Video: Snoop Dogg Meets Jesus

Snoop Dogg had a run-in with Jesus Christ while driving on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on Christmas Day. Upon seeing the Jesus impersonator, Tha Doggfather pulled over and offered the robe-clad man a solid $20, an offer he turned down because he’s “bigger than that,” according to Snoop. Watch the holy encounter in the comedic clip.

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  1. WillieB

    sorry , but this isnt funny , stuff like this shouldn’t be played with .


  2. Dillon_68

    I’m a Christian and all, but that was funny, lol. @WillieB, laugh a little. I know it may offend some people, but we aren’t the ones that are imitating Jesus. They will pay for it. Our affiliation with the Lord is intact.


  3. ahhh

    ahh give me a break if your offended by this, than you need to loosen up. you think jesus if he’s real would really care that a guy is dressed up as him? If anything hes bringing more awareness and recognition to your god.


  4. R3CNHI

    how is this in any way offensive. Get your head out of your ass. Christ!


  5. Cassive Brewster

    LMAO! This is why being outside of religions looking in is the best, this video’s funny, it’s not in anyway disrespectful. People are so sensitive about their bloody beliefs.


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