New Music: Lloyd f/ R. Kelly & Young Jeezy – ‘Lay It Down (Remix)’

Lloyd and R. Kelly

Lloyd kept it PG on Part II of his single “Lay It Down,” remaining a gentleman on the Patti LaBelle-assisted jam. But on a second remix to the Polow Da Don production, Young Goldie enlists R. Kelly and Young Jeezy for an R-rated version of the cut, which ditches the romantic talk and gets down and dirty.

“Bring back the shit that make ya run and make a baby,” sings Lloyd, while Kellz commands his girl to “bite the pillow” and Jeezy sprinkles some tough verses on the instrumental. Ride out to the G-Mix below and look for Lloyd’s fourth album King of Hearts on March 15.

Lloyd f/ R. Kelly & Young Jeezy – “Lay It Down (Remix)”


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  1. Kwayzee



  2. Kwayzee

    Team Minaj !!!


  3. Johnny

    Did he say “No F-g sh*t”? Wow


  4. Alora

    what i like this remix its crazy dopee


  5. ish

    Im glad polow rang r kelly up :D he made this in to a number 1 hit.
    R Kelly = King of R n B


  6. Nait Phoenix

    @Kwayzee Where the hell did “Team Minaj” come from?


  7. . J .

    Thumbs down.
    The one with Patti Labelle was better


  8. TheOne1

    Fire! Did anyone catch the “Ain’t Nothin’ but a G Thang” reference in Kellz verse? lol.


  9. jayMONEY

    this is dope, from beginning to end.


  10. D. Kellz

    Oh Kellz killed it as only the KING OF R&B CAN! Lloyd and Jeezy much respect and i love this much respect.


  11. David

    Kellz killed it hilarious!!!


  12. 8teen

    FIYA!!! Yo Mr. Kellz…….(wait for it)……. BEASTIN!!!


  13. Jo

    Hahaaaaaaa the Remix Professor back in action! Kellz got that flow man! I’m tellin you! Fuck what ya heard, R Kelly is the King@!!@!@!@@!@@!@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Jo

    Hahaaaaaaaa the Remix Professor back in action! Show em how it’s done Kellz! King!


  15. Layitdown

    Kellz KILLED it!!!!!!!!!! Praise the King of R&B!


  16. Tee

    IIght .. But the one wit Patti Labelle is da bomb!! That could be more of a classic.. No comparison


  17. MusicKING

    I’m glad R Kelly is singing again!


  18. youdontneedtoknow

    R. “King” Kelly


  19. Lil' Nello

    This is a dope remix! Kellz goes in & proves why he still the King of R&B!


  20. wtfever

    This is Hot! Love Lloyd and especially R


  21. Brighteyeshazel

    R Kelly killed it. He has undeniable talent. He is clearly a musical genius. The man can sing the ABC’s and its a hit. He sing, rap, free-styled with comedy all in one song. Who does that? Nobody but the G R Kelly himself. SO haters recognize and show this man respect because he earned it. Thanks polo and lloyd for putting out the G-Mix with R kelly. Umm Jeezy ok lol


  22. Lisa

    R. Kelly is a GENIUS!!! I want him so bad!


  23. Kay Tee

    Hands down R. Kelly is simply the King. He shows how much of a genius he is on this record. I love the song. Kellz made it his own.


  24. kiki

    Young Jeezy shouldn’t really have been on it but R.Kelly was good he always seem to kill remixes. Ciara’s “Promise” was the lick!


  25. RR!S

    DOOOOOOPPEEEE Lloyd is hella talented…. !!!



    i love the original, buh this shid is just as addictive.#loveit.


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