Drake Brushes Off Rihanna Dating Rumors

Rihanna and Drake

Now that Rihanna is newly single, the dating rumors have started up again, linking her once more to Drake. But despite his admiration for the pop superstar, the Young Money rapper maintains the two are not an item.

Drizzy denies he is dating RiRi, who split from boyfriend Matt Kemp late last year. “Me and Rihanna have a great connection, but no, we’re not together,” he told BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Tim Westwood during his U.K. tour.

While he shared a brief romance with his “What’s My Name?” collaborator in 2009, their relationship remains platonic. “I care for her very much. She’s a great person,” he said.

The 24-year-old bachelor is in no rush to get into a relationship. “We’re young, young kids. Just living life. That’s it. I want to have some stories to tell the kids,” he joked.

Always the gentleman, Drake showered praise on RiRi, who helped him score his first-ever No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. “I think she sets a certain precedent as far as fashion, as far as all the things women care about—hair, the way you carry yourself, and obviously the music. I think it’s important.”

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  1. Reasonable Voice

    I don’t know why they always link Drake to Rihanna,even though I love them both, he’s clearly not her type lol.

    I want her to date Zac Effron or someone young that can handle her lifestyle.


    Da girl Reply:

    @Reasonable Voice, Ohkay grl not zac efron some one her type nd age yeah no not zac efron someone way better nick and drake both mak a Gud couple yeah


  2. DarDanIaA

    I think that they are not created for each other sorry this is my opinion ♥♥♥ love u RiRi


  3. youdontneedtoknow

    Reasonable vocie is officialy Crazy!!

    “I want her to date Zac Effron or someone young that can handle her lifestyle.”

    So you know whats best for HER ??? hunn??? WTF!!!

    Get A Life!


  4. Toasty

    drake needs to stop playin and either get wit nicki or rihanna cause either way…they would most likely prob become the new ‘jay and beyonce’..annnnnnddddd the babys would be awesome…!!!lol


  5. Gucci Ninja

    Drake is not dating Rihanna, but we all know he is fu%king her, is plain and simple.


  6. GTFOH!!

    @Reasonable Voice: Zac Effron?? Yeah he is more her ‘type’. *rolls eyes*

    What is it with you Rih stans are your obsession with Rih and Drake? Are ya’ll that superficial that you have to see her with a ‘high profile’ celebrity? Rather than just a regular guy! At first ya’ll were in love with Matt and now that he is out of the picture ya’ll are swinging on Drake’s nuts! Ugh!

    Hasn’t Drake been all over Nicki Minaj lately and professing his love for HER. How many times has he said he wanted to marry Nicki. Why would Rihanna want to be with a man who is constantly professing his love for another woman? How desperate would that look! Plus her and Nicki are friends! Ackward much??

    You Rih stans need to get over this Drake and Rihanna fixation cause it ain’t gonna happen! He is not even that cute with his down syndrome looking ass! Ugh!


  7. lee

    i have a feeling that rihanna and nicki would get together before drake has another chance with riri or his first chance with nicki like forreal LOL


  8. YEAH

    drake please go somewhere, Rih is not feeling you

    I want Rih & Matt back together :(


  9. Ebony

    @lee I agree with your statement a 100%… and that probably won’t even happen because Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are just flirts.


  10. Tgo

    Then why in his new song with Rick Ross does he say “one of my baddest women ever, I call her Rihanna
    but thats cause her name is Rihanna!”?


  11. Blah :]

    @Gucci Ninja
    Loool ur so right xD

    I think something is going on because he said ‘Were young’ and he said that last year when something WAS going on haha well whateva thats there business but i see right thru u drake XD


  12. philly11

    I like them both but I can’t see Rihanna dating Jimmy from Degrassi. I honestly don’t think he is her type, but who knows..


  13. maya

    Drake is to good for her. You know he’ll treat a girl right, she all loose -__- Agree w| Gucci Ninja!


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  15. Terri

    They had a lot of chemistry in their video.


  16. beystanbish

    Lmbo did @reasonable voice say Zac efron. High scholl musical Zac efron with the Justin Beiber cut? I can’t


  17. World Spinner

    Rap-Up.com || Drake Brushes Off Rihanna Dating Rumors…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  18. hatisha



  19. Trish



  20. brittany harris

    all u ppl r clearly crazy they r meant for each other and they will
    figure that out along the line because drake is so hottt and riri is very pretty all except her hair thats all i hate about it


  21. fran

    drake should go 4 rihanna she is a beautiful person i mean their video was romantic


  22. mekstan

    drake and riri.no way.
    But they re definitely fucking.


  23. drake lover

    drake needs to be single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW HE IS HOT.


  24. brihanna

    drake need to make a move with rihanna befores is to late.


    brihanna Reply:

    @brihanna, i a
    gree with u there


    THETRUTH Reply:

    @brihanna, He already has they defo fucked, nothing serious but they defiantly went passed 2nd base ;)


  25. kamara

    i think dat he do like her but he knowz now dat he realli dont have a chance wit nikki so he gonna try to get a new option


  26. Lessly luna

    I think rihanna looks better with drake than Nikki burt who knows
    It’s up to drake:)


    mzkayallday Reply:

    @Lessly luna, I couldn’t agree more they’re both beautiful women but nicki is fake and rihanna is real there could actually be a REAL marriage between drake and rihanna but not drake and the hot air chick


  27. Maria luna

    I think looks better with both cause they are way cute together;)


  28. Cam

    THEY ARE SO NOT TOGETHER AND N E V E R!!!!! It’s kinda weird because you have a girls nicki and Rihanna and the funny think is that they could both say forget Drake and date eachother. I <3 Drake


  29. vickki

    all ya needa stfu cause ya bitchs just hating on riri cause drake want her..so ya sit back down haaha and either way nicki or riri..it will happen …damn ..but riri and drake a make a cute couple


    vickki Reply:

    wtf who ever got on my shit needs to logg off and go on somewhere but i agree with the comment ^


    vickki Reply:

    who ever logged on my shit needs to go on somewhere lol but i kinda agree^^


  30. Taja:)*

    Nah, dead serious though like, i feel Rihanna and Drake really don’t need to be together. I love Drake to the death of me, but he was cuter when he was on Degrassi and rihanna was cute too when she was first introduced as well. Now, honestly from my heart, like i take this stuff seriously and i care about Drake, and i just don’t think they’re a good couple. Rihanna isn’t his type, and it’s not like i know everything about him and all but i know he likes girls with big butts and big boobs, and not in the industry and Rihann clearly doesn’t fit into that catergory. At the end of the day Drake will definatley get waht he wants!:))))))))))

    P.S. @ Ebony i agree with you 100% girl!!!<3


  31. Dj

    Man that would be the best effin couple ever rihannas the shit she’s hot and drakes a beast man he’s pimpin like me he probably banged nickis hot ass and probably rihanna as well I’m just sayn who wouldn’t but when they performed together like at the all-star game they looked like they liked Each other and in the “whats my name” video they looked like they liked each other I would like to see them go out


  32. Dj

    Every body vote nicki minaj or Rihanna
    Nicki minaj. Rihanna

    1.better assets 1.pretty eyes
    2.could rap that’s hot 2.bad ass music
    3.cute accent. 3.cold move body
    4.nice body. 4.nice legs
    5.hot smile. 5.looks like a model

    U guys say who is hotter


  33. Fancy

    Ya’all it’s clear to see,drake ain’t gonna be with rihanna,he’s to good for her f..king ass,and rihanna & nicki might actually get together.lmfao@drake,my ‘fan’ advice,get nicki before rihanna does.am f..king damn serious.


  34. jada

    yall need to be quiet. all u doe kno nuthin about either of them. rihanna is mad beautiful and they belong together. she aint gonna be with niki dts nasty. maybe drake loves niki bt he loves riri 2, u can tell.


  35. O.dee

    Y u all player hating on drake,tryna cock block….let da hommie do his thing…riri diggs da guy


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