New Music: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger staves off an ex’s advances on “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” the latest single from her upcoming solo debut. Taking it to the clubs on the empowering pop jam, the lead Pussycat Doll makes it clear that her relationship is over. “You can’t touch me now, there’s no feeling left/ If you think I’m comin’ back, don’t hold your breath/ What you did to me, boy I can’t forget,” sings a scorned Nicole. Listen to her declare her independence below.

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    hang it up trick.
    she can’t create a successful lane for herself without a bunch of girls behind her.


  2. 40lover

    Umm… didn’t Timbo and Keri made this song a long time ago? With a much better beat from Timbo instead of RedOne? This is not as good as the Keri version… beat sucks too…


  3. Gucci Ninja

    Shes sexy, I’ll give her that. Somewhat nice vocals, but shes not Beyonce hot, and never will be!


  4. WhatTheF

    you know that’s a fanmade single cover right?


  5. umm...

    wow, who wrote this??? the lyrics are soooo generic….beat is cool though…and the hook is ok…i guess :/


  6. nathanr

    LOL so tru this song is supposed to be a second single its a good song but for a single its not strong enough she is always choosing the wrong songs

    try harder but then again isnt this ur like 3rd or 4th attempt


  7. djinvincible74

    While I love Nicole, I like the Timbaland and Keri Hilson version much better.


  8. 250MG

    Isn´t this originally Timbaland and Keri HIlson´s song???


  9. William

    Keri and Timbos version kills! Sorry Nicole… Unless you’re leading a pack of girls or you’re a featured guest… You got nothing.


  10. Josh

    I never get why she always pick these floppy songs?

    I mean,she’s got the look,voice and star charisma!

    I like this song a bit,not it’s not strong enough to make it big! Poison was such a good song with awful music video. I like her,she could do much better!


  11. moma



  12. jl_crack

    the song will be HUGE here in Europe.
    This song is AWESOME!!!!!
    I really LOVE it ! :-)
    Go, go GO NICOLE!!!! :-)


  13. tell'em

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… She’s just not a good solo artist. She doesn’t have the character and emotion to do it.


  14. Pinoy

    Get naked girl then I’mma cop 2 of your album.


  15. Albert

    You guys from the USA really s-u-c-k.

    This song is awesome.

    SHE is awesome!!!. Actually I think she is one of the most talented female artist at the moment!. As Gaga, she never lyp-sync….not like Beyonce.

    She’s got a lot of potential!!!….but you guys from the USA don’t see it because you just hate her.


  16. Beyonce


    She’s even better than me!. I would love to do a colaboration with her!
    I absolutely adore her!

    Yes, I’m the real Beyonce.


  17. george

    I really like it !!! I really wonder why ppl from USA hate her or prefer her in PCD, anyhow Poison was succesfull in Europe!!! at least Europe shows some love to Nicole!! :)


  18. micky

    OMG I love this song … will be big hit here in UK


  19. lusy

    this song is amazingg


  20. tateblaze

    C’mon Rap-Up, You guys should know better she’s already had an ablum called Her Name Is Nicole back in ’07 it was a dud that’s why nobody knows about it (even you guys!… There is no reason whatsoever for you to be making mistakes like that. Just google her God’s sake!! Don’t diminish your credibility over such trivial stuff. *SMH*


    Rap-Up Reply:

    @tateblaze, The album was never commercially released. Do your research before calling us out.


  21. Melanie

    You know EW said it best, girl groups are either 1-a group of individual yet interesting artist (TLC, Spice Girls) or lead by somebody with great charisma and talent (Destiny Child, Supremes) and PCD was none of those. Yes I loved PCD songs but each time Nicole tries to go solo her songs sound generic and late. Give it up Nikki, it’s not shame in being in a girl band, you’ll do better that way.


  22. Nicole#1Fan

    i love this song, really cnt wait 4 da album ppl dnt sleep not everything has to be based on the same artists, ppl knw her come on she make yu sing Don’t Chaaaa, she’s amaziiin ppl only thnk bout artists style…


  23. Leon

    I can’t distinguish between her disposal music and the rest of the R & B garbarge saturating the airwaves.


  24. Idea

    Nicole I love you and this track, let the haters hate thats their job


  25. ivana

    what a good trackk. i love her she is so talented


  26. Beystanbish

    Dead at the real Beyonce. You wish flopsinger was better than Bey.


  27. Dima

    LOVE IT!


  28. Ms keri baby

    Keri hilson song . Her version is much better


  29. honeybun

    i like this one


  30. John

    haven’t I just heard this song from J.Lo with slightly different lyrics called ‘On the Floor’??? ;)


  31. Jopacangrie

    Wooooow I love this song luv u nicole cnt wait 4 da albun


  32. Mr. Elliot

    The Original Demo is By Timbaland And Keri Hilson… Wich Is Muchhh Better!!! cant feel the right energy here wich timbaland gives in the original


  33. Chase

    I wish she wouldve kept Timaland’s version cause RedOne ain”t doin ish for her.

    She Needs –

    Polow Da Don
    Sean Garret
    Chuck Harmony
    Kevin McCall


  34. Poisonous

    I don’t understand why people hate her so much. Its not her fault that she got to lead all the songs whilst with PCD. Those who prefer Keri’s version is coz u too urban.. Anyway, hope she doesn’t release it in the US, even the album.. Ya’ll scrutinize too much.. Boring


  35. Poisonous

    @Chase, she workd with Sean Garreth and Polow on whatever u like.. What happened? It flopped. And its not coz of its a bad song, its simply coz people are narrow minded.. They never give people a chance.. They just judge.. To hell with them


  36. ???

    Nicole Scherzinger should stop recycling music from other artists. It will lead in too much criticism and comparison.

    She should try working with Swizz Beatz.


  37. James Espinosa

    ..for you guys who don’t know how to appreciate such a good music just keep your mouth shut all we know is that it’s a good song now a days..we are kinda sick of hearing almost disco songs from all artist, what we need right now are nice tracks to hear to the ears and this song is one of those tracks vocally it’s great. HATERS just go away


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