Snoop Dogg and Game Rep Lakers in ‘Purp & Yellow’ Video

Snoop Dogg, Game, DJ Skee, Matt Barnes, and Ron Artest

Snoop Dogg and Game are taking Wiz Khalifa’s Pittsburgh anthem and making it their own. The West Coast rhymers shot a video for their remix to “Black and Yellow,” renamed “Purp & Yellow” in honor of the Los Angeles Lakers. Hometown champions Ron Artest, Shannon Brown, and Matt Barnes made cameos. But purple and yellow weren’t the only colors on set. Game bled red after he split his finger while smashing a guitar. Ouch!

Purp & Yellow Game, Snoop Dogg, and Ron Artest Game and Snoop Dogg Game and Shannon Brown Game's Injured Hand

[DJ Skee, Snoop Dogg, + Game]

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  1. MoNKeYz

    The Game ComE BaCk !!

    I LIke EM”


  2. totz

    crazy song best remix i have heard

    time 2.13 he sounds like t.i.


  3. Lil' Nello

    Yea seen these last night! Should be dope & can’t wait for the video!


  4. Pinoy

    L.A. STAND UP!!!!!


  5. ryan23945

    yeah!!! nice, black and yellow was sick, but i hate the steelers and pittsburgh, so this is sick


  6. missy



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