Aretha Franklin ‘Might Become a Cougar’ for R. Kelly

Aretha Franklin and R. Kelly

Despite a health scare, Aretha Franklin is doing “superb” these days. So well that she has thoughts about making a move on R. Kelly.

The Queen of Soul checked in with Wendy Williams on Wednesday’s show where she sang the Pied Piper’s praises. “Do you love the song that R. Kelly just recorded, ‘When a Woman Loves’?” she asked the talk show host of the single from Kellz’ latest album Love Letter. “I think any woman that’s ever been in love will readily relate to that song. He is singing that song. I mean he is singing his heart and his soul out.”

Kellz had her head over heels in love with his tender tune. “You know if he isn’t careful, I might become a cougar,” warned the 68-year-old Detroit native.

During her revealing chat with Wendy, Aretha also confirmed that she is working on a biopic and is hoping to have an Oscar-winning actress play her. “Halle Berry is my pick,” she shared.

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  1. TheOne1

    lol! Kellz!


  2. SupaCi

    The Queen recognizes The King ;)


  3. yres

    The Queen of Soul praises the King of R&B!!!!!!


  4. rkelly the king

    Kelz the king!


  5. usherbig fan

    usher king of r&b for ever


  6. usherbig fan

    ush is a legned os music r kely hhhhhhhhh


  7. Gucci Ninja

    Please don’t compare Usher to R. Kelly! Kelly is a musical legend.


  8. . J .

    R. Kelly IS the King of R&B


  9. YEAH

    I prefer Joe or Jon B king before Kelly #justsaying


  10. M A R G A R I T A

    How can Usher be King of RNB when he is trying to revolutionize pop? Smh! R.Kelly is forever the King of RNB


  11. rty

    Who the in the hell is Jon B? I know who Joe is because R. Kelly wrote his biggest hit to date. Also don’t compare that gimmicky twink. Usher to R. Kelly is a living legend! King of R&B


  12. Tunde Oyebanjo

    @Usherbig fan! how can you compare! ants an ain’t got sh*t on an elephant..R.kelly forever greatest r&b general of all time…


  13. Lisa

    Aretha knows wassup. R. Kelly is fyone!!! Anyway, when Usher, Trey and any of these other R&B cats can write, compose and produce their own songs and get hits like R. Kelly, then they can talk. Stay mad cuz this sexy 40 year old man has these youngins beat in not only the music department, but the looks department. Usher looks old as hell and Trey looks special ed.


  14. Jo

    Dam she knows great music, and R Kelly IS great music! Who else gets that kind of respect from Arethra! Songz where you at lmao!


  15. Tom

    Am I the only one who sees the irony of this? LOL.


  16. Leilani

    Much love to Aretha Franklin, the Queen giving props to the King. I don’t blame her, R. Kelly look good as hell. I’d do him.


  17. Whata


    You don’t even know what irony means!


  18. beystanbish

    lmbo at Tom. I know what you mean.. Aretha girl R.kelly aint thinking bout you. He’s peeking through some nursery window as we speak..


  19. Leilani

    And the haters come out in droves. I see some n*ggaz are mad cause the ladies are still loving Kellz lol. R. Kelly can’t help it that he attracts women of all ages. The man is fine, he just got it like that. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.


  20. Dave

    haters kip hatin kelz is a beast at wat he does..THE KING OF R&B AND SOUL,,Usher,Neyo,Maxwell,Joe can relate to the fact that he’s No! 1


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