Keri Hilson, John Legend, & Justin Bieber Hit Up Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Keri Hilson

Lights! Camera! Action! Keri Hilson showed off her sexy legs in a black cocktail dress and gold heels as she arrived on the red carpet at the 16th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards at the Hollywood Palladium in L.A. on Friday (Jan. 14). Miss Keri performed a sexed-up version of “Son of a Preacher Man” from Pulp Fiction in tribute to director Quentin Tarantino, who kissed her hand as she serenaded him.

Amber Rose, rumored to be dating Wiz Khalifa, looked classy in a flowing black gown, while Ice Cube suited up to honor Tarantino. Meanwhile, Best Song nominee John Legend (“Shine”) was interviewed by Justin Bieber, disguised in glasses and a mustache. He didn’t win, but the film he penned the song for, Waiting for ‘Superman’, took home Best Documentary.

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  1. tyler

    yaasssss i love keri hilson


  2. queen beyonce

    why are they even there? lol


  3. From Tokyo

    Keri’s dress is hot but I don’t like the shoes. Amber Rose looks nice.


  4. ewalk14

    the only one out of that group that should be there is John legend this is not the grammys please come back in a month kthanks


  5. music guru

    Lol, I’m confused why are they even there??? A bunch a nobody!!!!


  6. Lala

    Lets see, they were invited to perform. Got to have entertainment.


  7. Legendtina

    um i dont know why amber rose is there but Keri Hilson is there to perform with Maroon 5. DUHHH!!! and she looks fabulous. She is fast becoming great.




    I agree…Keri is a HARD worker :-)

    She looke Great…She is one of the few Women that can ROCK Long..Short…Black…Blonde and Brown hair….



  9. mindgames

    Keri haters can STAY THE FUCK MAD!! she can get work and YOU CAN’T SO HAAAAAAAAAA!!!! losers


  10. Beystanbish

    Who are these people? Except John Legend.


  11. TeamKeriPacific

    Keri was there to PERFORM. Sexy as usual!!


  12. Get Em

    Keri Keri Keri!!! You Be Killin Em (Fab Voice)


  13. TheDimplePuppet

    Amber Rose is a smart woman I don’t care what anyone has to say about that L O L. Get that paper Keri. LET WOMEN OF COLOR BE GREAT SMH!


  14. AAA

    Yoo Amber looks so good, even thou I’m gay I would still smash


  15. king

    every body buy Rihanna loud


  16. Lil' Nello

    Keri looks fabulous & sexy as usual! Really love her dress & how it shows off her legs which are 1 of the best & sexiest parts of Keri’s amazing body! Would love to see the video of her performance with Maroon 5 too! I’m sure they killed it! Cube looks pretty clean & surprisingly not that bad too!


  17. m



  18. stalbans&jamaica

    Keri so hot, I want to make out with her, I want to lick and kiss all over her sexy legs.


  19. beth

    ahhhhhhhhh im going tooo see his movie with my sis lol he,s fit


  20. stalbans&jamaica

    E.L.B. Extremely Leggy Beauty


  21. stalbans&jamaica

    I swear I’m mesmerized and aroused by your pretty legs.I want to kiss your legs for weeks, your legs are so damn beautiful and sexy it’s torturing me.


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