Nicki Minaj Says She and Rihanna Would Be a ‘Crazy Power Couple’

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj

Drake is not the only one rumored to be dating Rihanna these days. His Young Money cohort Nicki Minaj has recently been linked with the newly single singer. While Nicki laughs off the rumors, she doesn’t rule out the possibility of a future hook up.

The Harajuku Barbie called into Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM show this morning to clear up the situation. “I don’t know where people got this really insane, hilarious, random rumor that [Rihanna] and I were living together,” she said.

The sexy ladies laughed about the chatter while shooting the video for “Fly” from Nicki’s debut Pink Friday last weekend in Los Angeles. “We just shot a video for a song I have on the album called ‘Fly,’” shared Nicki. “So when I saw her, the first thing I said was, ‘So did you hear we’re living together?’ And we just started cracking up laughing. She was like, ‘Yo, I can’t believe people are this ridiculous.’”

She continued, “So we TwitPiced ourselves and she put it on Twitter and said, ‘Me and Nicki at our new pad or something.’ And the funny thing is, people still didn’t realize we were joking. People were hitting me like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so lucky. You and Rihanna…’ It was like, ‘What?’ But you can’t even be sarcastic anymore. It was hilarious though.”

While they’re not an item, the fantasy is not completely dead. “We’re not getting cozy—yet. There is a possibility ’cause she’s just a bad bitch. You never know. That’d be like a freakin’ crazy power couple right now in the world of females.”

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  1. Dwayne



  2. YEAH



  3. LOL

    i love nicki she so silly and dead at me really thinking its a better chance that nicki and rihanna will get together than nicki and drake LOL


  4. Lexus



  5. Trey

    And I for one endorse that power couple!!!


  6. Pressed?

    They would turn the industry upside down if they dated.! Heads would EXPLODE.!


  7. kenyona

    See if this was 06/07/08/early09 come up nicki this would have seriously been a dead possibly but the more mainstream nicki gets the STRAIGHTER she seems to get or atleast act like she’s straight …..cus she used be on some lesbo type stuff b4 she blew up

    but if they did get together they would be a power couple but i doubt that would ever actually happen





  9. SickofNickiMinajalready

    WHY is that EVERYTHING Nicki says out of her mouth News???? I mean Seriously Rap-Up…you have to get better with the news. Is Nicki paying you to promote her tweets? MY GOD. Find some REAL news.


  10. OnlyBoy

    chris in turned riri lesbo! HA


  11. Abdullah

    OMG OMG OMG they r the best 2 niggiz [no offence] in the world i :HEART: them both XOXOXOXOXOXOXXO


  12. Yeah

    Sarcasm ppl, get u some :)


  13. mya

    they would look great togther it seems that nicki would date her than poor drake i think nicki like guys alittle but loves women to much to be with a guy but go nicki minaj i love this girl!!!!!!!!


  14. GangmsterA

    lol love nicki #teamrinaj


  15. SHUTUP


    no one told u to click on it ..that was your choice so apparently u did what to see what nicki said or u would have not came to the post ..U ARE SO DUMB

    o and nicki and riri make a cute couple


  16. jhuntdaprodigy

    Two words: lesbian sextape. lol i’m playing (well sorta)


  17. AR

    Why do people take time out of their busy schedule to read and then leave a comment on shit that supposedly annoy them? It makes no sense. Nobody is forcing you to read anything. Obviously you are interested since you are here. And, I can’t believe people were really believing that dumb ass rumor. Are people this gullible and stupid that they need to believe everything they read? SMDH.

    XOXOXO Riri and Nicki


  18. SickofNickiMinajalready

    @ AR shut up you undercover punk!!!


  19. Brionna

    if u are a Nicki Minaj fan you no that Nicki doesn’t date women but she just appreciates them and the thinks they are beautiful…But that would be a pretty good combo


  20. Jay S



  21. Boy Wonder

    LMAO at all the dumbasses who didn’t pick up on the sarcasm. MediaTakeout tried to act like they were and they’re tweets confirmed it. LMAO ppl are too stupid these days.


  22. ryan23945

    man id like to c that sex tape


  23. emilia

    Awww that’s is a cute piczzzzzzz


  24. beystanbish

    Now we know for sure it was her talking about eating Remy box on that video. *sips tea*


  25. SnOwBica

    LOL that’s nice :D


  26. B.I.M

    Evn if nicki prefer men riri would bring her around into digging women. Riri is just rotten…Weezy curb ya bitch, boy!


  27. shana

    Yeah, they’d make a HOT couple…but I thought Nicki doesn’t like girls. I really wish she’d make her mind up.


  28. atanda

    Been longn to hve either of d two ladies to mysef.well, wudnt mind hvn d both all to mysef at once though*lol*


  29. Mals

    i said Te Amo then Nicki put she hand around me waist…


  30. Jarvis

    Nicki needs to shut her lying ass up..she know damn well that she doesn’t like women.


  31. Mystery

    Well they would be a good couple :_) I L T B !!!!!!!


  32. m5.bettisbaby

    hey peoples jus wanted to say hey n wat it do


  33. Nicki Minaj Says That She & Rihanna Could Be A Power Couple Among The World Of Females

    [...] Well if this indeed does happen, not only will a lot of guys be jealous, but soooo will a lot of girls, and iKnow for a fact that the media will eat this up! iKnow that wee here at Defglam definitely won’t miss a step with these 2! ~source~ [...]

  34. Yooo!

    If Nicki & RiRi got together… *flava flav voice* wooooooow!!! That would make my world go round lol!! But like someone up there said… heads would explode!!! (Among other things lolol) ;)


  35. lisa

    their are people out there like that but why?


  36. Cassive Brewster

    Every female artists adds a lil lesbian touch these days, I don’t know why.


  37. ben henry

    WOW!!!!! these two byitches rubbing clits together?cool huh?


  38. lil Diz

    I don’t believe this shit people just say things about people just cuz they r super stars
    i think u people should shot off the dam cameras and leave them alone…………

    Dont chu Think ?


  39. Mimixee

    If nicki and riri ar les…..wats ur business?…let dem be……they hav ryt 2 liv d way they want……go on girls……u d best….


  40. tiara

    aww they would b the best couple im the universe


  41. mz khalifa

    i mad as hell they lol


  42. Trina

    They are soooo pretty.
    They would be a cute Couple :)


  43. JALA'Y



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