Ray J Celebrates 30th Birthday with Brandy, Snoop Dogg

Ray J and Brandy

Ray J’s family and friends gathered in Las Vegas to celebrate his 30th birthday on Saturday night (Jan. 15). The ladies’ man popped bottles at PURE Nightclub at Caesars Palace with his girlfriend Brittany Pena, Snoop Dogg, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and his freshly-inked sister, rocking a music-inspired foot tattoo. “WARNING: Never get a tattoo on your foot!! This ish HURTS!!!” tweeted Brandy, who serenaded her lil’ bro with “Happy Birthday.”

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  1. Mb

    Hold up, Ray J is 30? and he’s been acting like this? Unh uh…


  2. Keona

    Brandy looks really cute, love her braids, and her makeup the tattoo on her foot is really cute but its too big. Cant wait for new music from her:)


  3. Set Tings Strater

    LOVE brandys brands.. Love da support they show.. Tatoo is on point.. Sexy littly music symbols.can-NOT WAIT for her album. HB Ray


  4. cubevision

    this clown is 30. his story gets more and more sorry the more i find out


  5. A

    Brandy looks really good with the braids..


  6. juicybear

    awww hope they had fun! brandy looks cute!


  7. willie Norwood

    atleast its about time you straighten up ur head and stop the bullshittin around son…Happy bday, remember daddy always loves you.fuckboy!


  8. NikkiIsChillin

    Awwwh! Love to see family supporting each other. Ray is looking cute in that tux and Brandy is so pretty with her braids. I’m happpy both of them are getting their hustle on and doing big things this year.


  9. Beystanbish

    WTF Brandy why would you do that to your hand and foot.


  10. DRB

    Tacky tats


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