Video: Jessie J Sings in Subway Station

Jessie J

Jessie J gave New Yorkers an impromptu show at the Times Square subway stop, setting up shop with only a boombox and singing the title track from her upcoming debut Who You Are. The winner of BBC’s Sound of 2011 award is the first up-and-comer to perform as part of Giant Step and Arcade44’s The Boombox Series, where artists like Jessie play in gritty NYC locations.

“Performing is where I feel most comfortable, and I love the reaction of people,” explained the 22-year-old Brit. “Some people might put their fingers in their ears, some people love it, some people cheer, some people leave. And it’s good, it’s nice. I like honest reactions, and that’s what I think I’m getting.”

The “Do It Like a Dude” singer was spotted at Thursday’s nominations announcement for the BRIT Awards 2011, where she walked the red carpet along with Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, Olly Murs, and more. Jessie, who performed at the event, was previously honored with the prestigious Critics’ Choice Award.

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  1. Yeah

    get it


  2. Yeah



  3. ThatNewZodiacSign

    Jessie J is incredible! ..and the world will soon see—-hear it.


  4. eurogirl

    jessie j is the next big thing. what a voice.


  5. jmb

    WOW… all I got to say..


  6. jhuntdaprodigy

    While a female pop singer, that can actually sing, those are rare nowadays lol! (That is sadly a true statement). She’s sexy though, I like her music too, it’s different, it’s real music, not generic pop sh*t. She’s versatile too apparently, cause it’s hard 2 blv she can sing a song like “Do It Like A Dude” and then have a song like this as well


  7. Cynthia

    Go girl!!
    I remember of her now I saw her 2 years ago here in Belgium at Chris Brown’s concert
    She really can sing in live !
    Glad she finally did smthg


  8. Mike

    Seriously, that was amazing. Not only can she sing live but she has this presence about her that i haven’t seen in a really long time. By the way, i love the song. All in all, she has won me over, period.


  9. Heminem

    This is a great song.

    It would be so weird performing there.
    I would find it easier in front of a 50,000 person stadium than in a Subway.


  10. beystanbish



  11. Dave

    She reminds me of Joss Stone. I love her jazzy-soulful like voice. & her voice kinda reminds me of P!nk a bit too.


  12. DRB

    She has a voice and technique and style but her material isn’t cutting it for me.


  13. Tawny

    She tore that UP.


  14. TUMTUM

    She is amazing, has a voice that’ll capture souls around the globe and she is definitely going places.
    she got me :)


  15. tiffany

    i saw her at the chris brown’s concert in bercy, paris, france in january 2009

    i’m very pround to have known her when she was the chris brown discovery!!

    at the time, when I was looking for his name on Internet I found none!
    now she’s better than some american female singer


  16. OhEmGee

    I want to make love to that woman’s voice.


  17. Jarvis

    She looks like a broke ass poison evy in the default pic


  18. Lexx_Janay

    her voice is amazing!!!! what is the name of the song she is singing?


  19. From Tokyo

    A lot of people get discovered in Japan singing at stations.

    I love her outfit and hair in the first pic. Not the shoes, though. :(



    i love this girl i just wish she would blow up here in USA…@Lexx_Janay WHO YOU ARE


  21. Imajeannine Jewelry

    Wow…that little performance actually just made me cry…mainly because of the guts, the confidence and the sheer raw talent of this young lady. She’s big time for sure and yes will go far. Luv U Jessie J. Wish you all the best and what a beautiful song by the way.


  22. Jostein Chr. Andersen

    Mind-blowing, absolute fantastic!


  23. melissa

    heii jesse j te admiro demaciado i mas por que todo empeso ke nos paresiamos jeje soy de mexico y me encanta tu estilo enserio saludos te amooooooo


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