Video: Nicki Minaj Makes Moments with Ellen DeGeneres

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj shared a “Moment” with Ellen DeGeneres, performing her Drake-assisted single “Moment 4 Life” off her debut Pink Friday on Monday’s show. The platinum diva, who classed it up in a black cocktail dress, blonde hair, and a blinged-out “Barbie” necklace, spit her verses alongside two look-alike dancers and a backing band.

After her performance, Nicki showed off her spiky stiletto heels—a gift from Lil Wayne—to Ellen, who claimed she felt “under-dressed” next to the stylish star. During her chat with the hostess, she spoke on how she didn’t realize that she would ever come this far, her difficult upbringing, using rap as an escape, the love she has for her mom, and how Martha—the mother of her alter-ego Roman—will be making her debut in the Drake-assisted video for “Moment 4 Life.” Watch the ladies gab it up below.

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  1. Barbie_XOXO

    i love you nicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    support this amazing artist and buy PINK FRIDAY


  2. NewYork718

    Talentless, cocky clown. EVERYTHING she does, Lil Kim did it & did it 1000000000x better.


  3. desiree

    Your A Hater @NewYork718 Its ok darling Jesus Loves You..

    Nicki Wins!!! BITCH!!!!!!!



    New York bitch shut the fuck up Kim is old and expired aint no one checkin for her. Nicki is above and beyond deal with it


  5. jeremydante

    go nicki!! can’t wait for the “fly” video.


  6. yesplzz

    love it!!!!!!!!! get em nickstar!


  7. jeremydante

    wait- lil kim never did the ellen show.


  8. BrionnaTeamMinaj

    Can we plz Not start a Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj vs. Rihanna war today(some how she lands in it) ???????????????


  9. lee

    @newyork718 YEa cause lil kim was defintely on ellen singing and rapping right NOT kim dumb ass only got to go on there cause her hasbeen ass was on DWTS U r such a hater….anyway great performance nicki and u looked very nice cant wait to see the interview at 4 pm …nicki is really multi talented she can sing live better than alot of the popstars out right now and her shoes look amazing and ive never seen her in a dress this long she is skinny 4 real


  10. Daquan..

    @NewYork718: If She Was Talentless Then Why Do Critics Love Her Songs Album Went Platinum In 1 Month And Lil Kims Album Failed To Even Chart On Number 1 Okay Shut The Fuck Up


  11. BrionnaTeamMinaj

    love U Nicki!!!! @Newyork is hating but some how managed to beat all the fans to this post … the irony


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  13. jeremydante

    hahahahahaha brionnaTeamMinaj is cracking me the fuck up right now. that is true, first in line to watch nicki’s shit just to hate. hahahaa hella funny.


  14. jeremydante

    nicki has improved her performance skills over such a short course of time. she has become more comfortable singing & her movement has become more fluid. & im glad they finally got the backing tracks right so people don’t try & shade her by saying she’s lipsynching. get ‘em nicki!

    “shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t phase me”


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  16. Phoenix_Wright

    Imma catch it when they re-air it tonite. Damn more & more tv appearances just means more album sales 4 her


  17. Dwayne

    I love Nicki that was amazing your amazing


  18. GRAND

    I love how MAINSTREAM nicki minaj is getting like so proud of her i mean they was playing her songs during the NBA basketball games on ESPN ..her songs are getting licensed now she making major moves she has a lipstick that going to be put out worldwide for good this year

    look at what nicki tweeted in august of 09

    RT @NICKIMINAJ Dear Barbz, I rlly love ellen degeneres. Think maybe 1day I’ll b on her show? Luv, HB

    and u see nicki worked really hard got signed and now its 2011 and nicki finally made it happened she’s ON ELLEN ..speak it into existence people thats what nicki teaches us


  19. MzMimiMarieTrick



  20. Banana


    nicki has been everywhere, she been doing a good job promoting the album. This performance on ellen might lead to nicki selling another 100K albums this week(i think she was a 70K for this pass week).


  21. Felipe

    Probably the best perfomance for Moment 4 Life, the outfit, her attitude, voice, everything perfect!


  22. djm1dread

    luv luv luv it


  23. king

    ppl get rihanna loud album and nicki album


  24. plessy

    u can tell nicki doesnt really like talking about her personal life or what her childhood was like really …its like she covers stuff up with different personality like i cant explain it like she use the diffrent personality to take her out of what her real life use to be like …its weird but anyway good performance and interview and nicki look nice


  25. JAYE

    team minaj!!!!!!


  26. DARIUS



  27. juicybear

    im so proud of nicki!


  28. maya

    I’m not Nicki fan but I like her. I don’t see why so many ppl dislike her, she’s just doing what she loves. End of story!


  29. TheDimplePuppet

    I just proud to see another woman of color to make it in this disturbing industry.


  30. mya

    hey yawl i love nicki minaj and wishg her great success and i love those shoes lil wayne picked them out well lol if he even piked them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish that i could have this moment for life for life i love this damn song


  31. ponyo

    nicki u sound so good in live ….but the song sound horrible on the album….p.s i see u been taking notes from ya idol lilkim yeah those hand gestures kimmy did that on her last show… one might noticed but i do because i love kimmy and i love u too…i wish the beef never started it make me feel uneasy about female rappers


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  33. Plzz

    @ponyo #Sitchoassdown .. Nickis ALBUM SLAYS!!

    She SLAYED this performance

    and Lil kim plastic surgeon SLAYEEDD her FACE (Literally)
    Botched face hoe ..


  34. @Monster Barb

    <3 it when she says SRRY THAT U COULDn'T PHASE ME!


  35. Heminem

    Ladies, what would you do for those shoes?


  36. lol

    omg nicki minaj looks amazingly beautiful in that dress, and she looks so happy when she performs, i feel that this is really her moment. i love nicki and i support this talented lady.


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  38. call me what u want but...

    I love this damn song. Finally a mainstream rap song other than a dance rap track with no words and Nicki killed that performance. Shes the best bitch doing it right now yezzir.


  39. FTW

    She looks super small, she seems to be losing a lot of weight. She gonna make it farther than any of female rap artist. Its evident and the longer she’s in the industry the more she will cross over.


  40. NickiIsaLyinFraud

    LMAO@all yall wit ya heads stuck up her Fake Azz …..keep giving her money for this gimmick Losers!!! i bet evry person on here that commented is a gay fem MAN lol…get it through your heads already U CANNOT BE NICKI MINAJ…fakeness and all…her lyrics r dumb she herself said shes playing a role and allt he mindless puppets r falling in line to support it..ill stick to REAL hip hop thanks….noen fo the ROLE PLAYING bullshyt and the most talent she got is when she’s using pen ad paper…her performances are SERIOUSLY whack and thats a fact …have yalls eena kim show?!?!… she gets you hyp and outta ya seat so stans deal with it yall can hate KIm and her plastic face alls he want..plastic fucced up face and all she still WAY BETTER than this clown


  41. word

    Good performance lol at those dnacers dancing so hard.


  42. SmoothCriminal

    nice perform,she is getting better live,the dancers and the back up singers rock too,i like the way how nicki let her back up singers and dancers shine too,she shows them mad respect she don’t treat them like plain old plain olds supporters,and you can see that they try there best to do there thing too,nice pose at the end,and Nicki wasn’t fronting when she said she have the shoe game lock too,keep doing you Nicki.


  43. A Realist

    I freaking LOVE this woman. She is so smart. So tactical. She is a genius at marketing and business. She’s funny. She’s beautiful. She’s talented. Ugh. I cannot get enough.


  44. Guess who

    Nicki helps make music interesting again and all you clowns know it. She was born to do this.

    This performance is magnetic. I love watching her artistic growth.


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