New Music: Ke$ha f/ André 3000 – ‘Sleazy (Remix)’

Ke$ha and André 3000

André 3000 sleazes it up on the remix to Ke$ha’s “Sleazy,” a bombastic cut off her recently released EP Cannibal. The reclusive OutKast member rhymes from the perspective of an eight-year-old before taking listeners on a journey through time. “I was gon’ save it for later but later look like maybe/ This crazy lady named Ke$ha is guessing my Mercedes/ Would be all new and frou-frou, but it’s a 1980s,” raps Three Stacks. Take a listen and find out if the unlikely pair has on-track chemistry.

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  1. maesha



  2. A Realist

    Andre 3000!!


  3. brock

    Yeah my first reaction was that hell must have frozen over, but actually listen to 3stacks’ verse, particularly the 1st half.

    He’s speaking on neglectful parents particularly fathers which as we know in society is often a catalyst for let’s say “Sleazy” behaviour.

    3Stacks for the win.


  4. mal



  5. sagb

    Get Sleazy!


  6. bambam

    hot real hot u need a ovglove in the booth to touch the mic.Andrea fat stacks got it goin on.


  7. A Realist

    I already loved this song. (Guilty pleasure) lol But he took it to another level.


  8. Lauren


    Good Remix Too …. :)


  9. LindzJade

    bababaddaahhh im lovin it


  10. OYA

    Dis joint is off d chain…Andre 3000 WOW…


  11. ollieoxon



  12. jacq

    My favorite song by Ke$ha…..& now Mr. 3000 himself! Ahhhh!


  13. Che's_Beret

    My first reaction : Andre? with ke$ha? why… but this song is too dope!


  14. ItsOscarYO

    YES x100!


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  16. totz

    my fav artists on a song wow unexpected
    just need weezy to make this perfect


  17. ryan

    Andre 3000 is willing to work with Ke$ha but wouldnt work with Drake… haha tried his life.


  18. Abdullah

    chill ppl? he aint god


  19. jhuntdaprodigy

    I first saw this and though “NOOOO, 3stacks WHY!!!” his verse goes, the rest of the song annoyed the hell out of me!


  20. chas

    Why does she try to “rap” at all let alone after Andre?


  21. Abdullah

    btw, wats special in his rap? IMO kanye is better


  22. tell'em

    Andre killed it as usual. Don’t sleep on Ke$ha. She makes hits, check the charts..


  23. tell'em

    @chas, this is a REMIX. He was put on after the fact. Plus she doesn’t take herselft that serious as a rapper so it’s all good. She’s not trying to battle Nicki Minaj or nothing. -_-


  24. haterade

    fuck this shit! niggas be eatin’ cornflakes and smoking crack…


  25. TheTTT3

    RIDIC!!!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes…by far my fav song by this woman…she can’t sing a lick but she makes AMAZING music!!!!

    Twitter –> @TheTTT3


  26. Ebony

    @haterade… Lol. Didn’t Pharrel, Nicki Minaj and Gucci Mane do a song about you? Anywho… not they’re best.. by far. This will probably get lots of airplay though.


  27. Ebony



  28. Noi

    Epic fail, 3 stacks has turned into a nickel


  29. Joyams

    OMG it is actually kinda good.


  30. Lolsmileyface

    They need this remix a single…NOW!
    GET $L3@ZY!
    Kesha definitely needs to go with the stuff some of the time


  31. Neickha

    What the hell!!! This is why I love music because of different Collaborations.. I dont like it when ppl say “oh why are they doing pop, rock, rap etc.. Music is Music And I love this!!!!!!


  32. LOL


    thats exactly what i was thinking kesha but not drake i think he just has something against drake

    but anyway love kesha and andre nice song


  33. lisa

    i no the song came out great


  34. RaheemT

    oh no i actually wouldve suggested a wayne collabo rather, man that shit wouldve been fire allover. but hell can’t hate on Andre tho he went in pretty good too.

    *but stil patiently awaits a wayne remix tho*


  35. Yo

    Andre 3000 is brilliant, but he shouldn’t be working with trash like Kesha!


  36. j j



  37. Joel

    Nicki Minaj would fit perfect on this song!


  38. Alex Phoenix

    GREAT SONG! :)

    I LOVE IT!


  39. asunkee

    Cosign w/ Joel ! Omg. Yes.


  40. Jay S.



  41. hip hop police

    Wonder will 3000 get the criticism nicki minaj got for trying to reach the pop world. Even though he been doing the odd shit for a while. Andre 3000 used to be a regular around the way rapper back during before he started doing the crazy off the wall shit. Listen to elevators and then listen to his newer stuff like hey ya. You can hear the differences. Nicki minaj was the same way in her mixtape days. But Ppl give her so much gripes about it. That aint right


  42. AA

    “bit so fat gona make me come”…realy?..


  43. SmoothCriminal

    i like this,but you know this is a dude so he won,t get half are non of that hate nicki is getting from some people because she is[rap/pop/r&b/and so on],ya it,s unfair,but thats the way things are set lovers and haters,thats why i will always give Nicki her love and props,because what she is doing is a big accomplishment,in the male dominated game/industry, rather some people like it are not.


  44. Steve

    @hip hop police, honestly I think Nicki only got that critism because she was a female which isn’t fair. Because you see B.o.B did a Hip Pop album and nobody had a problem wit it ? And Wayne did a Hip Rock album and nobody was tryna classify him a “Rockstar” but Nicki does a few Pop songs and every body mad, ppl dont know its called thinking OUTSIDE the box.

    But anyway I loved the original version of this song and the Remix is AS hot. Wit 3000. and Ke$ha’s attempt to Rap. Lol but I still dig the beat.


  45. Max Powers

    Prefer the new J.Lo single ‘on the floor’. André 3000 should featuring J.Lo’s song and Pitbull should support Kesha…well, u can’t have all…


  46. Fan Ov A Fan

    woah i didnt expect that.
    its pretty good, i like it (:


  47. Fire

    This song is hot. I don’t understand why people pretend to hate on Kesha but her songs are all hits so I know she has secret fans. I’m glad Andre3000 put his verse in this song, it made it all the more better. They sound good together. I hope they do a video.





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