Kanye West’s ‘Fantasy’ Certified Platinum

Kanye West

It’s taken nearly eight weeks, but Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has hit a new milestone, according to the RIAA.

The Chicago rapper’s latest album has been honored with platinum certification, indicating that the LP has shipped a million units since its release in the U.S. in late November. This marks ‘Ye’s fifth consecutive album to hit the milli mark, following The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, and 808s & Heartbreak.


Let’s have a toast to Yeezy.

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  1. Yeah



  2. H•A•M

    Congrats to Yeezy! He certainly deserved it.


  3. x

    congrats ‘Ye!!


  4. Stre3t Danc@

    Go Yeezy!


  5. Banana

    In a couple of months he can add Watch the Throne to his collection of platinum plaques


  6. Mr Xclusive

    blah blah blah


  7. Icebreaker686

    Very deserving of platinum!


  8. blackguyfromNY

    wait how did nicki get platnum before kanye lol
    either congrats for both i bought both


  9. Orlando

    hate 2 say it kayne but nicki beat u week & half ago but u guys r still sellin hard congarts……………..


  10. Banana


    Certification is based on units shipped and whether the label wants to pay for the certification(the process of verifying the shipping of 1 million cost money). I assume both nicki and kanye shipped 1 million units weeks ago but with nicki being a new artist its a good idea to get the certification done quickly to further promote the album. Establish artist are not so quick to certify their album. For instance eminem has not bother to have recovery certified even though it has sold over 3 million units.


  11. dankingkemp

    That’s Awesome….)d


  12. Kyle

    Good for him, he deserves it for this album!!!


  13. blackguyfromNY

    ok i understand. thanks dude……


  14. Heminem

    Don’t know how Nicki went platinum first. According to NielsenSoundscan ‘Ye has sold more.
    But according to NielsenSoundscan neither have sold 1 million yet.

    All i know is the RIAA calculates differently. I think they base it on shipments, not sales.


  15. The Beast

    Congrats Kanye. You definately deserved it after all the troubles you went through the last year, and the incredible masterpiece you have created.


  16. Brionna

    Congrats Kanye


  17. felipe

    congratulations for my idol yeezy


  18. Tev

    Lets Go Kanye!!! TEAM KANYE !!


  19. Ponyo

    Kanye went platimum before nicki. This is all a gimmick to fool da public. Kanye album was sold out da first day in stores.


  20. Brittany

    this is the nicest pic i’ve ever seen of him


  21. noi

    the last 3 didn’t deserve platnium


  22. John

    Yeezy ye, yeezy yo. Way to go. You definitely didn’t let those dream killers kill your self-esteem, you used their hate as the steam to power your dreams.


  23. Devonte

    kanye is the best rapper of the generation point_____.


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