fans” saying it, this UK Guardian article is proof that people in the music business recognize her musical ability, she’s always been so popular in Europe, idk why her label releases something in the US with no promotion and it flops and then don’t release it anywhere else >__>


  42. Is Cassie Underrated? « Cassie at | Your #1 Cassie Fansite With The Best News, Pictures, Downloads, Media, Fan Stuff & More!

    [...] Source: Rap-Up [...]

  43. Harvey

    @jj finally someones gets that her voice is gods gift.


  44. bijan

    I agree cassie is underrated. I like her and I think people like hatin on her just bc they need some1 to hate.


  45. chet

    Is Cassie a Whitney or MJB? No. But she has that something in her voice that makes her much more pleasant to listen to than say a J.Lo or Hilary Duff. She has an ear for hot music and is not just some puppet. I’m seriously rooting for her. Her 106th performance was terrible, but that was 4 years ago. Let’s see her growth from then until now and then judge.


  46. BantuJones

    She should stick to modeling


  47. ItsOscarYO


    Yes, stick to modeling. I can look at her ALL day, but hearing her? that’s a whole different story.


  48. Dave

    Out of all the people who can be underrated, Cassie? Ameriie, now that’s underrated. Ciara now that’s underrated. Solange now that’s underrated.


  49. Big 110

    Cassie is very underrated. She made great music with Ryan Leslie and I feel when they where working together it was pushing r-n-b to new sounds and limits. Not that they don’t work together. It’s Lame. Like in the UK they remix her shit heavy… and a lot of electronic people do remixes to those songs we take for granted.


  50. Ventura Forever

    Yes Cassie is underrated , people think just because she doesnt blow like Beyonce or Mariah Carey , that she cant sing…this industry has ALL types of different and unique voices and people just arent use to it…but you all will see , because 2011 is her year…


  51. J McG

    I think a lot of the detractors on this site have very narrow criteria for what they consider to be a quality artist. For Cassie’s fans, its not about whether or not she can improve her live performances etc, she’s already perfect the way she is. She’s beautiful, she can dance, her voice has an incredibly still, icy quality and she pursues cutting-edge music production. Sure her aesthetic is different to the likes of Beyonce but that doesn’t mean its less valid. As an artist she is a fully-formed package as she is. Perhaps she needs to be re-labelled and re-marketed as the American RnB and Hip-Hop community don’t seem to be able to appreciate her music as they’re too focused on issues that aren’t relevant to the enjoyment of her music.

    I have collected over an album’s worth of undeniably excellent Cassie tracks that unfortunately didn’t / haven’t yet had an official release, so i have essentially “created” my own Cassie album and its amazing. If her record label considered releasing all this material as an official CD I would still buy it.


  52. HHH7387

    Did somebody really just say that Cassie is a “breath of fresh air for today’s music industry”? She’s actually the perfect example of what’s wrong with today’s music industry. All of these labels are too busy signing these model chicks, and they could care less about signing the real talent. And when they do sign real talent, they turn their backs on them.

    I think that we got 2 or 3 people in here posting comments under different names (1 is probably Denise), cause i’ve never seen this many Cassie stans.


    mrfixit Reply:

    @HHH7387, U r clueless about what talent is. singing talent has zero to do with being able to “sing”. by your moronic logic if a violinist couldn’t play a stradivarius, you would say the stradivarius sucks. having a pleasant, unique voice, a special tone, nice improv, smooth sound, a listenability, being daring to take musical risks, being interesting, these are all encompass the artist in entirely and are 10000x more relevant than actually being able to “sing” in any traditional skillset. bob dylan couldnt sing for his life but he is unarguably one of the greatest rock singers of the 20th century for the # of reasons above.


  53. Beystanbish

    No she just where she belong. On diddy’s leach. Stick to modeling bb.


  54. PhoenixReborn

    I think she should continue doing the music she is doing as well as maybe doing more UK music like funky or dubstep for the Pitchfork/Fader crowd. I think the r&b/hip hop community will never accept her because the genres are too attached to the conventional African-American identity. While the identity is not a bad thing in itself, the audience can be quite snobbish and unforgiven if someone doesn’t fit in that mold.

    If Diddy is smart he should market her towards the indie hipsters who love their r&b/electronic music left of center. She won’t be a big success like Beyonce but she will be catering to a niche that will appreciate her.


  55. Tay

    She sucks!!!!! Hasbeen / one hit wonder. She needs to give up now and diddy needs to get her a$$ off of bad boy records……. Sign someone fresh new legit like jeffree star or melody Thornton.


  56. c

    hahahahaha!!!! now this!!! this is funny! PLEASE!! cassie aint underrated. aint nobody payin attention to you. and to go as far as calling her a legend? EXCUSE ME? girl be in the game for not very long and every album has been a FLOP!! not hatin but lets all be real here… underrated artists are respected.. but they just dont sell well or get as much attention in the media. she gets no respect from anybody.. just ppl here and there who call themselves bein “trendy” smdh. NO. NO. NO. dont ever come with that mess to rapup ever again. NEXT!


  57. cc

    oohh and she is gorgeous by the way.. but girrrl.. the shirt you got on i that picture is all wrong!! one pussy you cant F with? thats why yo pussy is all over the internt huh..lookin like a damn naked 12 year old. SMDH!! i said it once.. ill say it again! NEEEXXXXTTT!!


  58. Diamante

    Letoya Luckett is really underrated! But Cassie? Hell no! Don’t compare her voice to Keri Hilson or Ciara! Even JLO or Lumidee sing better than her!!!


  59. Nasser

    I don’t know anything about her music… but she’s HOT AS FUK


  60. Kira

    you dont like her
    then do not read!


  61. Amy

    this year is her year !


  62. missz

    Cassie’s voice isn’t Mariah or Beyonce but I still love it. it’s very mild and relaxing. I definitely think there are songs only she can sing and I can’t wait for her new music. Love Cassie!!!
    And she is probably the prettiest girl!


  63. Fan Ov A Fan

    i like cassie but she is deffoe over rated. ahh well i dont give a f**k


  64. Carmen

    Maybe they like her overseas cuz they love that weird sounding over produced stuff.



    Cassie is definitely underrated !!
    Get ready for the cassie take over.

    HHH7387 you literally have no idea … the CULT of Cassie is BIG!! You should join in before its too late.

    Tay you are welcome to join and worship the greatness that is Cassie !!!!



  66. jj

    @HHH7387 Then tell me some examples of current popular artists that have Cassie’s type of voice? You may not like it, but a lot of us do and it is special/different sound to it and still has quality and talent on it.
    It’s not like only powerful female voices should become famous and turn into music artists, that would actually be very boring IMO. There should be a bit of everything, and the music scene is missing someone like Cassie, period. If they do things right this time (by they I mean Diddy, unless her new label Interscope really does take control of her career which I doubt he’d let happen) she has what it takes to become a very strong artist in her own genre.


  67. Teddy

    husky, heavy grunting ≠ quality

    Don’t succumb to the conventional wailers & the warblers. Every voice has a purpose.


  68. Leslie

    @Dayana She is remembered and kept semi-relevant because she is beautiful and is (one of)Diddy’s girlfriends. Point blank. It has absolutely nothing to do with her vocal talent or quality of music.


  69. jj

    Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have vocal talent and quality in her music ;)
    Not everything with talent and quality is successful in case u havent noticed so that REALLY does not mean anything…


  70. Tania

    I love Cassie and think shes great! She may not have a super strong voice but her music is very calming and I dont rly know how to explain its a very sexy sound. I adore it and cant wait to buy her new album!


  71. Lovely Nicole

    You have to be talented to be underrated. Sorry, but she really doesn’t have voice and her videos are weak. She should stick to modeling, she is good at that.


  72. HHH7387

    @jj Honestly, there’s nothing special about Cassie, especially her voice. The real problem with her is that her singing style is very hollow. Having a soft voice isn’t the problem, making nothing of it is though. No matter what the tone is, there’s gotta be some personality to it. Lots of chicks have that baby style, so she’s not unique, and her style is just a watered down version of Janet’s style.

    Y’all keep talking about how every singer can’t have a powerful voice. But let’s keep it real, how many broads in the mainstream today have a powerful voice? Only a few, so it’s bout time for a comeback of powerful voices.


  73. j j

    I think her voice is special and you didnt give me any concrete examples of other ppl with the same style out there besides the Janet comment and even if shes a “watered down version” of someone as legendary and talented as Janet then I don’t think she can be THAT bad as yall try to say.
    A lot of ppl also say that about her personality and the fact that her stuff isn’t so obnoxious, over the top and like screaming “im bad, im so hot, whatever” like the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and all the others (no disrespect intended just trying to say an example) is probably what a lot of ppl are attracted to, thats why I say she’s “different” a a breath of fresh air and the music scene DOES need her and like that UK producer said, “the world doesn’t deserve her”.


  74. Boy Wonder

    Why is it that everybody who FLOPS in the U.S. rules the U.K. charts??? Kelis, Christina Milian, Ciara (not her career just Fantasy Ride) and now CASSIE??? That says alot about our cultures.


  75. Boy Wonder

    And having a powerful voice ain’t nothing I don’t wanna be screamed at all the damn time (Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Christina Aguilera) but I do want a REAL singer (JoJo, Beyonce, Monica etc etc). Is there no middle ground anymore?


  76. Dirk Diggler

    It’s true that Cassie did help usher this elctro pop thing forward but people need to realize that Aaliyah helped usher it IN!!!

    I think Cassie needs to bury the hatchet w/ Ryan Leslie and come harder then she’s ever came!


  77. Denise


    LMAO yea of course. I spend my time posting under different names. Dude, unlike you I have a life and a job.
    If you don’t believe that Cassie has many stans, go to and view their follower number. I don’t think people who are not real fans would follow a fan account.


  78. maya

    underrated? Shorty can’t sing! Keep your album to yourself Cassie. Thank you!


  79. SF

    theres a lack of appreciation for people who can;t “Belt” but I bet these people still listen to Drake, who cant sing either but because its cool to like him, they will. Its clear hipsters and electronic heads are really feeling Cassie because she has a really simple voice, sure she’s not beyonce but who cares, you all still probably dont appreciate Jazmine or Keyshia, probably dont own their albums either. Cassie;s a diamond in the rough, and one day hopefully people will appreciate her and hopefully if she becomes an electronic success because they appreciate her, as does TheFader blog and non-mainstream lines like Diamond Supply and Dimepiece, as they all did Apolonia and Vanity, artists many of you probably dont know of, and I’m not suprised.


  80. Jenninifer

    Who can sing nowadays??

    NO ONE, Cassie is hotter than these broads that are out at the moment.

    She is hotter than all these non talents, Rihanna, Kesha, Katy Pery, Britney.

    She is marketable and needs to get the fuck away from diddy.


  81. katkins

    I literally can’t wait for her album. Every year I’ve said if Cassie doesn’t release this album this year, like she says she will, I’ll stop waiting!!

    But… there’s just something about her. Whether or not she has a “loud” voice, doesn’t matter. If it did, she wouldn’t have fans like me out there.

    Her voice is unique, soft as it is. You can tell it is Cassie on a track. Of course there are other singers who have soft voices but each of them have a different tone to their voice.

    Cassie also has good looks. Not to sound shallow but they help in the industry. Cassie also has good style. Unlike other artists who share singing similarities to Cassie, she has in more ways than one (good and bad) stayed in the media since her debut.

    Cassie has become a socialite. A trendsetter. People want to know what she’s up to. It has definitely helped her stay in the public eye, being part of Bad Boy. Howevs.. Bad Boy hasnt’ help market Cassie to the fullest extent.

    Fingers crossed, Bad Boy/Interscope get it right this time. Yes, Cassie is underrated. All the best to her


  82. KOS-MOS-18

    I think Cassie should’ve signed with Young Money or Roc Nation instead of Bad Boy. Diddy keeps putting out lame acts and he fucked up the only group that actually had good music (Danity Kane). She can’t really rely on him to do anything.


  83. halle

    Overrated she’s only had one album. Cassie is ok but i believe her best days are behind her. She’s only had one album and it was excellent because she and ryan leslie had chemistry like aaliyah and timb did.

    But cassie mixed business with pleasure so now people are more interested in her personal life. If she was still with ryan she would have made a name for herself by now. Diddy will never let her be more famous then him. Cassie will stay relevant because of diddy and shes cute but she’s 24 years old artist normally peak at age 30 so i’m not expecting her to reach rihanna or brittany status that ship has sailed.


  84. mike

    no. she’s not that serious lol


  85. Mr.Hyde

    Cassie Cool!!!


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  87. BrandyFanatic

    I can’t at the hypocritical asses who go and worship Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift coming for Cassie not being able to sing.

    I’ve always liked Cassie because I do think her vocal talent is underrated. TBH, I don’t think we’ve heard her sing live enough to judge her. She had that one bad performance, and people are STILL on her for it. Yet when Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha have MULTIPLE bad performances they aren’t even given that much shit.

    As others have said, she has a uniqueness to her voice that I love. She definitely is underrated, the bitches who say otherwise are clearly hating.


    mrfixit Reply:

    @BrandyFanatic, katyperry fails to sing well while walking around the stage and that causes her performances to suffer. but a lot of artists have this problem. she has done many private performances while sitting or in a vocal booth live and they sound extremely good.


  88. storm

    This b*tch aint neva gunna b ish, as long a diddy daddy is tellin her what to do. She cant do shit, like cast roles in movies, bcuz he said so. Ugh, controlling men, n she stupid for listening to him. Lil girl lost…


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