Guess Whose Birthday Benz


Which rapper received the keys to this Mercedes-Benz for his 18th birthday?

Lil Twist

It’s Lil Twist! The Young Money rapper’s manager Cortez Bryant surprised him with a Mercedes C-Class sedan. “WOW!!! Thank u @CortezBryant I love you man,” tweeted a grateful Twist. “YALL DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW AMPED UP I AM!!!! #BenzSwaggin.” The birthday boy is working on his debut album for release later this year.

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  1. ayoo

    nobody cares -_-


  2. R.I.P dolla

    @ayoo talk for ur self bitch!!!!
    happy bday cuzz!!!


  3. Funnn

    hahahahahaha funny @R.I.P.


  4. me

    I said “its someone from young money” before I clicked this….thats how baby pays his artists while he pockets the money……watches, cars, chains etc….


  5. walla

    cool car twist!!!!!!!!!! dont watch haterz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. AAA

    Wow lol damn didn’t kno he was 18, nice car


  7. bknyhustle

    damn his one lucky ass ni99a man…but thats wassup tho.was great year for YM after all.


  8. Lolsmileyface

    I knew it was Lil Twist robot-voice wack tail


  9. kiki

    I’ve never heard of him but lucky him.


  10. Fan Ov A Fan

    lil twist is a shit rapper. listen to diggy simmons. he is by far the best teenage rapper EVER. way better then twist


  11. RAWWD

    @ME i said the same sh$!, i just wanna know if this kids 18 how come he sounds like he’s twelve?


  12. GRRRR

    Lil who? …


  13. fizzle

    he still look 15


  14. Heminem

    Might be buying on of them soon.
    New business deal, more news soon!

    Nobody cares!

    Oh be quiet you.


  15. T-Mac

    This lil muthafucka is rapper ? Neva heard of him … What’s up wit his haircut ?


  16. Silla

    A C-class Benz? that’s about one step above a Hyundai, seriously. if u gonna be #benzswaggin, at least be sporting an SLK. #jussayin


  17. Brittany

    if he’s in young money how come we never hear him and if ym is so “bomb” then why can’t this lil broke youngin buy his own benz……exactly


  18. kayla

    hi dylan where are you i love you


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