Video: Ray J – ‘Celebration’

Ray J

Ray J goes international in the Chris Strikes-directed video for “Celebration,” the Ludacris-assisted cut off the R&B singer’s upcoming album Raydiation 2. Using footage shot while on tour in Japan, the Norwood family’s youngest member performs to packed crowds and walks through the colorful streets, partying it up with scantily-clad girls on his tour bus. Looks like Ray J knows how to celebrate in style.

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  1. carl

    BEAT GOES HAAAAAAM!!! But the video should not of been shot on his iphone.


  2. I GO HAM

    wtf cheap azz video idk why im wasteinq my time on this sh*t !


  3. Just the way it is

    I guess his label refused to pay for a somewhat decent budget video.


  4. jhuntdaprodigy

    Damn Ray-J can’t even get a decent budget for the video, and Luda ain’t even in it. I was rooting for him for a minute, but he just needs 2 give up


  5. FTW

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he so wack and DEAD at Luda not being in it!!!!!!


  6. FTW

    I cannot stop laughing at this!!! WTF this $5 budget video.


  7. Bla

    What the fuck is this shit? This song deserves much better video.. FCOL


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