Chris Brown Readies ‘Beautiful’ Single

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is keeping the party going with the next pop single from his upcoming album F.A.M.E. Breezy announced via Twitter that the follow-up to “Yeah 3X” will be “Beautiful People” featuring electro-house producer Benny Benassi, who debuted it at a show in Australia last month. “It’s your life, it’s your life/ Beauty’s deep inside, inside you/ Don’t let ‘em bring you down,” Chris sings over the thumping bassline. Get a taste of the new joint below.

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  1. SevenFootSounds

    I’ve got the CDQ version.

    Hope it’s not the final version though, needs a hook to keep it interested. But, I like it!


  2. jahliss

    Chris brown can’t do no wrong! He got it


  3. vladica07

    This is definitely his year,other better watch out cuz HE’S BACK AND WILL BLOW YUR MIDN! #TeamBreezy


  4. vladica07

    This is definitely his year,other better watch out cuz HE’S BACK AND WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! #TeamBreezy



    Generic dance crap will not sell your album, Chris. That is not your audience.


  6. mt



  7. kaye

    @ciara is the Queen

    lmfao…37k album sold #wheredadodatat
    maybe if ciara did some generic dance pop she would’ve sold more album


  8. king

    nice song hope he and sexy ass rihanna go bak together go buy loud


  9. Yeah

    yeah……..I’m tired of Pop now
    I miss r&b/soul music


  10. GangsterA

    sounds hot i never knew it was out


  11. You See That

    Giving advice from someone who only sold 37,000 there first week on there 4th album doesnt do much lmao.


  12. Paige

    i really like the song…it’s do great in europe, new zealand, the uk, and other countries but america still acts like he killed someone i don’t know what he has to do to get respect from americans “maybe save a baby out of a burning house” haha!!!


  13. Chri$

    sounds nice:)


  14. SSS

    Wow it’s crazy how ever song he makes is good


  15. Wasalu

    actually i think america is ready to let go of the past…i have to admit i was on a chris boycott for awhile, but then one day all the haard feelings were just gone…so i think this is the year we let the personal life be personal and good music be good


  16. MusicKING

    I see he has a Pistons cap on, gotta love seeing that if your from the D.


  17. nunu

    yeah im gettin tired of the generic pop electro too, he and ALOT of other artists need to go back to r&b Soul


  18. Dmoney

    Chris breezy my nigga


  19. malyeh

    Yall better check out his mixtapes.

    Doing two pop songs doesn’t mean he’ll stop r&b !
    CB is open to every genre. Bravo Chris !


  20. Ethan

    yeah y’all don’t need to act like chris is doing pop only, if your a fan of music and R&B you would have known about his mixtape and he’s still doing very many R&B tracks!


  21. ...

    @ Ethan, thank you!


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